Top 5 Most Voted Artists in May 2019 - Review

  • May 13th, 2019
  • Written by marcusoz

Recently, we’ve updated the On The House website and added a brand new ‘Vote’ button to every artist profile. We’ve done this because some artists who have signed up for a profile haven’t yet received a review and as much as we’d like to review everyone instantaneously – we don’t have the facilities just yet. So, we’ve created our brand new ‘Leaderboard’ tab, which you can view by clicking the button to the right of the screen, which showcases the ‘Most Voted Artists’ every month so dedicated local music fans can help artists gain the valuable feedback they deserve.

The rules are simple: The top 5 artists that are on the top of the leaderboard n the 1st of every month at 7pm will be guaranteed a review by the On The House team and will be posted in an exclusive feature article (just like this one). Every month, we will reset the votes and give everyone a fresh slate to then win the chance to be reviewed again. Anyone who has an artist profile with us, whether it has been reviewed or not, can ask to be voted for to win an exclusive article feature. Artists who have already won an exclusive article feature cannot participate in future voting competitions, but will still have the same chance of being randomly reviewed by one of our guests as everyone else as per usual. If a previous winner does make it in to the Top 5, we will choose the next highest qualifying artist in the list to review.

Just search your artist name via our search box and click the orange thumb at the bottom of your page to get on the Leaderboard. Then simply copy your pages link & start sharing it around! If you haven’t created a FREE artist profile with On The House yet, then stop messing around and click here to fill in our simple 2-minute form.



Top 5 Most Voted Artists on the 7th May:

#1 – Change The Letter

#2 – WYVZ

#3 – Wishing Wolf

#4 – Gunderson

#5 – The Pretty Fragile


Change The Letter

St Austell, UK | Americana, Roots, Acoustic

*Congratulations to Change The Letter for receiving the most votes and earning 1st place!*

‘These Quiet Streets’ by Change The Letter is a modern acoustic-pop powerhouse, with rhythmic melodies and gentle vocals embezzled with clarity and focus throughout. Lyrically rich and distinguishably creative whilst still maintaining familiar structures, each track trembles parallel with its own fragility and dynamic impact that really rounds of this five-song seductress. The entire EP has its own little grey cloud floating around it, letting small amounts of positive light through but ultimately remains covered in a veil of darkness, eclectically combining it with an underlying feeling of serenity that is suited for those who love to submit to the shadows – but not too much.



Toronto, Canada | Experimental, Electronic, Indie, Future Bass, Synthwave, Dream Pop

I think ‘Sine’ is the first ever *proper* concept album that I’ve reviewed for this website and it couldn’t have been a more cracking choice. I’ve always been a huge lover of lo-fi and psychedelic trance as it’s always so ethereal and spiritually soothing when done right and WYVZ have executed this with expert precision. From the first instance, I was transported to another realm by their handpicked symphonic soundscapes and I was left drooling for more when it all ended. The first half of the release, is an unworldly combination of synthesisers and electronic beats melded with beautifully straight edged, clear vocals. As we move through the release, we given constant confirmation of WYVZ unparalleled ability and creativity. A ridiculously interesting release and an absolute pleasure on the ears throughout.



Wishing Wolf

Northamptonshire / East Midlands, UK | Pop Punk, Emo

I’ve already had the pleasure of checking out and reviewing Wishing Wolfs latest single ‘Closer’ recently, which you can read here if you’re interested.

For those of you finding out about Wishing Wolf through this article, you’re in for one hell of a nostalgia trip. The guilty pleasures of the past have resurfaced with fresh faces, cleaner production and sounds just as good as it always has. Wishing Wolf combine 2000’s inspired emo with modern pop punk riffs that dabble between power-rock and metalcore frivolously and unapologetically during every track. Being a universally accessible band that blur the lines between some of the most popular genres in the underground right now is a tough job, but Wishing Wolf do it with elegance and grace which already has caught our attention before. It’s about time it catches yours too.



Bristol, UK | Punk Rock, Indie, Emo

Being a fan of Gunderson, I’ve already reviewed their debut release ‘Learning To Swim’, which you can read here if you are interested.

To describe Gunderson to someone who’s never heard of them before is difficult. They straddle the gap between emo and punk rock with an indie flavouring that keeps the tracks lighter than they could potentially be, which is what drew me to them in the first place. The delicacy and vulnerability of this entire release encapsulates the lyrical content and gives it an open space to express it’s emotions with full force and brevity. The slightly broken vocals add to this, alongside the raw recording quality and sprinkles realism across every soul-soaked song. Mostly, the EP is high energy and is ultimately a straight-up punk rock record, but their overall looming cloud of self-loathing brings a whole extra depth to these already killer tracks. A wonderful debut for a band that mirror the energy the punk rock scene is emitting currently.


The Pretty Fragile

Exeter, UK | Metal, Industrial Metal, Alternative

Well. Fuck me. This is one hell of change to round off our first ever Top 5 artist competition. The Pretty Fragile’s most recent album ‘Wretch’, released in 2018, is an industrial metal machine churning out spirit-shaking lead riffs and ambient guitar work that quickly explodes into a frenzy of throat torn vocals and high-gain noise. ‘Wretch’ is an amalgamation of all of the most dystopian sounds you could physically drain from an instrument and is chaotically blended with crashing drums, bellowing bass and an experimental post-metal attitude. I am short of comparisons and that’s a feat that cannot be ignored, as The Pretty Fragile have spent years refining their sound to a point where they truly are one-of-a-kind and it really shows on this album. What an amazing achievement for an incredibly intriguing band that is well worth anyones time, even if its just to broaden your musical horizons.



The votes have now been reset ready for the next Top 5 Artists to earn themselves an exclusive article review! Make sure you get involved and vote for your favourite local legend by searching their name in our search bar. Good luck everyone!

Written By: Marcus Oz