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Hey friends, i'm the crazy fool who came up with this website, record label, magazine, events and all the other stuff! I've grown up in the punk scene and have always had a passion for passion, which has been nurtured by the open arms of the music community. If I can understand a piece of art, then most likely i'll be able to enjoy it to some degree, so feel free to send me everything and anything!

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Current project: On The House Presents: Sustainable Events

We’ve launched a brand-new project called “On The Houses: Sustainable Events” with the support of some pretty powerful juggernauts, we truly believe we have a shot to impact the UK’s approach to live local music and to hopefully create a new sustainable model for the underground industry that doesn’t compete with local industry – but nurtures and supports it.

Have we got your attention yet? Here’s how it all works:

Local music supporters pay £10p/m to support a monthly grassroots music event in their chosen area. Once a tier hits its maximum of 30 supporters, this creates a budget of £300 to be given to an independent music promoter to hire a venue in their area and make sure local artists are paid – regardless of turnout.

Promoters receive a 50/50 split of the paid profits from the event sales (with the ticket price being chosen by the promoter) and our Sustainable Events Patreon supporters receive free entry to any of these events – as well as money off local music services, free local artist merchandise & loads more.

We genuinely believe that this is a sustainable local music industry model that can assure that local artists are appropriately paid, struggling venues are regularly supported and local music promoters have the chance to hone their craft with a financial safety net. We are aiming to launch our first set of Sustainable Events in November 2021, starting with Plymouth, Exeter, Bristol, Bridgwater, Gloucester and Newquay. If this project takes off, now after our added support from our new campaign, we will aim to launch Sustainable Events in as many areas as possible across the country.

On The House Music CIC reinvests its 50% share of event profits into the underground music community via its various community projects including On The House Records, On The House Magazine, Attitude Festival and more, as well as supporting our network of freelance local artists and industry.

This is an ever-evolving project and we really appreciate your support and critique, as a community driven incentive, we wouldn’t be able to make this work without your feedback. Please get in touch if you have any questions or think we can improve in some way!

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Marcus Osborne reviewed HELL CAN WAIT 6 days ago

“LOVE.LOSS.HOPE.FEAR” is an absolute beast of an EP that any hardcore fan will appreciate, let’s make that clear right from the get-go. The production is on-point, the vocals are gut-driven but not too forced and unnatural, which is what personally turns me off of a lot of hardcore bands so already I’m fully invested after the first track. Musically formidable and aggressively unapologetic, this EP isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Dipping out from face-smashing melodic hardcore and blending into emo-influenced riffs throughout this EP gives HELL CAN WAIT some dynamic relief from the wall of noise that surrounds these sections, but ultimately this release is a power-fueled machine that can’t be stopped. “LOVE.LOSS.HOPE.FEAR” could slide easily onto any popular melodic hardcore playlist and be right at home – well done chaps!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Hot Juice 6 days ago

Hot Juice’s latest single “Good Times” is an old-school rock n roll party bottled into one spicy little number, reminiscent of bands like Ram Jam and Wolfmother but with a lot more melody and touch more naughtiness. There’s an almost sluggish tone to the vocals that give it a grungey feel in parts, but overall this is a rock n roll song through and through that is powered by slick guitar hooks and a carefree attitude.

“Good Times” is catchy, sassy and full of energy – could you really ask for more than that?!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Blind Tendril 6 days ago

Blind Tendril are seasoned veterans of the psych-metal scene and their recent album titled “α” is a true homage to that statement. Everything about this release feels professional and honed-in, flowing endlessly into one another to create a droning intensity that powers this absolute mammoth of an album.

The vocals are perfectly suited for the style of music, slightly dramatic and clear-toned with a dark edge that compliments the experimental use of soundscapes, as well as providing some stability to the bone-crushingly riff-heavy sections. Elements of Eastern traditional music and European metal influences shine through various parts of the release, with the band’s signature broad and echoing sound that would be at home on any popular metal festival. The most enticing part about Blind Tendril is the fact that none of it seems ‘forced’, this album feels natural – like they were born to do this.

There are so many well-written moments in this album and beautifully choreographed dynamics that I could sit here all day and tell you about them. But you’ll only ever get the full picture by setting aside the best part of an hour and checking out “α” in it’s entirety. A cracking release that even a sweaty dumb punk rocker like me can appreciate, I’d love to get this lot on a show sometime soon!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Wasted Light 3 weeks ago

Wasted Lights top Spotify track “Bleed” and the first single off of their recent EP “Assymectrical Thoughts” is a slow-building prog-rock power ballad. This track is an entire three-course meal in one sitting, starting off with a tantalizingly airy verse that erupts into to a hearty power rock chorus and ends with a sweet and delicate descent. Driven by the guitars, the song ebbs and flows from furious distorted riffs to twinkling lead lines, moulded together by the vocals and simple, yet very stable rhythm section.

“Bleed” is a no-nonsense demonstration of the band dynamic capabilities both instrumentally and vocally and an enjoyable listen for any prog rock fans out there.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Max Tyler 3 weeks ago

“Just One Week” is a cute synth-pop jingle that radiates pure innocence, carried by soft vocals and chiming soundscapes that complement the simplistic nature of Max Tylers songwriting.

Although some parts are a little shaky, Max’s writing style drives home that feeling of nostalgia and innocence that can’t be replicated by anyone who isn’t living in that moment. We can all write songs about crushes, first kisses and emotional evolution – but there’s something about the way Max arranges his music that makes it feel incredibly genuine.

A solid foundation for the future of Maxs music and a with a little fine-tuning, he could turn some heads if pushed in the right direction.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Parlour Suns 4 weeks ago

Parlour Suns, you beautiful bastards.

“Wait For Me”, the bands latest offering, is nothing short of pop-rock perfection and a clear insight into the bands potential beyond their already formidable ability. Beautifully written and executed without a hitch, this anthemic track toys with multiple layers and dynamics, providing plenty of elements for the listener to play around with whilst also maintaining a composed structure. The lovechild of You Me At Six, Lower Than Atlantis and Deaf Havanas greatest hits crammed into one catchy release.

We put Parlour Suns on for a gig earlier this year supporting Slackrr as part of our first-ever show back after the pandemic. They took to the stage with energy and professionalism, working the crowd and never missing a beat. I have really high hopes for these guys and I’m excited to be able to watch their journey!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Mango In Euphoria 1 month ago

Ahh Ms Mango, you never fail to amaze me.

“Under The Sun” is another incredibly unique release by the dark art pop artist, boasting a fragility that is empowered by the droning synths and pingy basslines. I would love to see the creative process for creating her music, the extra elements and twisted soundscapes are layered in ways that hide their complexity to create a seemingly stripped-back track – when in reality it’s far from simple.

Bjork fans rejoice, we’ve got a nice ripe mango with your name on it!

Marcus Osborne reviewed JollyRoger 1 month ago

I’ve just had a listen to JollyRogers brand new EP “Ship or Bust” and it’s everything you could want from a pirate-themed rock band, right down to the woodwind instruments and the hearty harmonies. It’s fun, theatrical and down-right jaunty!

I’ve always enjoyed themed acts for the sheer fact that they must be so incredibly fun (and challenging) to write for. With this release, JollyRoger have definitely proved they have mastered their craft. Tracks like “Aboard!”, which is my personal favorite, is controlled by the pounding pace that mimicks an old English pirate anthem, swaying like a ship in a storm and performed with the power of thousands of crew members trying to keep it afloat. There’s a stiff-lipped angst hidden behind their music, bringing a unique and darker edge to a lot of their tracks that other artists in the genre shy away from. Yes, this isn’t my first pirate-themed band review believe it or not!

JollyRoger paint a picture with their music, transporting you to a different time with the anthemic energy of a classic chanty infused with a full band. A really enjoyable release by a band who like to experiment with traditional melodies and have succeeded marvelously.

Marcus Osborne reviewed The Blue Carpet Band 1 month ago

Pure, unapologetic rock n’ roll – The Blue Carpet Band have gone and done it again with their latest single ‘B-Movie Boogie’

These guys don’t need me to tell them how great they are, they already know it. This song further solidifies the bands ability to write a catchy, bluesy number with all the energy and impact of a hard-hitting punk band. But this time, with a lighter, more psychobilly-influenced sound taking the forefront. Being in a rock n roll band myself, it has to be mentioned that The Blue Carpet Band have a really clever way of writing familiar, yet superbly unique music that doesn’t get repetitive. Their carefully placed embellishments and accents really bring out the character of the track and as we all know, rock n roll is nothing without character. The music video accompanying the track is a really fun and flamboyant way to show off this punk n roll gusto without taking themselves too seriously, whilst still incorporating Djamels cheeky and captivating performance style.

Another cracking release by one of Londons finest punk n roll bands. More please!

Marcus Osborne reviewed MuddiBrooke 1 month ago

MuddiBrooke are a fierce and ferocious all female three piece (try saying that one 10 times) who use hard-hitting grunge tones and early 2000’s inspired vocal melodies to create a post-grunge sound that has definitely caught my attention in the first 10 seconds.

This a brave sound to venture into, I always find it’s easy for this type of grunge to repetitive if hasn’t been diversified enough. MuddiBrooke have meticulously developed their tone to span across the genre, with everything from acoustic-driven numbers to stadium-ready ballads that would blow the roof off of any venue. There’s a real confidence that shines through their tracks that gives them even more character and i’d bet they would give it 110% in a live setting.

I’m looking forward to following their journey and seeing where they end up in a few years, I have high hopes for this bunch!

MuddiBrooke replied 1 month ago

Amazing review – thank you so much Marcus!!
We would love it if you could keep us in mind for any show/festivals coming up!
Our email is

Many thanks,

Marcus Osborne reviewed Blowing My Own Trumpet 1 month ago

A huge thank you to Blowing My Own Trumpet for bringing some much-needed cultural influence to our little website. Here we have a band that thrives in diversity and influence from the world around us, creating this warming and homely sound that is guaranteed to make you smile no matter your preference.

There’s almost a poetic influence to how BMOT write their music, picking up on medieval melodies and old english songwriting practices and blending them with various modern instrumentation. Each lyrics tell a story – and the music paints the picture.

I could see Blowing My Own Trumpet going down a storm at festivals, family & community events with a diverse audience.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Archie Ray 1 month ago

After checking out the handful of tracks that Archie Ray has on his Spotify, it’s clear to see that he’s a talented chap with a very bright future ahead of him. Some tracks feature beautifully written, soulful melodies controlled Archies tone and delivery – followed by downtempo, heartfelt pop ballads that could quite easily top the charts with the right industry attention.

Musically and lyrically mature, Archie writes songs that are relatable and innocent without squandering impact or artistry, keeping their bones pretty simple and developing on the space in-between with added instrumentation and powerful vocals to really create a full-bodied sound. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every single second of listening.

Move over Ed Sheeran, Archie is coming for you.

ArchieRayMusic replied 1 month ago

Absolutely made my day, thank you very much!
Keep an eye out x

– Archie Ray

Marcus Osborne reviewed Matilda Bruch 1 month ago

An unexpected and pleasant surprise, “Please Care” by Matilda Bruch is a groove-ridden dub-reggae feast with all the trimmings – and i’m bloody starving.

Bouncing and flowing from dub-driven sections with distant vocals, swiftly changing to vocal-driven verses and stripped down choruses to really emphasise the lyrics. Matilda very clearly takes a lot of pride in the delivery of her music, using these moments of emptiness to accent her vocals in ways that play with the positive sounding melodies and add some depth to these raw and honest tracks.

There isn’t a lot of room for error with this bare-boned reggae release and I really respect this bold approach, it’s very brave! There’s some elements where the vocals might be a little too intricate for my liking, but overall this EP is a really enjoyable and i’m looking forward to hearing more in the future!

Marcus Osborne reviewed buoy 1 month ago

“From Venus With Love”, the latest release by Buoy is a trippy stroll back from the nightclub at 5am after a heavy night out and some questionable chemicals in your system. It’s the kind of release you’d only really appreciate when really taking it in from all angles and allowing yourself to be consumed by the off-kilter tones and melodies. It’s comfortably uncomfortable.

There’s a real art form hidden away in this style of electronic music and avant-garde inspired soundscapes. There’s a very fine line between making the tracks overcomplicated and unintelligible whilst also providing enough variation to keep the listener entertained. It’s even more impressive when you are blending positive sounding melodies with harsh and destructive effects to make your listener squirm a bit, one wrong move could push them away – one right move could keep them listening right until the end.

Lucky for me, Buoy made the right moves. “From Venus With Love” is a really intricate record masquerading as a simple electronic record that has caught my attention on both an artistic scale as well as a musical one. Great work!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Sin Gin Hong Qwan 1 month ago

This is a gorgeous change of pace for On The House, breaking away from the confines of our usual full-band submissions and venturing into the modern era of solo experimentalism using soundscapes and layered effects.

“Glimmer” is a pretty apt title for the energy of this release. This electronic symphony drips through a mellow, liquid-bass inspired melody and the consistent softened drum beat emphasises the delicacy and vibrance of this track. As it progresses, Sin Gin Hong Qwan introduces subtle changes within the instrumentation to make the track more exciting, whilst being controlled primarily by the main beat and warped lead keyboard – stopping you from drifting off into space.

Sin Gin Hong Qwan has created a really optimistic, yet slightly abrasive track that really captures the true essence of house music in all of its forms. I look forward to hearing more in the future and seeing how far this sound can be stretched!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Midwich Cuckoos 3 months ago

Oh lawd that drum intro is so bloody tasty, looks like we’ve got some seasoned musicians here folks, better be on our best behaviour!

Midwich Cuckoos is a name that’s been floating around for a good while, so I was really excited when they first joined the website as I’ve needed a reason to invest some time into some new bands. This was the perfect excuse to finally sit down and discover this fantastic band i’d seen floating around the scene over the years.

Ranging from throat blistering hardcore punk/metal to beautifully executed ska/acoustic tracks with all the lovely fillings in-between. Midwich Cuckoos have a defining sound that makes them stand out from the crowd in ways that will please most listeners to some degree. Their most recent full length release is proof of the bands comfort in their ability and a confidence to experiment with elements that wouldn’t traditionally be used in this genre of music. Its rare to come across a band that tick pretty much every box and could adapt to every situation if needed, without sacrificing continuity, integrity or musical identity. I’m incredibly impressed with their diversity and broad range of talent across multiple genres, it’s almost unfair!

I’ve really enjoyed what i’ve heard and would love to get them on a show sometime, I’m itching to hear them in a live setting.

Marcus Osborne reviewed poppyshow 3 months ago

“Sick and tired” is a vibrant Brit-rock inspired indie banger, driven by high-gain twangy guitars and an old school rock n roll charm. There’s something so pure and innocent about the impact of Poppyshows music and I can’t quite put my finger on it. They have managed to make a hard-hitting singalong tune that has all the gusto and grit of its top-shelf counterparts, but with a bit more youth on their side and a hell of a lot more energy. That right there is the exciting part.

This is an absolutely cracking debut release for the Exeter based pop rockers and honestly, I cannot wait to book them for a show in the future. Watch out guys, imma comin’!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Sembalance 4 months ago

Twisted soundscapes, warped vocals and friggin’ harmonica solos. Yep, i’ve definitely not heard anything like this before. This website never fails to provide me with something completely different.

Sembalance toy with old school synthwave melodies and various instruments that have been bent, warped and mangled into every possible shape by their unhinged addition to synth. Vocally they could use a little refining, but the vocals are more of an addition to the experimental tracks that follow the pace of the track without interrupting the feel of each piece.

In any normal situation, this wouldn’t be for me. But tonight I’m seeing through the veil, i’m starting to feel the groove and i’m going to keep listening to more Semabalance until I transport to another dimension. This is the definition of broadening your musical horizons.

If you can’t understand it, DON’T take acid. Just don’t, not matter how good of an idea it might seem, DON’T DO IT.

I CAN HEAR COLOURS replied 4 months ago

I’ve tried for years to descibe the sound of ‘sembalance’. Thanks Marcus for doing it so much better than I’ve ever been able to.
Glad you could hear the colours, sometimes they are vivid, occasionally more subtle.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Belle Royals 4 months ago

What the hell is going on?! Who put this melody in my noiserock? Who put the punk in the microwave?

Belle Royals are almost uncomfortable to listen to, but in the best way possible. Most artists would take this would be a insult, but the purpose of noiserock is in the name – it’s simple, pure and is one of the rawest forms of musical expression when done right. Belle Royals have delivered a sound that is on the cusp of indistinguishable, densely packed with harsh-toned throat heavy vocals and high gain riffs that squeal more than a pig in heat. It’s a lot to handle and probably too much for most people, but for those with a taste for chaos – you’re in for a treat.

It’s an assault on the senses driven by artistic expression left untampered. Come and take a swing if you’re brave enough.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Abe’s Apes 4 months ago

“King Of The Bongo” by Abe’s Apes kicks in with some gorgeous flamenco style guitar playing, giving off the impression you’re in for something calm and relaxing – but oh no. This is a party anthem if i’ve ever heard one before.

I’m really impressed with the bands musicianship and the use of instruments from a variety of cultures to create a European-influenced sound, swiftly cut back to its roots with tighty-packed verses and swagger-driven lyrics. If I was at an event and we needed bring the vibe up, this track would be at the very top of my list!

Pleasantly surprised and impressed with what i’ve discovered today. Abes Apes don’t take themselves too seriously, but they also don’t mess about – that reflects perfectly in this killer summer anthem. I’m excited to hear more!

AbesApes replied 3 months ago

Thank you so much for all your support man, it means the world to us.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Holloway 4 months ago

Distant and illusive both musically and literally. Holloway haven’t provided much information about themselves online, barring just two tracks titled “When I Wake” and “The Bridge” and a few hazy gig photos. Here’s a band that doesn’t fluff their stuff and let’s their music speak for itself, so let’s let them do just that!

Both tracks harbour a real drawn-out shoegaze influence, but it’s more psychedelic, more atmospheric and a hell of a lot more soul-consuming than your average shoegaze band. These are more than songs, they are a plethora of melodic soundscapes that are stitched together with dripping basslines and angelic vocals, crafted to draw you in and never let go. I’m really impressed with the quality of musicianship and song writing ability, both tracks flow into each other seamlessly and not once did I experience a ‘weak’ section. Holloway have managed to cram so much into two songs that seem so simple on the surface, almost tricking your ears into picking apart those hidden elements which draw you in even further. It’s bloody genius.

Keep going guys, I really think you’ve got something here.

