Top 5 Most Voted Artists in June 2019 - Review

  • June 10th, 2019
  • Written by marcusoz

Recently, we’ve updated the On The House website and added a brand new ‘Vote’ button to every artist profile. We’ve done this because some artists who have signed up for a profile haven’t yet received a review and as much as we’d like to review everyone instantaneously – we don’t have the facilities just yet. So, we’ve created our brand new ‘Leaderboard’ tab, which you can view by clicking the button to the right of the screen, which showcases the ‘Most Voted Artists’ every month so dedicated local music fans can help artists gain the valuable feedback they deserve.

The rules are simple: The top 5 artists that are on the top of the leaderboard n the 1st of every month at 7pm will be guaranteed a review by the On The House team and will be posted in an exclusive feature article (just like this one). Every month, we will reset the votes and give everyone a fresh slate to then win the chance to be reviewed again. Anyone who has an artist profile with us, whether it has been reviewed or not, can ask to be voted for to win an exclusive article feature. Artists who have already won an exclusive article feature cannot participate in future voting competitions, but will still have the same chance of being randomly reviewed by one of our guests as everyone else as per usual. If a previous winner does make it in to the Top 5, we will choose the next highest qualifying artist in the list to review.

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Top 5 Most Voted Artists in June 2019:

1st – Further From The Sky (with a whopping 515 votes!)
2nd – A Hundred Crowns
3rd – Atomic Vulture
4th – Gramma Vedetta
5th – WireSky



Further From The Sky

South Coast, UK | Alternative

A massive congratulations to Further From The Sky for managing to secure 515 votes, which is over 300 more than any other artist so far in this competition! Now for the important bit…

‘Buying Friends’, the debut single from the 80s hair metal and blues-rock loving behemoths, and it’s jam-packed with varied influence. I can hear elements of power rock, glam, thrash metal, and even straight up rock n’ roll throughout this track, which begs the question of where their sound will take them in the coming years. The vocals are fantastic, incredibly formidable, and impressively intense – blending in well with the stomping lead guitar riff that commands the entire track throughout. The recording quality does (slightly) let the single down for me. The guitars are a bit muddy and with a riff this powerful it really needs to punch you in the face. But it’s their first single and it’s very rare that an artist’s first single isn’t without its faults. I have no doubt that ‘Buying Friends’ would go down an absolute treat on any rock-orientated bill. Further From The Sky would deliver this track with the intensity that it needs to really thrive, which is why I will be catching them at a show very soon.

Overall, a very impressive debut that still has plenty of wiggle room to evolve and develop into something truly unstoppable.



A Hundred Crowns

Nottingham, UK | Metalcore, Post Hardcore

Superbly and intensely ethereal is the best way to describe A Hundred Crowns’ latest EP ‘Maybe Lost’. It’s a well-produced release that’ll tantalise the tastebuds of any metalcore lover. Every chorus is incredibly catchy, beautifully fusing clean vocals with gut-wrenching growls and with the dynamic capability to boot. The lead guitar riffs are reminiscent of old school metalcore lead lines, with guitar tones and structural shredding that resemble an early Bullet For My Valentine – but with a stronger, more playful, musical range. As the EP continues, we are shown further proof of the bands ability to mould their music to suit the impact of the track lyrically whilst maintaining their signature, striking dominance that any metalcore lover would lap-up in an instant.




Atomic Vulture

Wingene, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium | Instrumental, Space Rock, Instrumental Space Rock, Stoner

Well, they definitely weren’t lying. The space rock element to Atomic Vultures’ absolute monster of an EP ‘Stone Of The Fifth Sun’, rings consistently throughout the stomach curdling riffs and high-gain, stomping melodies that command this masterpiece of a stoner rock release. There’s also a clear hard rock element that bleeds through the ambient instrumentalism, which gives Atomic Vulture the right to use the word ‘atomic’ in their name –  as it really encapsulates the dominance and presence of the elemental soundscapes they create. A very, very cool release.





Gramma Vedetta

London, UK | Grunge, Hard Rock, Stoner Rock

This month has been jam-packed with some of the tastiest riffs in the underground right now and Gramma Vedetta are no exception. They are musically proficient and expertly laced with a darkened intensity that brings a grunge element to their sound – a pure embodiment of hard rock that bottles its chaos into catchy melodies and impactful verses. Gramma Vedetta shine the most during the bridges, where they showcase their musical prowess with wah-driven solos and back-to-back screaming tones that must be pretty close to breaking the sound barrier.

This is the second time I’ve reviewed Gramma Vedetta and they are still one of the most musically eclectic bands of this genre I’ve featured to date. Their latest release, ‘Proof Of Concept’, is a clear product of the bands passion, energy, and love for what they do. You’d be a fool not to give it a listen.




Hillside IL, USA | Rock

WireSky are the sort of band that make you love music for what it is – a form of expression. All of WireSky’s tracks are very lyrically focused and ooze with depth and passion within every track, each telling a vivid story throughout. The vocals themselves are a little shaky in places (almost like Stevie Nicks with a hell of a lot more vibrato), but overall are very sweet-sounding and suited to the delicate instrumentation. The recording quality could be a bit better, but it definitely doesn’t effect the impact of WireSky’s sound as it gives it that vintage Tom Petty-esque tone that is so inviting.

WireSky are proof that it’s never too late to follow your dreams and we couldn’t support that more. A very comforting sound that is easy on anyone’s ears.



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Written By: Marcus Oz