• January 1st, 1970
  • Written by marcusoz

Over the course of 2019, we’ve had the pleasure of attending countless local events, festivals and networking events, to help us track down the hardest working people in our underground music industry. The Big List, is our yearly roundup of the most impressive and inspiring organisers, artists & industry folk who’s hard work has glimmered through a sea of unfiltered aspirations and dreams. We’ve narrowed down every category to 4/5 finalists that have blown us away in their own ways, all for different reasons.

Keep an eye on this lot, you’d be a fool not to. In no particular order…




Mother Vulture

What. A. Band. I had the pleasure of playing a show with these guys back in February, since then, I’ve watched them win over hearts across the country this year with their electric blend of blues punk & insane live energy. There are very
Luna Blue




Get Rad Festival (locally established & now growing at a steady and admirable rate with extreme care taken into the event by organisers)
Burn It Down Festival (consistently blowing me away & booking amazing headliners)
Pile Up Festival (had it’s ups and downs but managed to make a stellar comeback with a promising 2020)
Washed Out Festival (relatively newish festival with big ambitions, lots of amazing acts this year etc)
Leopallooza Festival (family festival with strong love for local music and diverse music range)
Booze Cruise Festival (new iteration of EU booze cruise in Bristol, featuring a wide range of



Garlic Bread Club (sold out first 2 shows ever)
In-between Days (consistent, successful shows in a town with a once weak music scene)
Kult DIY (small town promoter keeping a small towns DIY music scene alive with Yeovils only alternative live music night)
Bandit Music (hosted some great shows in Swindon and pu on WSTR at the end of the year)
Boneyard Promotions (hosted some of the UKs newest & most musically progressive artists in the scene right now, including international underground artists)




Saviour Management (working with some of the UKs most impressive underground artists, with names dominating established festivals 7 support slots across the UK)
Clunkmagazine (amazing effort and constant incredible work ethic, proven at Leopalooza)
Martha Fitzpatrick (photographer who has managed to go from local artists to some of the biggest artists in the UK in one year)
TUNES (big event launched recently that takes the tie to ensure local South West artists have the opportunity to support some of the biggest artists)
Mike James Rock Show (radio show who have a massive fanbase but still work hard to keep local music alive between their interviews with big artists & other projects)