Marcus Osborne reviewed No Murder No Moustache 4 months ago

“Showertime In The Slammer” is almost like a classic English ballad, driven by delicate stringed instruments and accents to boost the vocal melody – but not smother it. The vocal harmonies are a real treat too, a brotherhood of male vocals dominate the track and really bring home that medieval folk sound and resonates with the listener in comforting, husky tone. The lead vocal fling us back to the modern day with lovelorn content and a progressive melody, but the pace of the strings drags out these chirpy tones and adds a darker element to the piece.

A very interesting release that I would definitely enjoy in the right setting, I’m curious to see what else No Murder No Moustache comes up with!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Audiokicks 5 months ago

Audiokicks latest offering “Grow” is nothing short of a well-written, expertly performed modern soft rock ballad with all the twinkly trimmings needed for a successful pop track.

Ability isn’t a question here, the entire band are clearly professionally trained to some degree and if they aren’t, then they have fooled me. The vocals are like butter, the lyrics are metaphorical yet on-the-sleeve, making this track desirable to multiple levels of pop listeners. Instrumentally, the accents and overall dynamic control carries this track and allows the vocal to shine so perfectly. This song is dripping with professionalism.

“Grow” was made to be played at full volume to a packed out stadium, the crowd with lighters in their hands and singing back in unison. This is one of those songs. With the right attention, I truly believe Audiokicks could make this happen. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for them!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Night Motor 5 months ago

FATAL by Night Motor is right up my street, reminiscent of Brighton-based mathy-punky-indie kids Squid, with a smattering of IDLES and a dashing of Viagra Boys. This slack-jawed sound is ripping through the heavy music scene at the moment and is allowing artists to express themselves in newer, more unconventional ways than ever before. Night Motor are no exception, but nonetheless, a welcomed addition.

Night Motor ooze confidence, aggressively blended with the perfect amount of poise, gusto and funky rhythms – there’s a real ‘complete’ feeling to this band. They know who they are.

The recording quality is solid throughout “FATAL” and the songwriting lends itself incredibly well to the record and the abilities of the band members, not at any point did I lose interest or find a track was weaker than any others. Although, I will say that even though this is an incredibly well-written piece of art, none of the tracks stand out individually for me – which could be taken either way, depending on the bands intent with the release and how they want listeners to interpret it.

As someone who is really starting to see a rise in this kind of reverb-heavy post-punk anthems, I can whole-heartedly say that Night Motor sound just as good as the kingpins of the scene right now and could easily hold their own alongside all the names previously mentioned. They know what they are doing (on record at least), we just need to get our asses in gear and help speed up the process of making Night Motor a classic post-punk household name!

Most importantly, I need to see them live!

Marcus Osborne reviewed KIJERA 5 months ago

Dark and moody, Kijera is the real deal. A bedroom artist with all the skills to create these unearthly tones that border along the lines of the darkest of grunge songs, then blast into a full-throttle screaming vocal layered over a brash metal track – but still retaining that signature sludgy tempo.

“I Don’t Mind” is the soundtrack to the descent into hell and before you imagine it – no, it’s not the heaviest thing in the world. But it hits just the same, if not harder. A real command of dynamics is shown here, building up until an all-mighty ending that doesn’t attack your senses, but still provides an all-engulfing experience.

“War Within Me” dials it back slightly and implores a more early-2000s nu-rock sound with melodic vocals ands a big, open drum patterns and breakdowns galore. A catchy track that shows another side to this multi-faced artist.

Then we end with “Take A Chance With You Soul” which is almost a straight-up grunge track, but it’s overall demeanour still resonating with the previous tracks as the song reaches its end.

Kijera is clearly still experimenting with his sound, but it’s not lost on me that his talent and ability to write dark, heavy music should be admired. Once he’s figured out his path, whichever way that may be – we should all be ready to hear a lot more of Kijera!

Kijeraa replied 2 months ago

Hey, Thank you so much for the positive review. My second EP should be out by the start of next year.
Thanks again 🙂

Marcus Osborne reviewed WISH HOUNDS 5 months ago

Wish Hounds are an amalgamation of twisted guitars and warped yet clean-cut vocals that remind me of late 90’s dark synth pop with a sharp, hard rock edge to bring some added pace. Their song-writing is really impressive and well developed, they definitely know who they are and what they want to achieve with their sound. It’s dissonant, atmospheric and meticulous.

There’s a slight roughness to the recording that I don’t think is intentional, but really compliments the open sounding guitars and their delay driven sound, alongside the popping basslines and slurred vocals, making it feel more natural – more human.

Wish Hounds are a really exciting new band that with the right approach, could be a serious contender in the underground scene. I’m excited to see what comes from them after lockdown!

Marcus Osborne reviewed TYRANTS 6 months ago

Tyrants are going to be huge, mark these words. Their second single “APSOTLE” is proof of their incredible command of this genre, alongside Joshs control of his brashly-toned vocal, pushing out a throat-driven growl with all the punch and power of gutteral vocals. It’s a really strong mix that creates such a full-bodied tone on record and really empowers the track.

Musically, these guys are miles above many others at their level, and this comes from someone who hears a LOT of heavy music on a regular basis. Tyrants have found their market and have created a product that ticks every single possible box for most intense music fans and they know when to dial it back – as well when to give it hell.

I really believe these guys have what it takes to take them to where they want to be. Their work ethic, quality and overall presence has taken over the local scene during a time when there are no events happening – who knows what will happen in a couple of years time when life is fully operational again!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Plastic Tramps 6 months ago

Plastic Tramps are the South Wests answer to every atmospheric, downtrodden stadium act that has ever existed – with added length for maximum impact. Another one of Plastic Tramps mammouth releases comes in the shape of “Pigs With Shame” which is driven by sludge guitars, droning vocals and massive soundscapes to create a wall of sound that can only be appreciated at full volume.

One thing Plastic Tramps have mastered in their short time is their ability to conquer dynamics, not just in a “loud/quiet” sense – but their overall impact. Some of the most gentle melodies have more gusto and power than some of the heaviest parts of the track and it makes for such a formidable tone, even when examined from all possible angles. The track clocks in at over 7 minutes long and not once did I find myself drifting away, which is pretty damn impressive coming from someone who is used to 45 second punk songs!

Plastic Tramps are built for this. They are a hand-crafted piece of art made to grab your attention and oh boy – I’m paying some serious attention to these guys. You should too.

Marcus Osborne reviewed SLACKRR 6 months ago

Slackrr are always so consistently Slackrr and its just phenomenol – they just can’t write a bad song. They produce such a high-quality product every single time and “Waves” is another beautiful pop punk ballad from the Southampton based melody machines.

“Waves” is soaked in deep-rooted emotion hidden behind the optimistic rhythm. Almost nostalgic at parts, whilst also retaining Slackrr own special identity with Scotty’s signature vocal, their emo-influenced writing style, Caits soft supporting vocal and their overall energy that makes them so uniquely themselves.

A true force to be reckoned with, Slackrr deserve the world and I think that right now the world is starting to listen. There’s no other artist that deserves their future as much as Slackrr, so do yourselves a favour and dive in whilst it’s still cool 😉

Marcus Osborne reviewed THE STRAYS 6 months ago

Ooooh my soul, I absolutely adore The Strays and their 2019 album “Drop Out Zone”, it’s pretty much everything I enjoy in one hard-hitting soul-soaked act. In fact, we even hosted them for our OTH Christmas party at Mr Wolf’s in Bristol back at the end of 2019 and they absolutely killed it. They brought the room to life and held the crowd captivated for the entire set, the venue filled in an instant and everyone was on their feet feeling The Strays fever. What more could you want?

“Drop Out Zone” could very well become a UK rockabilly classic as The Strays continue their path of high-energy rock n roll through the music scene. Estelles vocal is perfectly suited for their music and blends seemlessly with the high-energy instrumentation, frantic riffs and rockabilly swing. They have the full package and could easily reach a formidable level in their career, they just need the right ears to listen.

With a new album in the works, I had to revisit this release to remind myself of what I’ve been missing for the last couple of years and oh boy, I can’t wait to get some beers in me and party with The Strays again. I’ll definitely be back with something about the new album, I’m very excited to hear it!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Fionn Cox-Davies 6 months ago

“Malcolm”, the debut full-length release by Fionn Cox Davies is a layered musical cake of different textures and styles, ranging from ethereal folk to dramatic acoustic melodies, controlled by a generous amount of dynamic vocals. Fionn utilises stacked vocal tones to bridge the space between the gentle guitars. Earthy and raw, this release dives into a variety of worlds that certainly capture your attention and make for a very intrguiging listen.

“Malcolm” is hand-crafted for late night singalongs with your friends around a campfire whilst everyone is starting to slowly change relams (if you know what I mean). A very emotional release with a buckload of passion poured over the top.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Parlour Suns 7 months ago

“Embers” by Parlour Suns is probably one of the best debut single releases I’ve heard in a long, long time. Where do I start?!

The vocals are incredible, as someone who used to be a huge fan of this genre of power-rock music a few years ago, I’m quite specific when it comes to vocal tones because they carry so much of the sound. Lucky for these guys, they’ve got a vocalist who has a formidably dynamic range that compliments the instrumentation beautifully without stealing the spotlight.

Combined with the airy guitars and punching drums, Parlour Suns have mastered the art of pop-rock songwriting in the space of one bloody release! A fantastic step into the underground industry that will definitely make a mark when the right ears are tuned in, especially for fans of artists like Deaf Havana, You Me At Six, Young Guns etc.

I’ve got my eye on you guys.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Haytor 7 months ago

Oh my lord they’ve only gone and done it. They’ve bloody done it. They’ve written a certified indie banger and they’ve absolutely smashed it out of the park!

I’ve been following Haytor for a long time and have seen them develop from a local pop rock outfit playing shows in and around Exeter, they always had this charming awkwardness about them that I really enjoyed and I knew they had the potential to refine that into something special. Now, with the release of “Comatose”, it’s clear that these guys know who they are and have all the confidence and poise needed to take their music to incredible places. Haytor have evolved into a fully-fledged indie power-pop group that have the potential to really turn some heads if given the right attention. “Comatose” is elegant, atmospheric and captivating. A bonafide festival ballad designed for thousands of people to sing back in harmony and forget about the world for a moment.

Instant goosebumps fellas, top work. Long live Haytor!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Nigel G. Lowndes 7 months ago

If you’re passionate about music, you can feel it when someone else is on your wavelength and shares that same passion. Nigel is a prime example of this. His vocal tone isn’t perfect, but his absolute gusto shines through his latest album “Hello Mystery” and replaces the elements that a traditional listener may not enjoy with a real visceral energy that for me, is just as good as a perfect vocal.

His songwriting ability is refined and very well suited to his style of broad-ranged, full band country bangers. I’m in love with the harmonies and the way they complement Nigels very natural tone and adds to his signature comforting sound.

Nigels music is like a big warm hug that radiates passion in a way that I can’t help but adore, I look forward to listening again in the future!

NigelGLowndes replied 7 months ago

Many Thanks Marcus, I’m glad you enjoyed the album and that you picked up on the emotional side of it. Cheers, Nigel

Marcus Osborne reviewed The Bad Cowboys 7 months ago

Unexpectantly nostalgic and unapologetically delicate, The Bad Cowboys latest album “Free” is harmonious, spacious and raw. Reminiscent of major players such as Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty at parts, this album is a heart-on-sleeve release that embodies the true passion that this genre deserves. The edges are a little rough, but the piece itself is incredibly well-written and lends itself to the bands vocals tones very well. The guitars are beautifully blended and the subtle percussion brings some pace to the tracks without taking losing any of its signature fraglillity.

A very competant release that won’t be for everyone, but for those with a passion for country rock – this is a real treat!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Jonny Falls Over 7 months ago

“Rest”, Johnny Falls Overs latest release is a lovelorn ballad at heart, coated by a raw alt-folk energy that gently pushes the track along. This is a really lovely song, with a really powerful writing style that has utilised the uplifting pace of old English songwriting and complexity of modern soundscapes and alterations. The tastefully blended string section adds a shimmering glow to the track that just brings it to life, i’m getting “England Keep My Bones” era Frank Turner from this release for sure.

A real pleasurable listen, i’m adding this to my ‘Chill Out’ playlist!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Mothman, The Man 8 months ago

The superhero we never knew we needed, but now we can’t live without.

Mothman takes dystopian tones and blends them with Modern Baseball-esque vocal melodies, post-punk power and a tampered vocal droning throughout. It’s a lot to take in at first, but when you take a step back and stop thinking about how one of his parents must have had a very open and progressive relationship with an insect, you realise that Mothman has really created something completely unique to himself. It’s daring, bold and unpredictable – like a moth to a flame.

Most importantly, it works.

“Computer Brain” is fresh off the press and deserves your attention. It’s captivating and consuming, topped off with a dash of tasteful emptyness and a hint of self-loathing.

But that’s enough about me, go and listen to Mothman, The Man!

Marcus Osborne reviewed WIRED DESIGN 8 months ago

Wired Design are one of Exeters newest artists, mixing old school rock, metal and hardcore to blur the lines between everything you’ve ever known and more. Instrumentally dynamic and impactful, their dissonant sound comes from a clear maticulous writing process and attention to stylistic detail that embodies the core spirit of their music. Their latest release “Revolted” is a true homage to that statement, proving that Wired Design know who they are – and what they want to achieve. They toy with dynamics, stretch their tones and twist their vocals in a way that is completely and utterly Wired Design.

I look forward to seeing them in a gig setting, they have a signature sound that is just begging to be played at full volume with all the grit and passion that makes live shows so special.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Near Death Experience 8 months ago

“Everything”, the latest release by Near Death Experience is one hell of a ride from start to finish. There’s a raw element to the recording that makes it really inviting from the off. The vocals are an absolute treat for any blues lovers with accents on almost every word adding so much character to the toe-tapping single. The twangy lead lines add that unstoppable head-bopping element and the overall swagger of the track brings the rest of your body into the picture. Before you know it, you’re poppin’ shapes like a bloody breakdancer.

Groovy and full of life, this is music for the heart and soul, brimming with funky goodness.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Breathe Band 8 months ago

Yes yes yes, all of my yesses. Breathe take traditional Americana and twist it with a classic old English twang, reminiscent of one of my favourite all-time artists “Brown Bird”, but with a softer female vocal powering through. The basslines carry the track gently in the background, the vocal harmonies create a comforting and equally powerful melody that graciously follows and all of the stringed instruments as they breathe life into the tracks.

Warm, inviting and everything we need right now on this crazy little planet. Very happy with this discovery!

Breathe Band replied 8 months ago

Thank you so much for your kind words Marcus! They mean a lot to us and are really appreciated (-: We have plenty of new stuff coming out this year too, so hopefully you’ll keep listening out for more!
PS are we allowed to quote some of your beautiful sentences?!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Silver Haar 8 months ago

Early 2000s power rock vibes reign throughout Sivler Haars latest release “Fear Of The Unknown”, channelling something similar to what early era Foo Fighters (the good era) would sound like if they played indie music and bought a few more effects pedals. A strong likeabillity comes from honesty of the songwriting, it reminds me of the music that helped formed who I am today – it has a very nostalgic effect, that familiarity in SHs music is what’s drawing me in. The interesting use of dynamics and recording style is what’s making me stay.

With a bit of refining by just getting out gigging once again, alongside a little prodcution investment – I think Silver Haar could make some waves in the local rock scene.

Marcus Osborne reviewed TIM HOLEHOUSE 8 months ago

Tim Holehouses most recent album “Lost” is a real testament to his hard work over the years and the amount of incredible people he’s met in his time touring the world.

Starting off with an old English spoken word style track, featuring the mighty AJ Simmonds from Kult DIY & Sarah Tyrell of the incredible Tiger Empress & HONEY – this introduction sets the precedent for the album. I can’t believe how many incredible local people he has worked with on this release, Tim a solo musician who lives off of his work, I’ve always admired and respected his passion immesley and this is the kinda project that reaps the rewards forged by years of hard graft.

“Lost” is a heart-on-sleeve amalgamation of all of Tim’s songs that were built to be toyed with by other musicians, each track being wholey unique to itself and to Tim Holehouse as well.

They don’t make ’em like Tim anymore.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Mango In Euphoria 8 months ago

“Golden Shrine” is something else. I’ve not heard anything quite like this before and that should be taken as a massive compliment. It’s so difficult to create something effortlessly unique that instantly ties the art to the artist but is also not a desperate attempt at unatural originality.

Mango In Euphoria is already a pretty memorable name, but what’s even more wild, is that the name suits the music perfectly. I know that doesn’t make any sense right now, but once you listen – you’ll understand. Trust me.

The dark edge to Mangos music is really tastefully added. Although isn’t as prevalent in this track, it still creeps in through her low-end vocal melodies, alongside a slight flamenco-inspired edge that gives this track a unique pace to play around with on top of the slightly twisted toneallity.

You have my attention Ms Mango, I’m looking forward to seeing what else you’ve got!

Marcus Osborne reviewed fluff 8 months ago

“Tea & Toast” is Fluffs latest contribution to the South West slack-jawed punk rock music scene, following in the footsteps of bands like IDLES, Heavy Lungs, Bad News First and other notable SW bands in this new evolving category. It’s no doubt that Ollie Andrews takes inspiration from some of the bands above, but his ability to create such a powerful, electronically driven sound with a swift sharpness that cuts through the mix shouldnt be overlooked. It takes a lot of skill for a one man band to understand what every part of a song needs and execture it without too much “fluff” (get it?!), whilst also delivering impactful musicianship that enhances the broken vocals.

Fluff and his plethora of post punk soundscapes have tapped into a growing alternative market that is definitely short of one-man bands at the moment. A really enjoyable listen and I’m keen to hear more!

FLUFF replied 8 months ago

Thanks Marcus! I really appreciate the kind words, should hopefully be a few recording sessions in the upcoming months so more you shall hear 😉 Sit tight.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Barry Noakes 8 months ago

What a pleasant surprise! Barry Noakes release titled “A New Dawn” is a chirpy, western influenced British folk pop track with an added skip in its step that separates it from its rivals. Barry’s vocals aren’t the most refined in the world, but added with the string section, storytelling style and heart-on-sleeve character – perfection wouldn’t suit. The slight shake in the vocals add a comforting and humanising element, almost amplifying the inviting atmosphere and pulling the listener in even closer.

There’s a warmth that can be found in Barry’s songwriting that will put a smile on anyone’s face. The soundtrack to a summer of possibility that lies ahead of us.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Lonesome 8 months ago

“To Myself, From Myself”, Lonesomes most recent full-album release is a real treat. Beautifully atmospheric and daringly powerful, a true and honest statement of musical ability that is seemingly faultless.

Its not often I’m blown away like I am right now, as someone who has always enjoyed an ‘inspirational’ sound, Lonesome have nailed this down and have laid down the foundations of what could be an incredibly promising career ahead, they definitely deserve it.

A seminal and career defining release that is consistently harmonious, powered by epic sounding instrumentation and carefully placed vocals throughout, flowing graciously and crashing spectacularly to create some of the most impactful soundscapes I’ve heard in a long time.

My eyes couldn’t be anymore peeled for the new single.

Marcus Osborne reviewed PARLA 8 months ago

“Fervour/Further” is Parlas latest offering, pulling away from their previously more ‘tamed’ tone and embracing the darkness that little bit more. Hardcore-esque vocals power through the mix, slightly jarring but impactful nonetheless – They make a statement.

As we move further through the EP, we are brought back to that vintage Parla sound comprised of big drums and even bigger licks – all blending in with raspy vocals that add an almost power rock element at times, then suddenly you’re smacked in the face with death growls and riffs once more. A signature sound that puts a big fat Parla stamp on everything they release.

“Fervour/Further” is an eclectic mix of genres that show the bands potential in all fields, I’m excited to see which way they take this project moving forward.

Marcus Osborne reviewed SpencerHobsonMusic 8 months ago

Spencer Hobson is a young and clearly talented emerging songwriter who has utilised his proficiency to write some incredibly dynamic and impactful pieces. Ranging from collaborative efforts such as ‘Red Giant’ featuring the fantastic vocals from Sophie Black – to bedroom breakdowns and instrumentals that could burst an eardrum or two, whilst still preserving a ‘professionally homemade’ feel.

Spencer is very clearly born to write and perform this style of music, there is clear progression and improvement in every release – I would also love to see more projects in the future with alternate vocalists or even large-scale instrumentals, he has an incredible songwriting ability and I look forward to seeing where his music takes him over the next few years!

Marcus Osborne reviewed JORDAN. 8 months ago

Phwoar, the latest release by JORDAN titled “Anything Can Happen” is a delicate emo piece at its core, but has been beautifully warped and twisted to suit a more modern style of production. JORDAN expertly fuses autotune and well presented lyrics and uses them to emphasise his already smooth toned vocal. This is how autotune should be used, in my opinion.

The track itself is deeply emotive and thought provoking, its the sort of track that will send you into a deep state of self reflection – whether you want it or not. Something to be admired is JORDANS ability to captivate the listener and transport them to another realm, much like sadcore idols Joji & Billie Eilish, who I would like to assume are inspirations in some way given the way the tracks are built.

I’m a big fan of what I’ve heard already and am really excited to hear more in the future, I could see JORDAN going very, very far.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Pylon Poets 8 months ago

“Lucid Hallucinations”, the bands most recent release is a synthwave inspired rock release with early 2000s era indie influences sprinkled throughout.

A competant release with a clear path for the future that boasts a clean, cohesive sound that beautifully blends silky guitar tones with retro-inspired melodies.

Marcus Osborne reviewed THE NEW AMERICA 8 months ago

“Going To The Races (Dressed Like A Racist)” is an homage to the Post-Punk wave sweeping the nation right now, fueled by slack-jawed vocals and dissonant riffs descending into electro-punk breakdowns with all the fire and fury to boot.

A strong release for the Bristol music morphers that’s shows off their abilllity to write jarring post-punk statements with harsh instrumentation for maximum effect.

Marcus Osborne reviewed HAAL 8 months ago

Ahh it’s good to be back in the reviewers seat. It’s even better than I’ve managed to stumble across Haal, these twisted Post-rockers from Bristol. Their latest track “Memorial” is a plethora of soundscapes and warped tones, slowly evolving from downtrodden medlodies into hard-hitting dystopic riffs and curdled vocals. A real artistic piece that highlights the bands dynamic ability with no limitations on development.

The first thing that stands put about Haal is how well choreographed their writing is. Bordering on math-rock at times, Haal break the borders between melody and melancholy, achieved by shoegazey tones and that have been carefully placed into the enthralling pace of the track – all ending in a firey ball of raw power. Just how I like it.

Marcus Osborne reviewed The Blue Carpet Band 9 months ago

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new from The Blue Carpet Band, but that just means we are due another classic UK rock n’ roll bucket of anthems very soon. But for now, we have plenty to chow-down on whilst we wait.

BCBs most recent releases, “Back In The Trash” and “Ain’t Got No Damn Rock n’ Roll” are pure party bangers, carefully designed and perfected to make your knees jerk and your hips break, with the optional broken neck if you’re feeling fruity. Both tracks have an inherent punk rock energy, with “Back In The Trash” waving the old school power chord punk rock flag for all to see, whilst “Ain’t Got No Damn Rock n Roll” (my personal favourite), really shows off the bands ability to mix old school influences with a fresh and powerful bravado that breathes new life into a classic genre. This is a band who take pride in creating a toe-tapping atmosphere, whilst remaining grittyy enough to throw yourselves around to it if you wished.

I regularly listen to BCB anyway, so reviewing them for OTH is an absolute pleasure – they are also performing at Attitude Festival, which is also hosted by OTH! Make sure you come down and boogie with me!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Robin Hann 9 months ago

Robin Hanns latest release “First Step Is Sleep” is a heart-on-sleeve country inspired soft rock ballad, overlayed with gentle twinkling guitar that evolves into crunchy solos and blues driven licks. The vocals rest in top of the mix, flowing along with the instrumentation, surrendering control to the rhythmic guitar patterns that hold the track together with a warming and inviting tone throughout. A solid and a well-written track!

Marcus Osborne reviewed SLACKRR 9 months ago

Dear lord I love this band. I’ve had a soft spot for Slackrr for a very long time, their work ethic and drive has finally landed them some incredible deals with some influencial people and they deserve every drop of it. This is the first time I’ve seen a full artist progression on this website, from the absolute start, to the band making it to established underground status and its honestly making me a little emotional.

“Playing With Fire”, the bands newest single just proves that Slackrr were built for this. It’s an absolute pop punk anthem that has evolved from their previous sound into something that is more mature, more comfortable and most importantly – catchy as hell.

Slackrr are here to remind you that hard work and dedication really does pay off, whilst also making some of the most professional pop punk music in the UK today. A passion project that is an absolute mainstay for any UK pop punk fan. I couldn’t be more happy and proud!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Sports Almanac 9 months ago

I apologise for not reviewing Sport Almanac sooner, I’m actually beyond impressed!

Their latest release “Breathe In” has a beautifully powerful edge to it, whilst also delving deep into shoegaze inspired tones and uplifting power emo ballads at the flick of a switch. Im getting a Boy Pablo meets Turnover meets Cloud Nothings kinda vibe, and that’s a bloody good vibe.

An incredibly well written track that is perfect for lazy Sunday mornings and deep moments of self-reflection. Epic and empowering indie-inspired airy drums reign throughout the track completing this full-bodied underground power ballad. I’m very, very excited for this band.

Marcus Osborne reviewed QUORUM 9 months ago

I’ve been following Quorum for a little while now & have hosted them at our events before, but this new iteration of the band are taking things to bigger and better heights.

Their latest offering “Doubts” sees a more melodic rock approach to their sound with some tasty lead lines and pounding rhythm, topped off with their signature lead vocal sound gently resting on top and pingy basslines shining through for added depth. Quorums music is developing rapidly with every release and “Doubts” is by far my favourite release of theirs so far. I’m keen to hear more!

Marcus Osborne reviewed CUFFS 9 months ago

It’s been almost a year since I last reviewed Cuffs on the old website, and what a year its been!

Amongst the rubble of 2020 came a stonking new track from the Bristol heavy-hitters, a track titled “Get Up Get On” that instills a fighting spirit into the listener. Starting with heart pounding drums that flow into firery riffs, this new endeavour sees the band take a more lyric-focussed melodic approach with downscale riffs and a pounding rhythms – all ending in a blaze of glory that grinds to an instant halt. A strong release that embodies the old school intensity of punk rock.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Bad News First 9 months ago

The post punk revolution is upon us, this much is clear. Bands like IDLES, shame, Heavy Lungs and more have spearheaded this new wave of punk music that focuses on distant droning instrumentation and sloppy gruff vocals that emphasise all the wrong parts to make something right. I do feel Bad News First are very Idles-inspired with the way the vocals are swung around the tracks so freely and carelessly, but there’s a darker edge to BNF thats really drawing me in more than I expected. A strong debut and plenty of potential for further exploration that’s making me incredibly keen to hear more!

Marcus Osborne reviewed PHILLIP FOXLEY 9 months ago

I’ve just checked out Phillip Foxleys latest offering “I Don’t Wanna Go” and it kicks in with a friggin’ hymn! This old English pace and melody evolves into a soft pop track with early 90s style vocals and gentle accompanying guitarwork to further emphasise the vocals. A stylised piece made for a certain of listener.

This track has some clear foundational brit pop influences, but for me, the atmosphere of the tracks have a real early prog rock affinity, given the way the track progresses and the use of playful soundscapes. A raw and brave release that is well worth a listen.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Malcolm Galloway 9 months ago

Wasp 76b is a real piece of art, musicianship at its absolute finest, depending on your viewpoint that is.

As someone who has always enjoyed loud, heavy, screamy punk music since a young age, I’ve learnt to find more pleasure in simplicities than complexities. But, this track has managed to combine the two gorgeously and effortlessly, proving that musical prowess doesn’t need to be daunting to the listener.

Wasp 76b is complex in composition and musical ability, but simple in its digestion. Its not intimidating to listen to, nor is it a ‘show off’ piece – it’s a well written piece of music that suits its purpose and shows a real control of artistic timing and impact.

Really nice to find something like this on here, keep ’em coming!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Yo Adrian! 9 months ago

I really feel like there’s going to be a grunge revival soon, there seems to be so many great grunge acts hiding away ready to take to the stage when the floodgates reopen. Yo Adrian are very much fall into this catagory and have show clear experienced in the genre from just a short listen. Their tracks are well developed and have a real defining sound that could only be achieved from maticulous effort and real attention to detail. Yo Adrian know who they are and you couldn’t mistake them.

The band have slight nervousness to their sound that I think really compliments this genre of music and breaks up the muddied tones that when pushed to max, tend to blur into a wall of noise. A good wall of noise, of course, but a wall of noise that needs a breathing space if you want to actually enjoy it. Yo Adrian do this perfectly and this command of their tones allows them to get weird and wild with their tracks which I am all over – a really enjoyable listen!

Marcus Osborne reviewed The Spectral Quiet 9 months ago

“Descension Hymns” is an ambient journey of atmosphere and emphasis, with each section of each track elegantly flowing into the next, swaying between euphoric soundscapes gently touching your eardrums to dirty riffs bouncing in the background – all played in absolute harmony with each other.

A bedroom glitch style instrumental project that oozes righteous vitality and has all the potential to really turn some heads if pushed in the right directions with minimal effort. A truly enjoyable experience of escapism for anyone who has the time to spare – and I highly reccomend you do.

Marcus Osborne reviewed ATHELAS 9 months ago

I’ve just given “Perception” a spin and instantly I’ve been transported back to early 2000s Scuzz and Kerrang, with all the beautifully grizzly trimmings. Athelas’ latest offering toys around with a considerably beefy low end and a range of gut and throat screams, growls and even some clean chorus vocals to top it all off.

An eclectic mix of metalcore riffs and blasting drum patterns with a strong sense of melody and dynamics. A heavy contender for any sharp-toned metal fans out there!

Marcus Osborne reviewed POISON CROW 9 months ago

Poison Crow go all out. I’ve seen them live a few times in the past and although these are distant memories of a time when we could all touch each other and enjoy live music, I still remember how commanding they were of the stage. That’s part of the reason we picked them for Attitude Festival!

Darkened metal infused with hard rock and full-bodied vocals. A twisted and sultry sound that is made for a very specific type of listener, but for that listen – oh boy are you in for a friggin’ treat!

A great band with loads of potential, keen to hear more in the future!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Alkanes 9 months ago

Thick, riffy, grungey goodness. Alkanes most played track on Spotify “Make It Right” is an homage to early 90s grunge with its dragging guitar lines and off-kilter harmonies blending in with the timid lead vocals.

It’s raw and gritty, but harbours a fragility that softens the blow of the harsh instrumentation. An interesting release, almost reminiscent of early Sunny Day Restate but with a little less brevity and a sound that won’t be forgotten. I’m intrigued to hear more!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Last Edition 9 months ago

Absolutely lovely, I’ve got a real soft spot for ska punk but I can very rarely find stuff that hits me with the right energy with a decent amount of instrumentation. Sometimes it’s easy for a band to just play something easy because it sounds fun, but Last Edition have really taken time to develop their tracks into powerful ska-punk anthems that could rival those of Less Than Jake and Streetlight Manifesto.

As mentioned, the tracks are well developed and have plenty to offer whilst being wholeheartedly ska-punk, but also different enough not to lose it’s flair. The saxophone adds an almost gypsy edge in some tracks, which is something I’ve always loved in bands like Last Edition. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway- I would be gassed to see these lot in a packed out tent at somewhere like Beautiful Days festival. Wait, whats a festival again?

Last Edition are the sort of band that make you miss the pure unmatched joy of live music and will hopefully make you all drool as much as I am right now. Now, where’s my calendar and pen…

Marcus Osborne reviewed Plastic Tramps 9 months ago

I’ve just checked out ‘Plastic Traps’ single “Asylum Insane” on Youtube, an incredibly brave and powerful track clocking in at 8 minutes, smacking you in the face with beefy riffs and Muse-esque vocals – this is an absolute behemoth.

I am wholeheartedly impressed with this, like proper impressed. I can’t really fault it in any way, every section lends itself to the overall piece really nicely whilst also having it’s own point to make. Dynamic ability is abundant here and clearly the band aren’t short of ideas, with a track this long I can imagine it was a case of “having to stop” rather than “wanting to stop”, which gives me a lot of hope for future releases!

A really professional and equally powerful offering, I can see a lot more coming from Plastic Tramps in the future!

Marcus Osborne reviewed The Kites 9 months ago

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but holy crap I wasn’t expecting this!

The first thing that strikes me is the vocalists bassy tone, booming and powerful with a real command of dynamics and range. The song is very much controlled by the vocals, with the twinkling guitar and minimalistic drums emphasising the more powerful sections and amplifying the softer moments. This doesn’t mean the instrumentation shouldn’t be complimented, knowing when to restrict your playing can help enhance the impact of your track – and The Kites have done that expertly with ‘Breakwater City’.

The Kites only have one track on their Spotify at the moment, but there is already a clear path for their sound and I could see even bigger, even more dramatic tracks emerging from this bands catalogue in the future. It’s very rare you come across a male vocal like this in a full band, there’s plenty of potential to go in many directions from this! My only critical comment would be that I wouldn’t class this as rock n’ roll, but that’s because I like my rock n’ roll fast and dirty – but again, this is only their first track!

Excited to hear more, proper job!

The Kites replied 9 months ago

Thank you very much for your kind words Marcus, keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming tracks, if you like your rock and roll fast and dirty, we definitely will not disappoint with our tracks to come! – TK

Marcus Osborne reviewed BLUE KUBRICKS 1 year ago

YESSSSSSS, this is exactly what I needed this morning to help ease morning brain into the day. I’ve just checked out Blue Kubricks latest single “You’re A Beach” and it is oozing with summer vibes, groove filled indie and an almost shoegazey tone that carries the track so smoothly for ultimate easy listening experience. The lyrics are juxtaposed really nicely against the harmonious instrumentation, group vocals and indie club vibe – they almost sound like a funkier, more dynamic version of Culture Abuse and i’m loving it.

I don’t feel like theres enough bands playing this type of indie that can pull it off these days, a positively charged track always has the potential to be just plain cheesy. Blue Kubricks have mastered this style and have made it their own whilst still staying true to their roots. I’m really excited to see where they end up in a couple of years!

Marcus Osborne reviewed DAKAR AUDIO CLUB 1 year ago

The summer may have come to an end, but it doesn’t mean we can’t dance all year long. Dakar Audio Club embody the true passion and grace of Afrobeat and its brilliant vibrancy, combined with beautifully toned guitars and overlayed electronics, their overall energy is incredibly inviting and moreish, like a pack of caramel digestives (bloody loves ’em). I can see why DAC have become so popular across the festival circuit over the years, they tick every single box if you’re looking for a no strings attached good time, and that’s just on record! 

Afrobeat isn’t my forte, but as with most pieces, I always say that if I can understand it – I’ll enjoy it. Dakar Audio Club have a clear an concise purpose musically and lyrically, to ease the pressure of the day to day life with uplifting beats that still touch on some heavy topics, but in a playful, unintimidating way. It’s very clear that they know who they are and what they want, which is an attractive characteristic in any band, let alone one with so many creative minds playing a part, producing a product as smooth as this takes some serious skill. 

This planet is filled with fantastic music from all corners of every landscape, brought to life by the people who create it. Dakar Audio Club have taken a glistening piece of that musical landscape and have brought it to the South West. In times like these, when we can’t even leave the house – bands like DAC will help you reconnect with the world around you and appreciate it for all the glorious diversity it has. When the floodgates open, I need to be at that show. 

Marcus Osborne reviewed MUX 1 year ago

Dark, stormy and a bit twisted, ‘Red Right Hand’ by Mux is an eerie piece of electronica with monotone vocals dominating throughout, being lifted by harmonised vocals, delicate patterns within the rhythm and a very janky, disjointed guitar solo. All of this, plus the overall character of the band creates this soul-shaking atmosphere that very few underground artists can pull off successfully. A strange, mind-bending journey through what could easily be the soundtrack to the next Black Mirror episode.

Marcus Osborne reviewed BOREDWALKS 1 year ago

Plymouth knows how to churn out fantastic punk bands and BOREDWALKS are no exception. Born from the ashes of former South West local bands, these emotive punks leave no stone unturned and their hearts exposed to all who will listen.

On the surface it’s fun, vibrant and classic straight-up punk rock, but if you look deeper, you can feel the emo influences and even pop punk in places – but ultimately blending down into a very tasty, low calorie punk rock band that’ll fill you up and not add any extra un-needed pounds. The vocals sit carefully on top of the distorted guitars and fast paced drums, further solidifying that early 2000s era punk rock sound that is very, very hard to resist. I can also comfortably say that they can easily pull it off live as well, which gets a big fat thumbs up from me because really, that’s all that matters at this stage! A strong and open outfit that will tick all your punk rock boxes without any excessive force.

Marcus Osborne reviewed THE REAL COOL 1 year ago

So i’ve just given ‘Way Back’ a spin and if i’m honest, it’s not actually that bad at all – and this is coming from a purveyor of punk music.

Of course, there’s some cheesy moments that can’t be avoided when writing this kind of music, so i’m giving them a pass on those parts. But if you look at this track for what it is – a pop track that has the purpose of being ‘popular’, then I could see that happening with the Real Cool.

At its core, ‘Way Back’ feels like an 80’s throwback with the distant synths, repetitive drum beat and little cowbell flicks to add some texture. The production is reminiscent of early 90’s pop music and the reverb on the vocals really emphasises this, it’s a comforting and nostalgic tone that most of us should be old enough to admit we like it. It’s nice.

For something that on the surface gave a fairly neutral impression, I was impressed by the music and the choice to follow the path they’ve taken. I’m excited to hear what they come up with in the future as each of their older singles show a clear and consistent improvement pattern, which gives me high hopes for future releases!

Marcus Osborne reviewed BLUE ORCHID REACTION 1 year ago

The structure and dynamics are solid. The songs themselves are really enjoyable and with that little extra push on the vocals – they could be formidable. Of course, tonality is subjective, but that’s my only real issue with the tracks after a few listens.

There are certain points in “4 Chord Theory”, Blue Orchid Reactions latest release that beautifully shine a spotlight on a modern indie-rock tone that is becoming scarce in todays underground music scene, which is refreshing on it ‘s own merit. The reverb-driven guitars, plucked guitar melodies over a droning lead vocal definitely captures an atmosphere that you don’t experience that often and they do it really well. It definitely has an early 2000s underground band feel to it, right down to the production, which is comfortable and endearing in a lot of ways – but also not as powerful as I’d quite like personally.

‘Escape To Plan’ is my favourite track fo the EP as it experiments with the tone of the vocals and the overall musicianship seems nicely developed, I love the little additions in the background and the space between it all. Overall, this is a great release and has a lot of potential providing some elements are toyed around with a little more. This doesn’t mean necessary making them ‘better’ in the traditional sense, but using the bands weaknesses to your advantage and playing into the parts that are a bit of a struggle. Add some silly noises, mess around with what you can do and push yourself to weird places your have’t been before. If you can’t sign something, replace it with something purposely jarring, if you can’t play something, experiment with your environment and smash some shit up! The music itself could handle some oddity and I feel like it’d add a whole new layer of impact to the tracks.

A solid release for a band who knows who they are and what they want to do. I’d be very interested to see where these lot end up, given that this is is still very early in the bands career!

Marcus Osborne reviewed FALLING UNDER 1 year ago

Oh thank god, thanks the frickin’ lord may they, or may they not exist. Every time I see the genre ‘Alt Rock’ I always expect the worst, that’s not because I hate the genre (far from it), but it’s just too broad to know what im getting myself into. After checking out a few profile and sifting through the mess, i’ve finally come across a band that really encapsulates this genre in the way I’ve always felt it should sound.

Incredibly melodic and powerfully anthemic, ‘Wavelengths’ by FALLING UNDER is a perfect example of a modern alternative rock ballad, with a hint of grunge and a dashing of pop for good measure. The quality of the recording is beautiful, the tone of guitars are to die for and the vocals really melt between the twinkly guitar licks, before pushing their way to the surface of the distortion-driven verses. FALLING UNDER’s craftsmanship is really well displayed in this track by their sheer command of dynamics and intent with those sections. This is a band who know who they are.

I could hear this on the radio, I could hear this on a film, I could hear this in my headphones in the next 10 minutes. ‘Wavelengths’ is so incredibly promising and it’s criminal how it hasn’t even hit 1000 views yet, they deserve a few more zeros at the very least on this masterpiece.

Marcus Osborne reviewed SHAKE THE GEEK 1 year ago

I’ve been following Shake The Geek since their infancy, i’ve seen them play their first few shows outside of North Devon in Exeter and odd times at various events and have always admired their enthusiasm as musicians and people. One thing that always made them stand out and become such a desirable local act was their sheer raw talent. Right from the start we all knew Shake The Geek would master their sound, they just needed a bit of breathing space to find their feet. We all knew this day would come, but I don’t think we expected it to be as good as this…

Mark my words. ‘Breathe On My Own’ will be stamped into Shake The Geeks history as their defining track, there is no doubt in my mind about that. No other single they have released (as fantastic as they all are) has truly captured their talent in such a powerful and honest way, whilst sining a light on their musical diversity without straying too far from the path. This is my first time hearing this track since it’s release and I have serious goosebumps man. The kind of goosebumps that scream ‘holy shit, i think they are on to something here’.

Shake The Geek should be hailed alongside all the underground rock powerhouses at the moment. With their latest offering, they have proved they are a cut above the rest in their realm and they deserve every single drop of exposure they get.

Dynamic vocals, sharp-toned riffs and more beef than a butchers. This is an easy 10/10 for me!

Marcus Osborne reviewed THE BORGIAS 1 year ago

Checking out The Borgias Soundcloud account, i’ve come across their latest offering titled ‘I Don’t Want Nobody Else To Love Me’ (EDIT, 2) and I was blown away by the sheer diversity of the songwriting. It’s everything you could ever want in a summer anthem, bottled and blended so you can sip away at your own pace. As I move through their back catalogue, The Borgias not only prove their worth as songwriters – but their longevity and atmospheric control – no matter the track.

I don’t quite know how to explain it if i’m honest. Their sound is so incredibly soulful, yet the energy of their music isn’t lost in the dramatic nature of the vocals. Sometimes sounding like a groovy Primal Scream, with one hell of a set of lungs at the front – whereas other tracks borderline onto dance tracks, dub n’ bass and all those festival favourite genres that we’d all love to be indulging in right now. There’s a really professional feel to their music and it’s so incredibly easy to digest that really, all The Borgias need is some industry representation and they’d be off.

A funky, fun and dynamic band with all the potential to be bringing crowds together across the country for big singalongs and care-free evenings. I’ve enjoyed every second of listening!

Marcus Osborne reviewed NANO 1 year ago

‘Change’ is a really, really strong debut from the Exeter based producer NANO, who combines ethereal soundscapes, snappy rhythms and bright electronic lead lines to entice anyone with a taste for a good beat. A strong UK band-pop influence, with the use of melodies that wouldn’t be amiss with a full band set up and would probably work equally as well and impact in completely different way. You can tell that NANO has a lot of experience, the vocals are indisputably angelic and balance out the track so nicely that you know this is a product of meticulous effort and skill, built upon over years to create something truly professional from the word go.

A very sobering, easy to digest track that and a style that is much needed in the South West music scene right now!

Marcus Osborne reviewed DISCONTINUUM 1 year ago

First off, Discontinuum has been a part of On The House for years and haven’t received a review yet. The fact that Discontinumm has been actively following On The House for this long means the world to us – so the very least I could do, was review their latest release from June 2020 titled; ‘Inside The Discontinuum’.

Clocking in at a whopping 27 minutes long, I can’t tell if this is a single, an EP, an album, or the genuine soundtrack to the discovery of a new world that has somehow made its way on to this website. Alien-like soundscapes mask the track in an unnerving way that is diffused by the big, open sounding instruments that follow them. Delving further into the track, we find the release constantly building and developing, pushing the boundaries further and further with every minute.

The fantastic thing about ‘Inside The Discontinuum’ is that even though its length is intimidating, once you’ve committed to the track, half an hour can pass in what feels like seconds. This alone is a real homage to Discontinuums efforts to not only capture a listener, but consistently captivate them as well – and this is coming from a punk fan, who usually likes songs that end around the 1 minute mark. I almost feel like I have a slightly twisted, yet personally progressive montage happening around me now as I write this review. Like the scene in a film where the evil villain is getting their master plan ready, whilst the main protagonist is debilitated for some very inconvenient reason and i’m rubbing my fingers together with a white cat on my lap.

Halfway through the track we are hit with a gorgeous female vocal that really breaks up the track and at the most perfect point too. The delicate tonality and the drawing back of the instrumentation almost makes it feel like a new song, but is soon pulled back to reality by the growing intensity.

This release should be considered a personal masterpiece by Discontinuum and they should have nothing but pride in its creation. It’s hard enough creating a song that long, but making it interesting throughout is nothing short of genius. For a genre of music that usually falls off my radar, Discontinumm have most definitely made their way on to it.

Marcus Osborne reviewed FLOODS IN JAPAN 1 year ago

Much like a drunken mud-wrestling session, Floods In Japans debut demo release throws you around in pure filth without a care in the world, it’s a sign of relief to anyone who has been experiencing a stagnation in their music choices.

FIN are the definition of cathartic grunge punk, with a sound that is reminiscent of untouchable 2000s era skate bands but with a modern, more intense edge. The thrashy recording style, snot-nosed vocals and twisted rhythms all blend together to create a fresh, yet familiar tone that will draw in any grungey folk with a thirst for down-trodden energy. What an absolute treat this is! I now want to crack out the PS2 and play Tony Hawk!

Marcus Osborne reviewed MOUTHBREATHRE 1 year ago

Dark, twisted and enthralling. Mouthbreathres debut release ‘Keep Your Eyes Closed’ is the definition of the musical tactic of ‘leave them wanting more’. Clocking-in at just over a minute long, the ethereal soundscapes, gorgeous melting vocals and over-modulated bass tones leaves so much room for the future of Mouthbrethre, whilst also providing a solid staple of what will soon be their own signature sound. There’s something deeply captivating about the way the track draws you in, it wouldn’t be lost over the top of a gritty British film where the protagonist is spiralling out of control. It’s creepy, it’s artsy, it’s uncomfortable yet beautifully seductive.

I tend to say ‘i’m excited to hear more’ a lot. But this is one band that have my full undivided attention and i’m practically begging to see what happens next.

Marcus Osborne reviewed BEEFYWINK 1 year ago

“Ballad Of The Political Barista” is a raging ball of unhinged fury at it’s most intense, hell-bent on manipulating Beefywinks already twisted riff-punk to even greater heights. One of the most exciting things about Beefywink is that every track they release is completely different, but each harbours a rough and ready edge that isn’t afraid to speak its mind and stamps a big beefy seal on the finished piece. This recent release just proves that Beefywinks artistic flare is constantly being tested as they embrace an almost gypsy-punk writing style, with the bands signature pingy, distorted guitar that pull us back to that weird and wonderful sound we all know and love. As the track progresses, it intensifies to a crazy plethora of fuzzy guitars, unhinged gang vocals and pounding percussion which makes “Ballad Of The Political Barista” a formidable track to be added to the bands repertoire.

Beefywink are truly a unique and entertaining outfit and they deserve every bit of recognition they get. We’re also hosting them at Attitude Festival in Bristol in January, you should all come along and experience the madness for yourselves!

Marcus Osborne reviewed NEUTRAL BOMBS 1 year ago

‘Still Shout’, the bands most recent single form their 2018 album ‘Pretend To Fly’ is true punk rock anthem and nobody can argue otherwise. The chorus sticks in your brain after one listen and you’ll be begging for more before you can hit replay – I can’t see any reason why any punk rock fan wouldn’t dig this!

A solid release with a real sense of direction and clarity on what the band wants to say with their music.

Marcus Osborne reviewed CHANTAL O’BRIEN 1 year ago

Elegant and professional. Chantal O’Briens most recent release ‘Ricochet’ is a true heartfelt pop ballad, complete with lovelorn lyrics and masterful production to boot. This track wouldn’t go a miss on an old-school MTV music playlist and although certain elements may feel a little dated, the overall composition is really tastefully executed. A strong release for any mainstream pop fan, it does exactly what it says on the tin – you couldn’t ask for more than that.

Marcus Osborne reviewed KAZAK 1 year ago

KAZAKs most recent release ‘C’est La Vie’, which we all know translates to ‘that’s life’, has embodied this motto in the tonality of their sound. The big open instruments, the distant vocals and the overall slack-jawed positivity of the tracks really is the musical representation of the phrase, with an easy-going atmosphere throughout that carries the tracks in such an endearing way. Elements of punk are there, but overall i’d say KAZAKs style is reminiscent of a dirtier, grittier brit-rock band, who also likes to dabble heavily in shoegaze and post-rock, which has the power to take pretty much any form and still be in-keeping with their image and overall sound. Further on into the record, we are hit with twinkly, crunchy guitars that have such a gorgeous tone to them and really capture that shoegaze aspect of the band, which for me, is the most enticing part as the vocals complement it so perfectly.

“C’est La Vie’ is an incredibly dynamic record and has all the ingredients to create a well-established underground act that could fit on a multitude of events, with the potential to take KAZAKS sound in any direction after this – i’m excited to hear what happens next!

Marcus Osborne reviewed CONCRETE DONKEY 1 year ago

Over the last few years of playing in bands in the South-West UK music scene I’ve seen loads of band names passed around and I always try and make an effort to see any new artists when I can. Concrete Donkey have been on my radar for a long time now, I’ve seen their name on various posters & promotional pages on Facebook over the years but I’ve never had a chance to catch them live! But I think it’s safe to say that before we even comment on their music – that these guys are one hard-working band. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and I admire it so damn much.

With that being said, their latest release entitled ‘Ramifications’ is a clear example of the time and effort involved in creating CDs incredibly unique sound. Now I won’t lie – if you break down each element of each song you could easily find similarities which they have taken from their influences BUT, what makes CD stand above the rest is their clever arrangement and hand-picked tones. CD take the sludgy groove of downbeat blues and meld it with progressive metal, creating a rhythmic yet slightly chaotic aggression that you can’t help but bob your head to. Every track sounds massive in its own way and each song is elegantly accompanied by big-open drums, chuggy riffs and dexterous vocal melodies whilst still maintaining dynamic integrity and artistic flare.

For something that isn’t usually my cup of tea, I’m weirdly digging it. So if you’re a fan of heavy prog rock I’m sure you’re going to love Concrete Donkey.

Marcus Osborne reviewed THE BOSTON SHAKERS 1 year ago

Sleazy rock n’ roll that would rival any 2000s era brit rock act. The Boston Shakers most recent release ‘Wasted’ is a drunken playfight on a sweaty nightclub floor destined to characterise any booze-fuelled montage in an East-London biopic. Imagine if Oasis and Kasabian had a baby, and then that baby was raised by Jamie T and spent the weekends with Blur who fed it nothing but neat vodka. Something like that

The recording quality is fantastic, the title track ‘WASTED’ has such an encompassing atmosphere that really could rival any modern rock outfit. You could very easily sneak a Boston Shakers song onto a national indie radio station and they would fall in love with it before they realise they didn’t actually queue it themselves. Catchy and undeniably talented, I think we’ll be hearing a LOT more from these guys very soon, we might even have to jump in there ourselves before we miss out!

Marcus Osborne reviewed WINCHESTER 1 year ago

I’m embarrassed I haven’t reviewed Winchester already considering we are hosting them at Attitude Festival in January, but there’s no time like the present – so let’s dig in!

Where do I start? Winchesters ability to manipulate their instruments has to be at the forefront of their creative individuality, that’s inherently obvious after listening to a couple of tracks. The way they bend their sound to emphasise accents and heavier elements really gives them an edge that’s incredibly appealing from the get-go. This is without mentioning the overall composition of the tracks, which have frequently been replayed in my head whenever I get a moment of silence, it’s as catchy as it is intense. The chorus of ‘Into You’ is so insanely massive, much like their other releases, which is a perfect description of Winchesters overall sound. Massive.

Don’t just take it from me, we’ve had multiple reviewers listen to Winchester to help choose them for Attitude Festival and they are the only underground artist on the event we haven’t seen live ourselves, but we trust the opinion of people like Graham at The Cobblestones, who initially pointed us in their direction. The rest, is all thanks to Winchester for giving us a reason to stick around.

There is no doubt that these lot are a professional and powerful unit, their songwriting mirrors their perfectionism and the sheer impact of their tracks is something everyone should experience, no excuses. It’s cathartic, erratic and bordering on self-loathing, but with all the gusto and grace of an eagle in flight. I can’t wait to see them live!

Marcus Osborne reviewed BLUEBIRDS 1 year ago

For fans of twisted, bass-drum heavy punk rock, sprinkled lightly with hardcore elements with a face-smashing Motorhead vibe to the rhythm section – this is for you.

This is pure post-punk social commentary manifested into a bedroom record of fuzzy aggression, with very strangely warped vocals to further the unruly energy of Bluebirds distain-driven sound. 

After a bucket full of soundscapes, some tongue-in-cheek lyrics and song structures that leave no room to breathe, I’ve just finished Bluebirds latest release “The Money Shot” EP with an unrelenting urge to listen to it again. This is an incredibly intriguing and intense record that will catch your attention in so many different ways. The gurgling soundbites during title track “Money Shot” is a perfect example of how Bluebirds capably combine outside elements to elevate their already unique brand of rhythm-heavy fuzz punk into something almost unnatural. A cathartic release, to say the least. I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground, that’s for sure.

Marcus Osborne reviewed CAST COURTS 1 year ago

Born from the ashes of deceased Devon bands, Cast Courts formed in late 2019 to create a chaos driven 3-track hardcore/noise demo that is going to get their name on the map from the word go. The introduction of pure noise is a perfect precursor to the wall of sound about smack you across the chops, but only for a brief moment before it’s all over and you’re hitting replay. CC have a real modern hardcore sound with some very clear old school influences that have been warped by new school riffs, tonality and dusted with post-noise effects to provide that impactful and almost soul sucking sound that draws you in further.

I’ve known these boys for a long time and knew their latest project would be great, but I truly do think that if these guys push hard, they will get what they deserve. Untamed aggression is my passion and these guys have clotheslined me after just 1 minute. Absolute class.

Marcus Osborne reviewed STANLEY DUKE & THE KINDRED SPIRITS 1 year ago

‘Temperance’ and its twisted atmospheric energy isn’t something you should sleep on if you like your music weird and wonderful. Fuelled by an old school rock n roll tonality, almost reminiscent of The Beatles at points and inspired by mind-bending psychedelia – SD&TKS have so many notable moments within their writing that makes them so interesting to listen to. The way they compose their songs warps beautifully to emphasise the intent of each section of the song with grace and ease. Over the course of just this one track, I’ve been hit with some real head-bopping funky baselines, soul-sucking sinking verses and eccentric melodies recapturing that positive energy in a very entertaining way – no doubt you’ll listen through until the end.

For a genre of music that is really hit or miss for me, the overall energy and gusto of the track hits the right spots for me and satisfies all of the senses. The gentle vocals dripped over the trippy lead guitars and squidgy (yes, squidgy) baselines are something to be admired. If you’re looking for an experience, as well as some new and interesting music, then look no further. 

The real question now is; what the hell will they come up with next? After listening to more of their back catalogue, I couldn’t even fathom to guess!

Marcus Osborne reviewed WRONGENS. 1 year ago

I’ve been begging for Wrongens to release a debut track since I saw them live at one of their very first shows last year in Exeter. Their energy and overall demeanour was inherently abrasive, yet charmingly embracive. The atmosphere of a hometown show is always special for any artist, but for these guys that energy manifested into their performance and really struck a chord with me. Now, I’ve finally been given what i’ve been asking for all year, their debut single ‘Light’ came out very recently and what an impactful debut it is.

Aggressively charged, riff heavy hardcore punk with a guttural vocal that reminds me of new-school Gallows with less technicality, but way, way more raw power. One of Exeter’s most exciting punk bands at the moment, that’s for sure! I can’t wait to see what else they come up with & catch them at an On The House event very soon, once this crazy world has calmed down!

Marcus Osborne reviewed EXTRAS 1 year ago

‘Lost To Be Found’, the debut single by alternative indie rockers Extras is a youthful take on slack-jawed Brit rock that we all know and love. Imagine The Kooks but without all the smoke, mirrors and acoustic guitars. A fantastic release for a band at the start of their career, the vocals are easy on the ears, the musicianship is well crafted and the execution is great. There are a few moments in the track that could be improved on of course, but for a debut release from a new band – this is bloody strong. Well done & please keep in touch in the future, I’d love to hear what you come up with next!

Marcus Osborne reviewed EARBONES 1 year ago

Since we’ve only got a YouTube link to work with at the moment, i’ve just been listening to ‘Key’ which these guys released in 2017.

I like what these guys are going for and there are certain parts of the track that I really enjoy – especially the ending as the song breaks into full open chords. I definitely feel like Earbones have the potential to be a fantastic indie/rock band, but this release feels almost a little weak for my liking. Trying to create a deep, filled-out sound with only a guitarist and drummer is hard and something that gets better and more defined with time. That being said, the foundation for a great rock duo is here, vocally and instrumentally – all it needs is a little fine-tuning and maybe a few extra guitar pedals to thicken out the sound, then these guys would be cooking!

All in all, a great track with some really memorable moments and an endearing character – i’d be very interested to see what these guys are like now!

Marcus Osborne reviewed PARLA 1 year ago

I’m loving how many new bands are appearing on here lately, it makes me so excited for the future of UK music & PARLA are no exception to this. Their debut single ‘Charlies Song’ is a pure rock ballad at its core, with a punky undertone that’s mostly masked by the big, stadium rock style choruses, but peeks through in the verses/bridges and boasting a post-rock element about it. I like the fact that when I first listened to this track, I wasn’t thinking ‘okay, I can see what these guys are TRYING to do’, but instead, felt that the band know exactly what sound they want and have achieved that from the starting line, which is hugely commendable on its own.

All these guys need to do, is get out there and play some shows – the rest will come naturally. I’m sure of it.

Marcus Osborne reviewed MR TEA AND THE MINIONS 1 year ago

If there’s one surefire way to kick myself in the proverbial balls during this worldwide virus lockdown, then it’s listening to Mr Tea And The Minons. What a fantastic festival act this lot must be! If I close my eyes and turn their latest album ‘Mutiny’ up to the max, it almost feels like i’m stood in a sweaty tent, with a cider in hand and friends aplenty. You can always count on gypsy/folk artists to bring the groove when you need it most, but Mr Tea And The Minions clearly have a more diverse back-catalogue that spans across various culture-driven genres whilst all being tied together with their signature jaunty tone and cosmic lead lines. I have the utmost faith that anyone with an affinity for folk music will be subdued by ‘Mutiny’ by the time the title track finishes.

Marcus Osborne reviewed AMELIA BARNARD 1 year ago

Amelias debut single on Spotify titled ‘New Room’, is lovelorn and stripped down pop ballad with all the trimmings. Amelias vocals are creamy and easy on the ears, there’s no struggle in her voice and every lyric flows as decadently as the last. I also really enjoyed the use of plucked string instruments further into the track, it adds a charming touch that changes the atmosphere subtly and fittingly. I’m looking forward to seeing how Amelia develops over the years when she has written some new material!

Marcus Osborne reviewed THE FINAL CLAUSE OF TACITUS 1 year ago

I’ve just been having a listen to ‘7 Years’ which the band have linked through their YouTube channel. The video features a dystopic video-game style narrative and the quality of the video itself almost exceeds that of the track production. I’d be lying if I said I loved this track, but the overall sound and style of what the band have created isn’t bad by any means at all and I did enjoy listening. I love the composition of the guitar leads lines over the rhythmic, repetitive beats and certain accents on the vocals that give the track an almost nu-metal vibe which isn’t totally my thing. I feel like some elements could be enhanced 100x more, if they had more ‘body’ in the recording that would emulate what I can imagine is a very powerful live performance. (hint hint, come to Bristol)

These guys have what it takes to do what they are trying to do, no doubt about that. All they need is a few tweaks on the production and some full-bodied guitar tones to really make their sound as formidable as the content they are singing about. I can’t wait to hear what this is like in a live setting with it blasted at 11!

Marcus Osborne reviewed PO-LICE 1 year ago

I’ve been checking out Po-Lice’s most recent release, their debut album titled ‘Nocturnal Spirits’ and even after the first track I can hear how much the band have progressed in their songwriting and honing their overall sound since I first reviewed them for the original On The House website years ago. Their earlier stuff was leaning more towards the ska-punk side of the coin and even though there is a heavy ska influence on this album (obviously), the hardcore elements feel a lot more developed and impactful compared to their previous releases which really completes their sound. Po-Lice have truly come into their own with this record, poking fun at the world around them whilst harbouring the same attitude they’ve spent years working on – a great release for any ska-punk fan to add to their collection.

Marcus Osborne reviewed WALTER ALVES 1 year ago

NOW WE ARE TALKING! What a fantastic find!

I’ve been listening to Walter Alves self-titled album and even though I can’t understand a single word of the lyrics, I absolutely love the composition of the instrumentation and the phrasing of vocals. This entire release feels like it was pulled from a vintage music archive and I couldn’t be happier with this discovery, there’s something about the combination of bongos, gentle vocals and pacing melodies that makes this release feel like an instant classic. A refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable discovery from the opposite side of the planet – I love this website!

Marcus Osborne reviewed FLEWTHEARROW 1 year ago

The track ‘Turn Of Spring’, captured live by The Close Sessions and available via FlewTheArrows YouTube link is the perfect start to my uncertain and ill-organised Monday in a strange new world. The underlying energy that powers this track along brightens my surroundings like summer sunshine peaking its way through my curtains, warming my body and delivering complete serenity for that brief second as you wake up. FlewTheArrow has captured that moment and moulded it into a 6 minute track that oozes delicacy and craftsmanship, boasting complex fingerpicking on a soft steel-stringed acoustic in an open stairway, accompanied by a gorgeous vocal.

This track is a must-add to any chill out playlist in your library, it’s a true piece of art.

Marcus Osborne reviewed RAGING CLUE 1 year ago

I’ve just had a listen to ‘Wildchild’ and it instantly threw me back to the mid-2000s, a cathartic and nostalgic track that really encapsulates what I personally feel pop punk should sound like. Big octaves on the bridges, harmonised choruses that get stuck in your head after the first bar and that all important pounding drum beat that commands the pace of the track throughout. A strong debut release and easy pickings for any pop-punk lovers out there, I can’t find a reason why you wouldn’t like it!

Marcus Osborne reviewed MARK OF 1000 EVILS 1 year ago

Riff heavy alternative rock with a 2000s era tone. Strong melodies and musicianship is a the core of Mark Of 1000 Evils, although I feel like their studio recordings are almost ‘too clean’ for a band that has such a strong heavy tone – besides this, their current most popular release ‘Pay To Play’ was a pleasure to listen to and touches on a strong topic that is well worth taking the time to check out.

Marcus Osborne reviewed CHARIVARI 1 year ago

Charivari are as chilling as they are mesmerising, they create out-of-body sounding soundscapes that resonate emotionally and musically with the listener in a way that few bands have mastered. Their latest release ‘Descent’ is an homage to this unparalleled, darkened energy, as it perfectly captures a certain tone that is completely their own. It’s prog rock for those who want something a little more ‘interesting’, strengthened by shoegazey tones and dissonant vocals, which are blended in a way that they almost represent another instrument rather than being the usual focal point of most tracks. The entire release is an uncomfortable walk through a dark alleyway, but for some strange and unexplainable reason, you always walk that way. You can’t help it. You just have to see what’s at the other end.

‘Descent’ boasts a cathartic and undeniable prowess that’ll hook you in with ease – but can you handle the heat?

Marcus Osborne reviewed PAUL ARMER 1 year ago

And people say the English can’t do country music.

Paul Armer is a shining example of combining the story-telling and captivating tropes of country music and combining them with a British folk-twang, led by Pauls unique and full-bodied vocal tone. ‘Breaking Out’ is more of a lovelorn ballad in comparison to his earlier tracks, slowly building and retracting throughout, with a gentle and atmospherically slow pace – eventually developing into full-band for the end of the track, complete with some gorgeous harmonies to top it off. What a gorgeous track this is and equally, if not, more impressive than his previous releases. You can really see a strong development in Pauls overall tone, songwriting and musical maturity. I’ve throughly enjoyed this track and it will instantly be added to our On The House playlists!

I’ve always loved hearing about artists powering through the struggles of the local industry, it makes for some really stand-out competitors when they hit the mainstream as long as they keep at it. Paul Armer is a prime example of someone who has had the rough and is starting to receive the smooth, which fills me with absolute joy. I can’t wait to see what the next couple of years have in store for him! 

You need some Paul in your life. For Fans of Chris Cresswell / Brian Fallon / Tony Sly / Chuck Ragan and all those other amazing artists.

Marcus Osborne reviewed CUFFS 1 year ago

Channelling something of a sharp-edged, modernised and youthful 90’s hardcore outfit, with one hell of a stiff upper-lip and the attitude to boot, Cuffs latest single ‘Scandals And Vandals’ is a cathartic release of political aggression – just how punk rock should be. 

Distilled and syphoned through the voices and minds of the generation taking the full brunt of todays crippling societal issues, these boys are fucking pissed. One of the main reasons I’ve always loved angry music, much in the same way I like sad music, is because you can’t fake those emotions. Well you can, but it’s pretty obvious when someone doesn’t mean what they are saying. You can hear REAL anger, you can hear REAL sadness. ‘Scandals And Vandals’ is a direct reflection of the struggles of a young adult in 2020 using gusto and poise, an in-your-face, abrasive sound that leaves no prisoners to hook, line and sinker.

The main guitar lick is absolutely gorgeous and as a huge fan of enthralling riffs that make you want to punch a random stranger, alongside being a socio-political individual with some aggressive opinions – this track slots right into my ‘starting a revolution’ playlist very, very nicely. If you want some ‘proper’ local hardcore, written by people who are behind every single word they breathe, then you don’t need to search anymore. Get angry, get to show, witness the chaos. That’s an order.

Marcus Osborne reviewed STEVE STRONG 1 year ago

Steve Strong never fails to impress me and his latest release, a live session recorded in Chile of his track “Landos House” is no exception. 

Steves ability to create an ever-evolving song built solely on looped soundscapes, a dissonant guitar track and masterful rhythmic ability is unparalleled. His sense of atmosphere is what really drives his signature sound and how he is able to manipulate that atmosphere, sometimes simply by adding a single note which changes the entire feel of the track seamlessly. “Lando’s House” is a chilling post-instrumental vacuum that only stops when the video ends, like a sirens call that gets louder and louder, relentlessly drawing you closer until it bites your head off. The track starts off with some very ambiguous guitar work, then it slowly builds into a symphony of gorgeous guitar licks and snappy drums that cut through the mix like a samurai sword through a birthday cake. It’s a powerful piece, to say the least.

It’s always a pleasure to listen to whatever Steve puts out and as always, I’m excited to hear what comes next!

Marcus Osborne reviewed BEDFACE 1 year ago

At a very close second place on our leaderboard is Bedface from South Wales, a psychedelic indie acoustic artist who’s self-titled album transcends the boundaries of the modern indie wave sweeping underground venues at the moment. The first track that I listened to, titled ‘Young’, is a real testament to my previous statement, where Bedface ever so elegantly combines bouncing riffs, a delectable lead trumpet line and atmospheric harmonies to really define their unique and unapologetic style. As we progress through the other tracks, we are met with folk inspired melodies and harmonial excellence that really brings these tracks to life. The production quality really complements the tracks and blends the vocals beautifully with the instrumentation, unifying the tracks ever further.

Bedface has creatively and professionally produced a debut record that oozes with experience and charm, drawing me in for multiple listens continuously. An incredibly impressive debut release to say the least!

Marcus Osborne reviewed COMPANY B 2 years ago

Company B have been sitting sweet at the top spot of our leaderboard for quite some time now, so I just had to check them out!

I’ve been sat listening to ‘Let’s Shake It’ on Spotify for a good hour now, an album made up of 13 soul-bopping tracks that are guaranteed to make you want to put on a suit, pour a glass of neat whiskey and shake your hips until your as immobile as aunty Edna. 

Company B are holding the jump jive flag high with their brilliantly modern resurgence of classic Americana sprinkled old school groove. It’s physically impossible to listen to this band without bobbing your head constantly, they have an infectious positivity that commands their sound and really brings out the personality in their music. I’ve been sat here with a beaming smile for quite some time and it shows no signs of letting up.

The multi-instrumental group are a real hidden gem in the UK music scene, making the crooner-community proud and giving the world a taste of how music of the past is still a force to be reckoned with. With the right help, these guys could be taking over festivals slots all over the world!

Marcus Osborne reviewed URSUS 2 years ago

‘Totem’ by URSUS is nothing short of a modern metal masterpiece in my eyes. It storms in with a face full of thunder and relentless brutality from the very first second and doesn’t let up for the entire track (well, except for the bridge, it wouldn’t be a metalcore track otherwise). The choruses resemble that of a more damaged and delirious Architects track, especially vocally when he hits those almighty high screams that’ll leave you riddled with goosebumps. I can hear strong links to bands like Bury Tomorrow, Like Moths To Flames and other leading figures in the genre, but Ursus’ sound has an unforgiving intensity that adds a heart-racing hardcore element to the track, maintaining that signature brevity thoughout. A stellar release for any metalcore fan and guaranteed to make you throw shapes.

Marcus Osborne reviewed BLACK ANCHORS 2 years ago

James from Black Anchors said to me recently ‘we’re sick of people calling us a pop punk band when we’re a punk band’. With their latest single ‘Heart Attack’ on the horizon, Black Anchors are proving to the world that not only are they dynamically talented, but also a true force to be reckoned with.

Like a bullet to the skull, or more fittingly, a punch in the chest; ’Heart Attack’ is the latest sharp-edged single from the North Devon three-piece who have been chomping up support slots all over the South West in the last year. It has one hell of a bassline that commands the whole track, shining a bit bright light on James’ incredible skill and talent mores than ever before. Scott has gone and grown himself a moustache, which is relevant because the overall impact of the track reminds me of something Jamie Lenman would write )but way more rhythm driven) and, well, Lenman also has a moustache too. Vocally, Scott hasn’t strayed too much from their previous releases, but then with a catalogue of unapologetic and diverse tracks ready to boot, BA needed some consistency to keep their core fans satisfied. Billy’s drumming prowess has always been on my radar and ‘Heart Attack’ is a fantastic opportunity for him to showcase his diversity and intensity as a drummer, which has highlighted the entire bands ability to really let their hair down as a collective.

The track itself is a powerful amalgamation of stomping riffs and stabs galore, but still maintains that classic Black Anchors brevity and vocal distinction that we all know and love. The band have always had a knack for writing songs that get stuck in your head and ‘Heart Attack’ is no exception. The overall melody and bravado doesn’t uphold any arrogance, but still bites with a fury that isn’t for the faint hearted. I’m in awe of Black Anchors ability to write timeless punk rock tracks without obviously recycling anything from their influences, which is hard when the genre of music you play is usually revolved around 3/4 chords.

’Heart Attack’ is a breath of fresh air to any Black Anchors fan and a big ol’ slap across the face for anyone who might have dismissed them previously. It’s harder, heavier and more complex – but it still hasn’t lost the same charm that made me fall in love with these guys in the first place. I’m ridiculously excited to hear the rest of their recent recordings now!

Marcus Osborne reviewed THE GARAGE FLOWERS 2 years ago

Look at that for timing! The Garage Flowers have just released their brand new single ‘Panic Street Again’ and I’ve just so happened to stumble across this slack-jawed indie rock anthem just in time for festival season.

The Garage Flowers have a certain attitude about them that is instantly enticing, channeling an almost Arctic Monkeys-esque vibe but with their own, old school sound. They have this inert aggression both vocally and musically that makes them shine brightly within the diluted pool of copycat brit-rock bands. ‘Panic Street Again’ is performed with absolute gusto throughout every fibre of the four minute behemoth, bellowing crispy riffs across a vitalising rhythmic beat that will seduce the most casual of listeners. This track could easily be the title-track for the next UK mod-film, creating its own chaotic atmosphere within its chosen boundaries that resonate the same energy you’d get if you took 2 grams of cocaine and walked around London for two hours. A cracking release.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Haytor 2 years ago

One of the things I love the most about this website is getting the chance to revisit an artist you’ve already covered years later. Discovering an artist when they are still finding their feet and getting to witness their music developing right in front of your eyes is such a rewarding feeling when you love music. Haytor are a brilliant example of a band that have used time and experience to hone-in their sound, tidy up the rough edges and decide truly what impact they wanted their music to have. To me, one thing is very clear – they want to get stuck in your head.

Their most recent single; ‘Sirens’, is a beautifully eclectic combination of gentle guitar work that wonderfully compliments the off-set lyrical patterns and vocal melodies commanding the track. The bass & drums maintain the energy and structure throughout, giving the guitars and vocals freedom to add that ‘artistic flare’ which identifies a bands unique sound and makes them really stand out. The song as a whole is insatiably catchy and will grab the attention of any passing listener given the opportunity, which is the most poignant comment I can make on this track. It’s literally been stuck in my head for days.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed by Haytors improvement and passion that has driven them to creating stronger releases every time. I’ll have to revisit again in the future for sure!

Marcus Osborne reviewed DISGRACELAND 2 years ago

Disgraceland’s debut EP, titled ‘EP#1’, should be everyones go-to record when they are asked ‘what does punk n’ roll sound like?’

Their unique, brash tone is complete with all of the unhinged aggression needed to pull off a genre this abrasive – further captivating listeners by intertwining screaming solos and light-hearted quips. Their melodies are insatiably catchy, but never veer too far away from the intensity of each track which is maintained consistently throughout every riff. Each track thumps along with a knee-snapping energy that will make you bob your head more frantically than the Churchill dog in a demolition derby. A perfect example of how rock n’ roll music can still to this day be re-vamped for the modern punk rock fan.

I’ve also had the absolute pleasure of performing alongside these guys numerous times and they always have the most amazing attitude which resonates through their performance and draws unsuspecting, potential fans in for a closer look every single time. They play every show with the same gusto and passion, which for me, solidifies why I personally think Disgraceland are one of the shiniest hidden gems in the South West music scene.

Marcus Osborne reviewed JONCAN KAVLAKOGLU 2 years ago

I didn’t really know what I was expecting when I first saw Joncan Kavlakoglu sign up to the website under the genre ‘Flamenco Fusion’ as I’ve never dived down this rabbit hole before (nor knew that it even existed if I’m honest) – so I was incredibly excited to check it out and dissect what exactly makes Joncan’s single ‘Mental State’ fall into this category.

The combination of rhythmically driven, fingerpicked guitar-work that commands ‘Mental State’ definitely brings a small Flamenco-infused edge to Joncan’s style of playing. But predominantly, it’s an expertly crafted, instrumental acoustic guitar track that showcases his incredible dynamic range and dexterity within his playing ability. His incomparable proficiency to maintain a consistent and powerful rhythmic pattern that alternates between fingerpicking, bar chords, hand tapping, and harmonics within the space of a second is second-to-none. The swaying dynamics of the track are as emotive as they are impressive – telling a story that words would tarnish.

My only small criticism is that this single didn’t scream ‘Flamenco’ at me as much as I hoped – but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t blown away nonetheless. I’m excited to check out more of Joncan’s work!

Marcus Osborne reviewed THE PAPASHANGOS 2 years ago

I’ve just had the chance to check The Papashangos recent live album ‘Living The Dream’ and it is such an entertaining listen. It’s brash, bold and littered with impactful snot-nosed aggression that emulates the bands overall style consistently. It starts off with their track ‘Who Are Ya?’ in which the band repetitively shout ‘we are The Papashangos’ in classic punk rock fashion, before descending info further misanthropic madness averaging at around 2 minutes per track. For an old school inspired punk band, these guys are incredibly tight and you can clearly hear that they’re well rehearsed, with a strong grasp of their character and strengths within their writing. Each track is just as intense as the last, carried by the haggard vocals and driven by the intense drumming, causing an intelligible barrage of sound that makes you want to bounce around like a fucking nutter from start to finish. Proper job. Dead good.

Marcus Osborne reviewed NEON THRUSH 2 years ago

“Towering Over You’, the debut EP by Neon Thrush is a cathartic, grunge-driven hard rock behemoth controlled by intense riffs and powerful instrumentation. Vocally, it isn’t quite my sort of thing and the mix itself hides the vocals behind the instruments a bit too much for my liking – but they are well suited to this style of music. Varying from stomping power chords to near-hardcore madness, the element that is made most clearest is the ability to diversify their songwriting. Their dynamic ability is great and with the right production it could be incredibly formidable in any heavy music setting.

For a debut release, it’s a solid start. The intention is clear, the musicianship is strong and the structures are intriguing throughout. I look forward to hearing more in the future!

Marcus Osborne reviewed EL MOONO 2 years ago

El Moonos latest single ‘Aura’ is incredibly diverse and ethereally entertaining. It abrasively demands direct attention for four full minutes – grabbing you by the scruff of the neck and not letting go. Each and every second is ripe with musical expertise and mind-bending time signatures, that perfectly encapsulate the overall intensity of El Moonos signature sound. The song starts off with a tame, yet, technical rhythmic dissonance. It is driven by the overwhelming guitars, empowered by the vocals, and solidified by the drums. The song soon swiftly descends into something reminiscent of a twisted, intelligible version of A Perfect Circle with monstrous overdriven riffs, and ear-piercing vocals that leave little room for passing thought when listening.

El Moono are a true force to be reckoned with. I just have to see this live.

Marcus Osborne reviewed HIVER 2 years ago

Hiver’s debut EP is a full-bodied celestial spirit trip, co-designed to be in constant cohesion with the reverberated tones and harmonious instrumentation, to grasp every listener until the bitter end. The vocals gently rest on top of the ever developing soundscapes made up of simplistic structures to further compliment the fragility of the words being barely spoken. I can hear inspiration being taken from all of the artists listed above in their description, especially Ben Howard, as the vocals and overall attitude of the tracks have the same impact as a lot of his popular work. Not to take away from the incredible songwriting and talent of Hiver at all – that much is made clear right form the off. These guys have a very strong grasp of their sound, fading from slightly bubblier tracks that envelope a more mainstream indie sound – to stripped back, more vulnerable tracks that leave every emotion open to the elements. An incredibly strong debut release for a band that i’m sure we will be hearing a lot more of in the near future.

Marcus Osborne reviewed STELLAR FOX 2 years ago

Here we have a perfect example of a band actually living up to their name, because these guys are literally fucking stellar (although they aren’t foxes from what I’ve seen so far, more info to come). I’ve been unintentionally putting off reviewing a few bands recently as ‘I’ve been swamped with updates, so when I realised that I hadn’t already written something about these power rock prodigies I just had to put it right.

Last year, I had the chance to see Stellar Fox perform at Get Rad Festival in Exeter and I was immediately blown away by their combined stage presence, musicianship and most significantly – their age. They were one of the most visually entertaining acts that night and were kicking out some sweet sweat-soaked riffs in the process, with an incredibly solid rhythm section to help back up those dirty solos. For a band to be as tight and well-mannered as this bubbly bunch, it really makes you really appreciate the hidden talent that is lurking in the quainter corners of the Devonshire countryside. I have a very distinct memory of watching the lead vocalist come out and shred like Van Halen during one of the last few songs of their set and it just floored me. Everyone was praising them continuously throughout the night and they were a really lovely bunch of people to play alongside.

Their recorded material sounds good and their debut single ‘Heartache In My Head’ definitely depicts the vibrancy of their songwriting and overall attitude. Although, I will admit that the video and recording quality isn’t the best representation of the bands full potential. But this is their first release and they have got a lot of time to refine these elements and further develop their sound. They’ve nailed the live element (which is the most important part of the process to me) and I’ll be heading down to their next show in Bristol for sure to see how far they’ve come!

Marcus Osborne reviewed DISCOUNT LINDAS 2 years ago

Lip-smackingly delicious and down-right adorable – Discount Lindas debut single ‘First Dates’ takes a charmingly prolific approach towards veganism that is instantly engaging and light-hearted throughout. These cheeky sausages are a musical manifestation of the daily plight that every bargain vegan experiences and they take it out on the world with their tongue in cheek. Besides the obvious satirical element to the group, especially at the beginning & end of the tracks which remind me of some of Onsind/Marthas classic soundbites – the underlying and almost overlooked musicianship is incredibly powerful yet invitingly disarming. Vocally, the whole band have a very warming tone that really resonates within the group harmonies during the choruses and is embellished by the roaring instrumentation. Brought back home by the tracks humanising content and overall consistency of the distorted tones.

These lovely sausages definitely won’t be the wurst band you’ll hear today (ha) – so have a cheeky listen to ‘First Dates’ via the Bandcamp icon above!

Marcus Osborne reviewed BRING ON THE NIGHT 2 years ago

Bring On The Nights latest single ‘Fake Royalty’ is an electro rock concoction embellished with a certain type of elegance that I just can’t put my finger on. Individually, the instrumentation, vocals and lyrics aren’t overly charismatic – but combined, they create a very dissonant and eerie tone that is incredibly engaging. Especially as the track progresses and the distorted lead guitar lines wiggle their way in, bringing up the tempo slightly and putting some power into all that open space. A very cool track, by a very intriguing band with a strong distinct sound.

Marcus Osborne reviewed TAMSYN 2 years ago

Oh wow, TASMYN’s linked single ‘The Only One’ instantly makes me feel like in im the penultimate scene of an 80’s movie and i’m about ask my crush to prom.. No seriously, I genuinely think that if anyone has this song playing behind them when they next make a romantic gesture it will enhance that moment ten-fold.

I’m in love with the fragility and dexterity of the track as it progresses. Starting with gentle guitar work and electronic beats, a comforting aura is instantly created and then maintained by the gorgeous, softened main vocal – expertly matching the delicacy of the instrumentation. Then we head into the chorus and the track starts brightening up, whilst still maintaining its previous innocence but with a stronger sense of purpose and drive. This is then encapsulated by the lyrics, which for me, are the most alluring element of the entire track.

A very professional and well-written effort by some clearly talented individuals who deserve way more exposure than they currently have. If fame was based on talent alone, these guys would already be partying with the big dogs.

Marcus Osborne reviewed THE COLONY 2 years ago

‘False Light’ by The Colony starts with a relentless wall of sound, consisting of double-kick madness and speedy guitar licks. But once the chorus comes around, we are hit with a different tone to the previously chaotic prelude, smoothing in melody and consistent structure changes keep listeners well and truly engaged. I particularly love the bridge, where the track masquerades as a math-rock symphony and slowly ascends back into power metal madness so you can swing your hair around one last time. For a genre of music that I’m not overly fond of, I’ve really enjoyed listening to this track!

Marcus Osborne reviewed GRAMMA VEDETTA 2 years ago

Everyone should know by now that I love a good riff, so i’m bloody glad I clicked on this profile. Gramma Vedetta have definitely taken their own spin on screaming hard rock lead lines by blinding in strong melodies and gritty undertones. Controlled chaos reigns through their album ‘Proof Of Concept’, with power rock choruses, monstrous instrumentation and clean-cut vocals with a darkened edge. It’s not the sort of thing i’d usually go for, but I can totally get behind this.

Marcus Osborne reviewed THUNDERIAN SUMMER 2 years ago

Fuck me, that’s one hell of a self description. Thundarian Summer/”The Boys Of Summer” have definitely set the bar pretty damn high before i’ve even pressed play – i’m very intrigued to say the least…

I’ve just checked out their most popular track on Spotify; ‘Wind It Down’ and I have to say that i’m a little let down. Don’t get me wrong, the composition is nice and the instrumentation is good, but the vocals aren’t quite my cuppa’ tea but they have their moments. That being said, as I listen further on through their catalogue, I’ve found that when the vocals aren’t as eccentric and are mixed level with the music in the darker tracks, they take a slightly more mod-rock form which suits the songs a lot more. It’s clear to see that Thundarian Summer like to play around with their sound and from their description, it’s clear they love a god laugh – and that’s what it’s all about.

Maybe think about changing that bio though…

Marcus Osborne reviewed AVENOIR 2 years ago

Upon first listen to ‘The Leviathan’, we are met with some aggressively unsettling bass tones which is swiftly followed by an almost Korn-esque vocal, which dominates the track throughout the almost 6 minute symphony of sourness. The slack tone to the instrumentation is only held for so long as the band kick it into high-gear with even more intensely distressing vocals halfway through, with crashing cymbals and jarring group vocals – building and developing on the pace of the track constantly. Their dynamic ability is admirable, especially when you consider how many times the track changes from almost power-rock guitar solos and big open drums, to defeated verses that suck out what little life the chorus has just given you. Mirrored by the harsh backing vocal and embellished by the gritty resonance, Avenoir know exactly what sound they wanted to create and it’s very, very interesting.

Marcus Osborne reviewed LILY HAYES 2 years ago

It must be my lucky day, I started to review Lily Hayes the other evening and had to attend to some business and now she’s released another song!

Lily Hayes latest track; ‘i’ll start tomorrow’ is probably one of the most delicate and ethereal songs i’ve ever heard, each nuance is very carefully crafted and disarming throughout, creating a pleasant and accepting atmosphere that you can’t help but fall in love with. Her voice is mirrors the gentle simplistic finger-picked guitar work and matches its fragility throughout, the added samples and soundscapes bring a slightly uneasy depth to the track and slightly pushing Lilys voice back into the mix and furthering the dissonance the track embellishes throughout. I’m getting a very strong, early Hop Along vibe from her older tracks, which might be why i’m so drawn to them because the mixes are very jarring and unconventional. Each track is an experience in it’s own right and very easy to indulge in a quiet home sat in my pyjamas, which makes me very curious to how this is performed in a live setting so I’ll have to catch her at a show sometime soon!

Marcus Osborne reviewed LUNA BLUE 2 years ago

Honest and rhythmic indie pop, with sharp toned guitars drizzled over groovy basslines and disco beats throughout. Luna Blue’s latest single ‘Tropical’ embellishes obvious elements of their influences from the vocals, resembling a gentler version of Rob Damiani from Don Broco, mixed with clear musical influences from a range of chart-topping indie bands like Foals, Two Door Cinema Club & The Wombats. Making comparisons isn’t something I like to do and Luna Blue deserve personal credit instead of being compared to their predecessors, because they’ve nailed every element of their exactly how they want it. The recording itself is top notch, the artwork is perfect and their overall image could rival those previously mentioned and then some more. The hard part for Luna Blue isn’t making good music, or making themselves look the part – it’s going to be developing on those little nuances over time to develop their brand into something that is more definably their own right from the start. I’ll enjoy revisiting this in the future!

Marcus Osborne reviewed REALITY DREAMING 2 years ago

ITS RIFFAMANIA! But seriously, Reality Dreamings clear mastery of their musicianship has taken shape in some ridiculously chunky riffage throughout their ‘Reclics’ EP. The vocals aren’t quite suited to my taste but overall they suit the tracks very well, complimented and propelled by the intense smashing of the drums, the beef of the bass and the sharp-shooting lead lines tantalising every sense throughout their EP ‘Relics’. Some tracks depict a more power groove vibe with near-rapped vocals, giving a strong dynamic to the songs throughout the release – i’d maybe say it’s a little too strong for me, but interesting to hear nonetheless. A solid effort and a very intriguing release.

Marcus Osborne reviewed ELEKTRA PALACE 2 years ago

‘Nine Mile Burn’ is a droned-out homage to 80’s electro rock, with hidden elements of prog and even punk rock – it’s a very interesting listen to say the least. The vocals are very melancholic and almost dreary in the verses, then we are hit with the down-driven full power chorus with the same elongated vocals forming this wall of dis-enchanting melody that brings you down to it’s level. I can see why they’ve labelled themselves as ‘art rock’, as this is a sound that is very much open to interpretation and every listener will pull something different from it.

Marcus Osborne reviewed DISSONANT TRANSGRESSOR 2 years ago

So i’ve just checked out ‘DG’ which was released 4 months ago on Dissonant Transgressors Soundcloud profile. My initial thoughts revolve around is how unstable it all is, the track is misshapen, eclectic and eerie – and for good reason. As it develops it becomes even more ambient and at times, intensely creepy and unsettling. Mostly electronic instruments rule over the track but clear use of dissonant distorted guitar work is added later to bring an uneasy pace to the track. I feel like I am in a movie and i’m about to be killed off. Rad.

Marcus Osborne reviewed WYVZ 2 years ago

So i’ve decided to take a listen to ‘WYVZ’s latest single ‘Rescue Annie’ on Bandcamp. Instantly, i’m met with a harsh electronic introduction with layered ambient mono-vocals, slowly followed by further synthwave atmosphere. As we progress, the track lifts higher and is given pace by the drums but still maintaining a certain fragility throughout which for me, is the most alluring aspect. On paper, I shouldn’t like this, but there’s a really inviting tone that graces the track once you bear through the intensity of the start and you’re beginning to understand the concept. The track doesn’t change much over the course of 5 minutes but the subtle adaptations and instrumentation makes the whole piece really enjoyable and interesting throughout. It sounds of the sort of track you’d hear on a movie during the end on the big dramatic emotional climax, when someone is being sent into space – something like that. I’ll be sure to swing back around in April to hear the new album!

Marcus Osborne reviewed LUNAR BIRD 2 years ago

Atmospheric and ambient. I find myself thrown down the rabbits hole with my first listen to the ‘Daydreamer EP’. An expertly crafted art-rock symphony that delivers instant serenity. Complimented by a gorgeous, delicate main vocal, blended exquisitely over repeatedly layered piano, strings and further harmonies, held together by simplistic electro-drum beats. The whole EP is a mind-bending cosmic experience steadily flowing from one track to another, delving deep into the creators psyche both lyrically and musically and understanding just enough to follow – no more. Each instrument is a carefully placed mantra, with added extras to further dissipate the sound and tantalise your earbuds right until you’re thrown back out.

Lunar Bird aren’t a band. They are a piece of art. They must be protected at all costs.

Marcus Osborne reviewed COSMIC NINJA 2 years ago

‘Cosmic’ is the perfect word to describe the sonic experience that this group of genre bending beat-masters have conjured up. Throwing in elements from a ridiculous amount of genres, with clear links to a nu-metal/Enter Shikari vibe – you’d think it would be one big mess. But you are totally wrong.

With a lot more control, a lot more poise and some tough as nails mixing – the whole track has morphed into one massive concept piece. From the dynamically driven vocals, the electro-pop beats and basslines, right down to the over-modulated guitar riffs and harsh synthwave tones. You can very clearly hear that a lot of time has been put into their latest single ‘We Got Up’ and the industrial fuzz-metal vibe is well and truly alive in the hearts of Cosmic Ninja. A very interesting track that is well worth anyone’s time, even just for an alternative to your usual listening experience. I for one, will HAVE to see how this plays out live!

Marcus Osborne reviewed WISHING WOLF 2 years ago

Beautifully melodic, incredibly polished and an atmosphere that melts through your senses. Wishing Wolfs latest single ‘Closer’ is a homage to the post-modern pop punk sound that we’ve all fallen in love with at some point in our lives. To deny yourself such a pleasure would be foolish. They have a sound that is disarming to all who indulge – dropping delicate vocals over a well-processed mix gives the track a certain fragility that really captures your attention, whilst still maintaining a consistent energy that drives the track forward. Then you are swiftly met by breakdowns, chugging riffs and some of the sharpest drum tones in the game which offsets the vulnerability of the verses. Although their pop punk power ballad prowess reigns over the track, there’s still some very intelligent elements within the songwriting that creates an alluring depth both musically and lyrically.

A very strong effort for a genre of music that has fallen out of the limelight in recent years. It’s refreshing to see a band taking it by the helm and creating a solid sound worthy of rivalling some of the biggest names in the genre with more experience. If you fancied a quick nostalgia trip today, you’ve come to the perfect place!

Marcus Osborne reviewed NOVATINES 2 years ago

Bellowing rhythm guitars, chunky basslines and massive choruses – these guys could well be one of the ‘hottest new UK guitar bands’ from the sheer impact of their latest single ‘Hate Love’. A careful combination of modern country, British rock and absolute stadium anthem melodies, held together by Jamie’s incredible vocal range and some of the most graceful wah-driven solos I’ve heard since I bought the ‘Pure Psychedelic Rock Classics’ compilation thirteen years ago (highly recommended). The track itself is giving it absolute beans for its entirety and only drops out for a mere split-second for you to breathe – before smacking you back in the face with the chorus. Each instrument is really carefully toned, from the crunchy distorted bass to the high-end lead lines that cut so sharply through the mix. This track is not only a triumph for Novatines, but also for their production team. Every element has been inspected with the greatest delicacy and it shines through every fibre, creating a beautiful and eclectic symphony of riff-based rock ready to fill anyones boots. Proper job.

Marcus Osborne reviewed DEAR ANYONE 2 years ago

As a massive lover of emotionally driven grunge (well, sad lyrics with aggressive music), as well as knowing the band members personally for a long time, I knew from the second that Dear Anyone was born that I’d be into it. I just didn’t think I’d be into it this fucking much.

Where do I start? The grainy rhythm guitar gently accented by the sharp lead lines are exquisite, mirroring and carefully complimenting the brash monotone vocals, making the entire experience almost haunting. Dear Anyone have encapsulated the inner struggles of the mind and the daily drag of these overbearing, excessive thoughts, and have managed to create an EP that directly reflects those feelings musically and lyrically. The result, is a soul-thickening emo tone that weighs you down from the start, each track a cathartic metaphor for a complexity we can only understand a fraction of. As Dear Anyone grow and develop on their already refined sound, the foundations of this absolutely phenomenal debut release will be the first stepping stone in unlocking what could well be the next ‘big’ thing in the emo world.

Imagine something along the lines of Yuck, Basement, Modern Baseball, Title Fight & The Hotelier – then completely forget about that and listen to the damn thing yourself. You’d be a fool if you didn’t.

Marcus Osborne reviewed STEVE STRONG 2 years ago

Steve Strongs latest album ‘Turbo Island’ can only be described as a sonic masterpiece. Anything less would be a complete injustice. The whole album feels like a musical novel, narrated by the atmosphere it creates and embellished with every dynamic shift – a euphoric and soul-grasping story crafted with incredibly intelligent musicianship with great detail taken to every fibre involved in the process. Luxurious a-tonal melodies blended with rhythmic structure and darkened ambience fills the room the second you hit play. Then you are instantly greeted with constant shifts in the structures and melodies, drawing every ounce of your attention to the track and holding on for dear life. Before you know it, it’s over, and you’ll be pressing that replay button once again.

An absolutely stunning record with some of the most beautiful experimental math-rock I’ve heard in a long time. It would be an absolute crime against music if Steve Strong doesn’t get more recognition, I could see him easily holding his own and thriving at shows with bands like TTNG, CHON, Plini, The World Is A Beautiful Place & so many others in that category. I have no doubt that their audiences would take to him as much as I have, he could well be the next piece to the ever-evolving math rock puzzle.

Marcus Osborne reviewed HONEY 2 years ago

After hearing the news that Honey will be no more – I was gutted. Not only are they one of the hardest hitting grunge bands I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with/seeing perform, but their free-spirited and charming character was something we should all aspire to achieve. I’ve sung their praise for over 7-8 years now and we’ve played so many shows with them I honestly couldn’t even count, so it only seemed fitting to give my thoughts on them whilst I still have the chance.

Honey take the classic 90’s grunge tone, complete with fierce guitar riffs and one of the meatiest bass set-ups I’ve ever witnessed and brought smack-bang into the 21st Century. The bands more melodic tracks really show how their take on harsh toned tunes is so refined, elegantly flipping them into eerie soundscapes at the flick of a switch. Don’t get me wrong though – they are all about the beef.

Sarahs voice deserves it’s own praise. I remember when I first heard it live and it just blew me away, her incredible range that goes from ear-piecing raspy screams to delicate harmonies un-parallel to anything I’ve heard before. That show was one of my first shows out of Exeter, I was around 16 years old and Honey were the first ‘real band’ we had ever played with. The sort of band that come off stage and you couldn’t help but think ‘Why the fuck are they playing this little pub in Cornwall? They should be playing a headline slot at the bloody Underworld!’

Honey have brought me so many amazing memories over the years and for that I couldn’t thank them enough. From dodgey shows in run down bars across the SW to the very first On The House Fest which they headlined and blew the roof off the place. Sarah is currently guest reviewing for us which makes me over the moon that I can still keep in touch with them and follow whatever projects they start next because I know they will be earth-shattering. I wish them all the very best in whatever they get up to and will be seeing them on their farewell tour at Get Rad Festival in Exeter. You should all go, you’ll only be doing yourself, your ears and your eyes a disservice if you don’t.

Marcus Osborne reviewed BIRD SHOES 3 years ago

Bird Shoes debut release ‘Lads’ is a cathartic take on modern slur-punk combined with exquisite songwriting and snarky attitude.

Embedded by dirty riffs, deliciously destructive drums and raw brash energy – ‘Lads’ is guaranteed to be the new soundtrack to throwing your dirty night on tha’ taannn. It would be easy to compare BS’s sound to chart dominating punks Slaves (UK) , given the two-piece aspect of the band and overall demeanour. But, these guys have definitely put their own spin on the slack-jawed sounds resonating through the underbelly today, with subtle yet intelligent songwriting they lean in to the post-punk void we all know and love whilst maintaining those tasty, tasty grooves. The vocalists tone compliments the sluggy guitar work and drawn out drums to create a musical cesspit of fuzz-driven rhythm that will seduce any passing riff-junkies after the first 10 seconds. It’s big sounding stuff.

I’m really interested in hearing more from these guys as they develop and release more tracks as they have the ability to manipulate their sound to suit any direction they from here. I’ll be keeping an ear out for the next record for sure.

Marcus Osborne reviewed AMERICANSIGNLANGUAGE. 3 years ago

So across the South West music scene, americansignlanguage have taken over every festival poster and are supporting every artist I’m a fan of, therefore I had to check them out for myself and see what all the fuss is about. Luckily, I had the opportunity to play a show with them the other night alongside Cassels, Circa Now & Phaedra’s Love. I can tell you right now, from that short 25 minute set of pure, almost spiritual energy – these guys are going places.

The whole band perform every show like they are playing a sold out venue, there were about 25 people in the audience but it could easily have been 250 and they still would have played with the same conviction as they did that night. Every eye in the room was on the band and that alone is something to be hugely admired. I love a good show and these guys definitely delivered one of the best I’ve seen from a local band in years.

Their vocalist is an absolute monster in the best way possible. It’s very rare you see such passion being pumped out of every lyric sung without losing steam – going from glass shattering screams to broken spoken word at the flick of a switch. It not only proves his stamina but his devotion to the music he makes, making sure he delivers his art the way it is intended and not fluffing out any details. He maintains a really strong presence during both softer & heavier parts and keeps the crowd well and truly hooked. I had a few friends who aren’t into this genre of music and they were still singing his praise way on into the evening because you just can’t fault that amount of raw ferocity. The same goes for every member of the band as well, making that already tight stage look like they are stood on top of a milk crate with the amount of flailing limbs soaring past each others faces.

I’m really excited to see these guys grow and hopefully one day play a sold out headline show somewhere, that’s what they need. This band will be truly complete once they have hundreds of people singing the lyrics back at them and fuelling the already raging fire. The energy of that experience would be absolutely phenomenal. I’ll do everything I can to share them around with the right people because we all need this to happen.

Marcus Osborne reviewed SCHEMA 3 years ago

Considering their track ‘Follow The Blood’ is only a demo, it is incredibly well-polished and sounds great. Riffs that’ll fill you up until next Sunday, oozing with energy and prowess, it’s time to bounce around and throw some mad shapes. The ever so sweet combination of Jakes singing, rapping and screaming, coupled with heavy, intricate guitar work and subtle ambience, creates an atmosphere guaranteed to get ya’ flustered. Can’t wait to hear what these guys come out with next, it’s gonna get your blood pumping that’s for sure.

Marcus Osborne reviewed JAY ALDRIDGE 3 years ago

I’ll be real with you all. I tend to avoid artists labelled just as ‘acoustic’ because unfortunately a lot of singer-songwriters out there can sound very similar very easily (not saying they aren’t good) and it can be hard to genuinely review them without recycling the same phrases. So when I decided to listen to ‘Ideologies’ by Jay Aldridge I was naturally apprehensive because of the single tagged genre. What I didn’t expect was to be slapped in the face with some old school Newton Faulkner-esque musicianship, a full rehearsed band and beautifully accented vocals. It’s 15 seconds in and I’m hooked.

As we dive deeper into ‘Ideologies’, we hear clear examples of Jays diverse range of influences and styles being incorporated into his tracks. I guess the only thing tying this amalgamation of genres together is the acoustic guitar & Jays Northern tone. His dynamic ability and musicianship are something to be admired, you can hear the time that has been spent on these songs and the practice it took to bring them to this point. I will whole-heartedly admit that I am now craving to see Jay play a solo acoustic set – just to witness his talent with my own eyes. With ‘Oceans’ being my absolute favourite track based solely on the complexity of the guitar and the melting vocal melodies that accompany it.

‘Ideologies’ is a solid EP and a promising glimpse into the future of Jays musical career – something tells me it’s gonna be pretty bright. Get on it now and beat the hype.

Marcus Osborne reviewed SINFUL MAGGIE 3 years ago

Fast, ferocious and fatal. Sinful Maggies ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ takes old school gypsy folk and blends it with the untamed energy of punk rock, complete with accordion and raspy vocals that season the track with an authentic, humanising tone. Strong and powerful melodies that could breathe life in to any early morning festival crowd just waiting for the right band to bring them back to reality.

So it’s good news for all you wasters out there, Sinful Maggie won’t only wake you up – they’ll bash down your tent, two-step on your face and blast chaotic gypsy punk into your earholes until you sort your life out and get those dancing shoes on. I’m excited to hear more & I’m even more excited to see these guys live!

Marcus Osborne reviewed BLACK ANCHORS 3 years ago

I have had, what only can be described as the absolute pure pleasure of playing alongside the Black Anchors boys on multiple occasions. They have become one of my favourite local South West bands over the course of this year and I NEED to share them with you all. I’m not just going to review their new EP or their live shows because that’s too easy and I love this band too much not to share it with the world. Today I will be reviewing the very essence of what will make Black Anchors your new favourite punk band. The whole package.

Let’s start with their music – alongside being versatile and well-written, each track offers a humanising comfort that bleeds through every trusty chord. A full band sound which still manages to maintain each members character and flare while working as a complete unit. Scott’s songwriting openly allows the other members to be more creative and show the world what they’ve got. With the bass and drums beautifully accompanying each track and feeding it the energy it deserves – you are left with a classic punk rock sound sprinkled with that Black Anchors charm. Every track has a hook and every hook will stick with you for life, that’s a quality that on its own will take these fellas to new and exciting heights.

In a live setting is where these guys really shine though. Overall they are just a straight up bunch of genuine people which already put them in my good books before they even struck a chord. Letting me borrow their gear because mine was either lost or broken (on multiple occasions) and they didn’t once scrutinise me for being unprofessional and always helped me out when shit hit the fan. I respect and appreciate that so much because local music is about community and support – and these guys embody the very spirit of compassion and mindfulness.

Musically, they are so damn solid. James’ bass playing is honestly some of the cleanest I’ve seen from a local punk band in years & his fingerpicking is so bloody fast it genuinely rivals the ferocity of Rancids very own Matt Freeman (and he plays with a fucking pick!). Scott is an energetic frontman who knows how to control a crowd, get them smiling and most importantly – keep their attention. As a complete unit, factoring in Bills intensely powerful yet accurate drums & the bands overall persona you end up with one of the most inviting punk bands you’ll feast your eyes on this year. A true treat for the South West punk scene which has been oh so desperately needed.

So ahoy hoy mateys. Black Anchors are setting sail and you’d be the saltiest of dogs if you didn’t catch them before they are playing main stage at 2000 Trees in a few years time. I love them and I’m in love with them. If I could have babies I’d already have a little sailor on the way.

Marcus Osborne reviewed SADIE HORLER 3 years ago

Sadie Horlers debut EP ‘Solivagant’ is an open-hearted folk-pop masterpiece. The absolute essence of Sadies softened spirit has been melded into four blissfully angelic tracks, oozing with charm and overflowing with delicacy. ’Solivagant’ is like a cool breeze on a summers day, a thought-clearing deep breath for when life just gets that bit too much. I’m actually listening to this for the first time sat in the sun on my own with my speakers up full and I can honestly say that right now – I am one with the world around me. I feel like fucking Gaia. Except I can’t control nature, it’s just decided to stop shitting on me for 15 minutes whilst I enjoy one of the most elegant records I’ve listened too to date.

Sadies voice is on a completely different level to anyone I’ve ever heard before. I could write paragraph after paragraph just describing her impeccable range and it just wouldn’t do it even the slightest of justice. I’ll be totally honest, I have actual goosebumps. The blissful harmonies perfectly layered together giving her delicate voice such immense power and then dropping back down to reality at the click of a finger. I managed to catch the second half of her set when she played the opening of Studio 54 in Exeter. UK and ever since then I have been determined to work with her and help her in any way I can, based soley own her voice. Sadie Horler is going place, you’d be a damn fool to think otherwise.

And something needs to be said about her songwriting, which gracefully runs parallel to her vocals. By this I mean it is so dynamically driven that not only is it incredibly impressive, but it’s also engaging to listen to and is another big reason why I got hooked when I first heard Sadies music. Usually she performs solo or as part of a duo (I think), but the inclusion of a full band featuring drums, bass, guitars, saxophone and some light keys has really strengthened her sound. My favourite track on the EP has to be ‘Just One Night’ because of the seductive sax solo during the bridge and the absolute summer vibe it brings to the mix alongside the tracks gentle groove.

I’m so bloody excited for this girl and what the future holds for her. All she needs is the right attention from the right people and she WILL ‘make it’ in one way or another, I’m sure of it. She ticks every box. Not only to appease the wider, more generalised audience with her voice and appearance, but other musicians too with her deceptively complex songwriting and dynamic capabilities. She has my full support.

Now go and listen to ’Solivagant’ ya dingus. It’s the best record you never knew you needed.

Marcus Osborne reviewed Haytor 3 years ago

So I decided to head down to see Haytor at their show at the Exeter Cavern support Namesake on their UK tour. I’ve known the guys from Haytor for a long time and have played shows with them in previous bands, we’ve been out of touch for a while and they’ve all been studying hard. I was curious to see how much they had all developed so I had little catch up, they took to the stage and next thing I know I’m knee deep in eclectic pop rock – complete with angelic piano licks, crisp guitar tone, solid thumping bass and wide open drums to give it that driving sound Haytor has so elegantly mastered. Once you add Austin’s dynamically diverse vocals the whole band ties together creating one big sound lifting the spirits of every tired soul in the room. It wasn’t the busiest show – but everyone was to engrossed to the core.

Between songs the guys would exchange innocent banter that would add to the inviting atmosphere their music already creates. This is one of the most enjoyable things about their live show as bands within this genre can come across as overconfident so Haytor expertly combat this with constant smiles, lighthearted laughs and crowd interaction throughout the set. Amidst the heart-wrenching lyrics, ambient lead lines and bittersweet melodies, we have a group of lads who just enjoy playing music. You can see it in their faces and that makes everything so much more enjoyable – before they even play a chord.

Each track was incredibly tuneful and catchy, vibrant yet powerful – following in the footsteps of bands like Deaf Havana but with their own, slightly cleaner sound. I could also hear traces of The Gaslight Anthem in some parts which was right up my street – these were the parts where the pounding drums and alt-picked licks really shined, opening up the tracks whilst still maintaining drive, making the tracks sound fucking huge. Each member is locked in with the next which was a huge improvement since I last saw them in their old band 4/5 years ago! Austins vocals hold the entire band together with very little/no backing vocals to support, the stamina and sustainability of his vocal tone has to be commended because it’s put directly in the spotlight with nothing to hide behind. It’s brave – and it works.

All in all I’m really impressed with how far all of these guys have come, they all have the right stage presence, the right attitude and inviting catchy tracks that will get any crowd smiling. I’m looking forward to the next show and hearing their new music in the summer!

You Stay Classy now guys.

Marcus Osborne reviewed THE DEAD FLAMES 3 years ago

’Mystery Girl EP’ by The Dead Flames has been on my list for a while now. I’ve had some trouble tying to decipher exactly what genre they are and how to even go about describing it so I’ve been avoiding it. But that’s not fair on these talented bunch of guys, so I’m going to do my best.

Their first track ‘Goddamn You’ is a punk song at it’s core, but it’s way more developed and intelligent than your average punk song, drawing in elements from indie, hard rock and pop punk. As the EP continues we are hit with jazzy licks and borderline math rock full-band instrumentals, each track has something new to offer and by leaning into their home recorded sound, they have bonded these tracks together to make a truly honest and human record. A Dead Flames record. Not a punk record, not a jazz record, not an indie record and not a rock record. A Dead Flames record.

Towards the end of the EP we are hit with even more technical instrumentation whilst still retaining that rough-edged punk rock vibe. My favourite track has to be ’Stockholm Martyrdom’ purely because of the sheer perplexity of the arrangement and the vocalists immense range, it’s a real testament to their talent. The vocals are reminiscent of Matt Bellemy from Muse at certain points – but that might just be the vocal effects. Whatever it is, it fucking works.

It would be an insult to try and define these guys to one genre, usually when a band says that I’d hear alarm bells. Today I’ve learnt that you can’t judge a book by its cover or in this case; a band by their boldness to conquer multiple genres and meld it together into one super-genre AND FUCKING NAIL IT. So I want to say thanks to The Dead Flames for broadening my musical palette and providing me with 7 amazing tracks to play to death. I really can’t wait to hear more, anything could happen from this point and I’m so pumped to hear it.

Marcus Osborne reviewed MEME DETROIT 3 years ago

I’m gonna jump right in by saying that MeMe is one of the most dynamically captivating songwriters i’ve discovered so far. One of her singles is furiously fuzzy, with groovy guitar & bass riffs to bellowing sweet riffage beneath the harsh grungy vocals – in the other, we have gentle melodic vocals and droning bass melded with shoegazey guitar tones, reminiscent of your favourite 80s hits. It’s ambitious, and she’s absolutely nailed it.

MeMes voice is incredibly versatile, when she screams its like listening to a more practiced and slightly cleaner Brody Dalle, it suits the music perfectly and gives MeMe that brash tone which further adds to the tracks ferocity when needed. Both ‘Soc Med Junkies’ and ‘How She Runs’ are completely different sounding tracks but they are both executed expertly. ‘Soc Med Junkies’ is my personal favourite, this is the heavier of the two tracks and its so dynamically developed you can enjoy every piece of MeMe Detroits dexterous songwriting. Starting with an energetic thud, lead by high octane riffs that lead into a MASSIVE chorus – complete with punchy drums, chunky bass and some of the most monstrous vocals i’ve heard in a long time. Accompanied by a well produced video which has been released on Vevo (well done), MeMe is well on her way to getting the recognition she deserves.

‘How She Runs’ deserve it’s own praise, based solely on how atmospheric the track is and it’s accompanying video – you would never guess this was the same artist if it wasn’t for that big red line across her face. Maybe that’s why she does it? Who knows. All I know is that I’m excited to hear what other genres MeMe is going to master in the future and hopefully catch her at a show sometime soon!

Marcus Osborne reviewed GASSED UP 3 years ago

Upon first listen, Gassed Up’s single ‘Conflict’ hits you with an almighty drop-tuned, low gain riff that is capable of melting some serious face. A stomping beast that takes lead of the track, its spacious, powerful and intensely aggressive. Dropping in with the drums, the consistent thumping beat controls the chaos with heavy cymbal crashes and hard-hitting floor tom thuds. As the track progresses the band throw themselves head first into the verse, with an infectiously groovy riff that makes you want to start smashing all of your shit. I’m so fucking amped up right now, I reckon I could take on a lion.

In the second verse we are hit with some strong brash bars, mixing up the dynamic and adding an interesting new flow to the track. The continuous bellowing groove in the background adds to the sheer ferocity of the track and emphasises both the rapped verses and the stomach churning growls making ‘Conflict’ a real force to be reckoned with. It’s a combination of genres that is becoming increasingly popular as of late, but can be very hard to pull off – one small unrefined element can be really jarring and sometimes uncomfortable (and not in the cool way). So I have to give massive props to Gassed Up for making an incredibly solid track in which every element has been carefully crafted and executed tastefully. Nobody is trying to outshine anyone, they’ve come together to create a hard-hitting hardcore song that attacks you from all angles. Needless to say I’m a fan.

I’d love to catch these guys at a show one day, this sort of music really shines in a live setting and separates the men from the boys. They remind me a lot of Bristol locals Hold Tight (minus the rapping), it would be great to put them on for a night together in the future!

Marcus Osborne reviewed HOMETOWN LOSERS 3 years ago

It must be my damn birthday. ‘Tulips’, the debut single by Hometown Losers grabbed my attention within the first 10 seconds of playing. Initially because of the Mom Jeans/Modern Baseball-esque vibe, the solo guitar dragging along underneath broken vocals, which is a style of transparent songwriting that is becoming increasingly popular right now. When the band kicks in, shit gets real. Turning this delicate rock track into a full blown, soon to be nu-emo anthem. The huge sounding drums, the steady trod of the distorted guitars and group chanted chorus’ all combine to create a massive sounding track which emphasises lyrics beautifully. Their sound is slightly more polished than those of the same genre but this might be down to the recording quality, the strong use of reverb on the vocals and the guitars further add to their huge sound. I’d love to see these guys live one day!

I’ve been a huge fan of this style of music for a long time and Hometown Losers have done an amazing job at making it their own. For a debut track, they have well and truly smashed it out of the park. I’m incredibly excited to hear more and I would recommend you all keep an eye on these guys. I certainly will be.

Marcus Osborne reviewed DISSONANT 3 years ago


The Dissonant lads wander on to the stage, with their best game faces on, as they check their microphones the sweaty half-cut punks start fill the room. Jackets off, drinks down and already bobbing about to the sound of distorted squeals – they know what is about to unfold. Others (including myself) were blissfully unaware of the unhinged ferocity these three young punks were about to unleash upon the room. They played their first chord, the crowd blew up like a fork in the microwave and I spilt my drink on my new fucking shoes.

I was hooked.

These types of bands thrive massively on crowd participation and spontaneity, so its a good thing Wreckage always manage to pull the spunky punks down to inject come much needed chaos. Dissonant grabbed this chaos by the balls and ran with it. After a few songs over half of the room was moving, high octave riffs echoed through the speakers and solid, straight hardcore drum beats perforate my eardrums around 2 minutes in. The vocals were sharp and broken, complementing the animosity of the atmosphere. Dissonant were vibing off of the energy of the crowd and the crowd were vibing off of them – this is raw punk rock, in its absolute purest form.

Their songs are hard hitting, ranging from classic punk rock to pop-punk, with even some traces of hardcore. It’s unrefined and a bit sloppy, but it wouldn’t be punk if it wasn’t. The atmosphere of the room welcomed the mistakes, urging the band to come down on to the floor and join the fun. There were bodies bouncing off each other, bum notes, missed cues and heckles a’plenty. This is what it’s all about.

Based purely on their live performance, Dissonant are looking incredibly hopeful for their future progression, with some practice and the right exposure, I could see these guys being a bit hit with head banging young punks across the UK in the coming years. I look forward to having a proper listen to their music in the future. Top job guys!

Marcus Osborne reviewed DAZE 3 years ago

Daze are a delectable combination of delicate guitar playing, beautifully tuneful vocal harmonies and simplistic rhythms that accent and empower the heart trodden lyrics. ‘Wicked Plans’ is a fantastic debut release from the Oxford two-piece, the lead guitars command the track and drive it along with clean fingerpicking and creates a perfect stage Dais’ expressive lyrics and vocal melodies. She has a strong clean voice, which complements the musicianship wonderfully, keeping the track light and breezy for super easy listening. The track really comes together when the bass kicks in, injecting some much needed groove into the track, instantly making me get my slow boogie on whilst waiting at the bus stop. I’m into it.

2018 is looking incredibly hopeful for Daze, they could take this sound in a lot of different directions from this point, I’m excited to see which one they pick!

Marcus Osborne reviewed ARID WAVE 3 years ago

Arid Wave’s most recent EP; ‘Dead Friends’, bursts open with high crunch guitars and drops ferociously with old school grunge tones and polished brutality. A little less than hardcore punk, a whole lot more than rock & roll, a bit of grunge, a bit of hard rock and a massive scoop of some modernised virility. I don’t know what to call it – but it’s damn good.

Their first track ‘Dead Friends’ squeals with hard rock riffage, whilst being injected with adrenaline from an underlying punk rock energy. The track ’Tiger Lily’ features this almighty beast of a riff, pushing closer to the hard rock sound again but with a fucktonne of attitude. Wide open drums command the mix, the space between these notes are just as important as the notes themselves, they bring stronger contrast and more gravitas to the already overpowering riff. The vocals are perfectly suited to the tracks, youthfully raspy and drawn-out, channelling a sound reminiscent to what I would imagine Kurt Cobain and James Hetfields lovechild would sound like. It’s pretty rad. Arid Wave takes elements from a wide range of genres and combines them to create something fresh, yet familiar. I thoroughly enjoyed their ‘Dead Friends’ EP and I’m looking forward to hearing their next release and hopefully catching them at a show.

Marcus Osborne reviewed WYCH ELM 3 years ago

Wych Elm are a beautiful blend of 90’s emo, shoegaze and post punk, melded together by dystopic emptiness, thudding basslines and angelic monotone female lead vocals. This combination the gang have called ‘Slacker Rock’ and I can totally see how they came to this decision. I’m envisioning the writing process being the band meeting up, getting absolutely wasted and lying in a puddle of their own vomit on the sofa whilst writing songs at 4am. The dragged out guitar riffs and high reverb are so grungy, coupled with the big and open drums, thick basslines and mirrored vocal melodies, creates a dirty cesspit of controlled chaos which I just can’t get enough of. There’s something about this band that really stands out. A warm and inviting energy shines through an otherwise very depressive sound, it’s incredibly seductive, so be warned.

I can’t wait to hear more from Wych Elm, but for now, you should all check out the ‘School Shooter // Bag Of Worms EP’, which is out on Quit Yr Job Records, it’s expertly crafted and holds so much hope for the future of this band. I’m excited to see where this takes them!

Marcus Osborne reviewed JAKE HATCH 3 years ago

Jake Hatch is one chill dude. Every element of his songwriting oozes with grace and elegance, wonderfully charming melodies and gentle, delicate harmonies. A wonderful breath of fresh air soon to be added to my otherwise dark and stormy record collection.

His track; ‘Sleeping With The Tide’ features a beautifully simple video (which I highly recommend you check out) which runs parallel to the aura of the music. As much as I’ve enjoyed his other tracks, this one definitely sticks out.

Hatch’s music is the soundtrack to long summer evenings on the beach, relaxing and taking it all in. The guitar work is deceptively complex at times, when you combine this with layered vocal harmonies, bongos, shakers, xylophones, reverb driven slide guitar solos and groovy basslines – you create a sound that is so warming, so inviting, you just can’t help but indulge. His songwriting is impressive, unique yet strangely familiar, all adding to the warmth and friendliness of his music. Do yourself a favour, treat your ears to the soothing sounds of Jake Hatch, you won’t regret it.

Marcus Osborne reviewed SLACKRR 3 years ago

Slackrr’s debut single ‘Closest To Perfect’ is an homage to every great pop punk band out there and considering it’s their first release, these guys are already leagues above others doing the same thing. It’s clean, it’s polished and most of all – it’s fucking good. I have a massive soft spot for heartfelt pop punk, especially when it includes these three factors; a catchy chorus, a bouncy main riff and of course, a breakdown. Slackrr, pat yourselves on the backs, you’ve done a great thing. Keep doing great things, we need more great things. There’s also a really lovely acoustic version of ‘Closest To Perfect’ on their Youtube, which is a necessity for any budding pop punk band – I love it.

This is the part where I would usually say that I look forward to seeing how the band progresses, but if I’m totally honest, I’d be happy if these guys kept churning out tunes like this. With the proper managment, Slackrr could be heading for greatness, popularity and if they are lucky; Slam Dunk Festival. If these guys just had the exposure they deserve, in front of the right crowd, their music would speak for itself. PLEASE RELEASE AN ALBUM NOW, THANKS.

Marcus Osborne reviewed BEAVER & THE FOGHORNS 3 years ago

Thick chunky bass, high gain guitars and sharp snappy drums, I’m definately in the right place. Beaver And The Foghorns have an old school punk charm to them, the sharpness of the recording, the raspy, weathered tone of the vocals and the energetic melodies are all contributing factors. Garage rock riffage commands every track, a driving force that gets stuck in your head. I’m finding myself humming the guitar melody to ‘See How They Run’ even though the song finished 10 minutes ago! Out of the 3 tracks available on their Youtube, they have shown they can go from near-on hardcore punk, all the way to bluesy rock n’ roll and everything in-between, so if you’re at loss of wha to listen to – Beaver & The Foghorns have got you covered.

Marcus Osborne reviewed MAJARO 3 years ago

When Majaro decided to brand themselves as ‘quirky rock’, I had no other choice than to check them out, broaden my horizons and discover what ‘quirky rock’ truly means. I’m excited.

Starting with their intro track ’TV Blues’ on their ‘Colour Blind’ EP, we are instantly hit with a fat riff, it’s super crunchy and has a solid, catchy hook to it – we’re off to a good start. When the vocals come in the music changes from wide-open riffage to a more reserved, indie-esque verse lead by low, wavyy brit-pop style vocals. The contrast of the high gain lead guitar gives the EP a backyard grunge/garage band sound, a warm and welcoming rough edge to an otherwise clean sounding record. Don’t get me wrong, these guys can whale when they want to, but they like to pick their moments. Just like in their title track ‘Colour Blind’, which is my personal favourite from this EP, very Royal Blood but with a lot more rock n’ roll, there’s even a hint of The Strokes in there – but that might just be me. I also just want to take some time to show some appreciation for the bassist for his well-crafted licks, they really add extra depth to the bands funk rock ferocity.

So it seems we can narrow ‘quirky rock’ down to a few key factors: hard rock riffs, groovy guitars, crunchy yet clean mastering & a bit of old school sass. But we also hear elements of indie, grunge & garage throughout the EP. It’s a bit of a mix, but it works well. All in all this is a great debut EP, the tracks are well written and hold a lot of hope for their future progression as a band. This is only the start for Majaro, this is their first EP and they are young, I’ll be keeping an eye on these guys. Stay quirky fellas, you’re on to something.

Marcus Osborne reviewed RAINMAKER 3 years ago

Bristol fuzz fiends Rainmaker are here for one reason and one reason only; to make noisy shoegaze. They are taking all of the crazy elements of every reverb-riddled post punk artist and turning it up to 11. It’s so intensely muddy at parts, with full fat overdriven guitars squealing at the peak of their settings, swiftly followed by beautifully contrasted, delicate guitar plucking with a whole lotta delay. The tracks go from gentle harmonies & melodies to in-your-face punk rock choruses. Driven by the drums, they are the only instrument unaffected by the bands experimental sound-warping tones, with gives each track consistent energy & flow in which the guitars and vocals can use to really push their boundaries before effortlessly whipping back to normality. That being said, the drums do get their moment to shine, with a burning ferocity in tracks like ‘Shelly’, there’s plenty of noise to go around.

Rainmakers ‘Shelly’ EP, is well thought out, stylistic and unique. As I re-listen to the EP, I’ve started to notice elements of jazz and indie in certain tracks, which opens up their sound to a niche market that I’ve never personally experienced. Shoegaze is generally quite repetitive, but Rainmaker have taken the essence of shoegaze and spiced it up by throwing in energetic beats, groovy drum fills, atmospheric samples & sharp, jarring tones – these guys have created something special. I’d be disappointed if they didn’t see this all the way through, as they grow as a band, this already refined sound will evolve into something that could potentially change the game. I’m super pumped to hear what comes next!

Marcus Osborne reviewed GRAYWATER 3 years ago

There is some serious talent on this website. When I say serious – I mean serious. Graywaters breathtaking debut single ‘Nothing At All’ is a well-crafted and powerful stadium rock anthem. No, I’m not joking, if this song isn’t played in front of 80,000 people screaming it in unison it will not reach it’s full potential and I’ll be damned if I’m not there to see it. The delicately delayed guitar twiddlings, the heart-pounding openness and sheer ferocity of the drums, the angelic and multi-talented vocals of Graham Queen complemented by the equally talented Alex Hicks. I have just one question – where the hell have these guys been hiding?!

It goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway; I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THESE GUYS DROP AN ALBUM. I know I tend to get a bit too excited when I discover an amazing local artist through this website, but I honestly believe that Graywater have it. Whatever ‘it’ is, they have it. I have super high hopes for these guys and for the future development of their already refined and unique sound. One ticket to the 2020 world tour please.

Marcus Osborne reviewed JOSHUA JONES 3 years ago

I’ve always been a fan of spoken word. To openly broadcast your thoughts with no background traffic, just a voice, a story, and a microphone – it takes a lot of passion to take that leap and say ‘I want you to hear every single word I’m saying, because they are important’. Joshua Jones not only excelled in doing this, but he stands out from many others with his own brand of hardened street poetry.

Without editing out a single breath on any track, Joshua Jones has managed to create an honest and inviting atmosphere, richly contrasted with social and personal trauma. A single breath tells a thousand tales. The hardships he has experienced that shaped his opinion of the world, the defeatist tone of his voice just oozes with discomfort, adding a lever of vulnerability to the tracks. But that doesn’t mean he’s given up. The emotion in his voice crushingly cries out to be screamed at the top of his lungs, but these words are too important to filter out. They say ‘I need you to feel me, but I also need you to understand me’. It’s incredibly engaging and really makes me want to see him live to feel this energy for myself, to get a small taste of what’s going on inside his head.

Tackling controversial topics with adversity and poise, from political hot topics to tales of past experiences, Joshua has previously been described as a ‘punk poet’ and I could not agree more. He doesn’t hold back and he does it elegantly and intelligently. Dissimilation is naturally isolating, we all feel it from time to time to some degree – so just be glad that Joshua Jones has stepped up to the mark to take what we are all thinking and give it a platform. To show you all, that you’re not alone. Thanks, Joshua.

Marcus Osborne reviewed TROPHY JUMP 3 years ago

I’ve been on a real punk rawwwk bender recently and I have no intention of stopping any time soon. So it’s a good thing that Trophy Jump have come along to feed my addiction with their spicy blend of self-loathing and melodic punk. I’m excited for the long nights ahead lying on my floor convulsing, stroking my carpet & having ‘Depression Club’ on repeat.

At first listen, the quality of the recording is well suited to their style & musically I was sold the second the drums came in. But what really caught my attention was the tone of the vocals, reminiscent of the peak years of Fat Mike from NOFX, the overall tone of the vocals give the music a really authentic and raw touch. On top of that, they like to include these little grooves, fills, quirks, that bring a really nice humanising effect to the music, showing that even though they want to promote and push themselves to be the best artists they can be – they are still a group of friends having fun and playing music. This is the sort of stuff that really wins me over.

These guys are the sort of band that make you feel nostalgic about things you haven’t even experienced, there is a real honest sound to this record and it shows through every song. Every track is unique and quirky in its own way, expertly crafted and oozing with character.

A real, honest record. The bar has officially been raised.

Marcus Osborne reviewed EASY PREY 3 years ago

I’ve been waiting a while to write this review. Easy Prey are the first band this year that I’ve listened to that have truly blown me away. Even just upon first listen of their single ‘Stuck Out At Sea’ from their newly released debut album; ‘Teeth’, the sheer prowess of the track & the pounding dominance of the bass and drums awoke an energy inside me I once thought I had lost. This is what punk rock is all about. Passion, purpose and fucking energy. Bursting into the scene with a burning ferocity matched by no other – these guys have already won my heart.

Emerging out the depths of Texas, Easy Prey have taken the wide open emptiness of the semi-baron state and encapsulated that in their music. With wide open, high reverb riffs combined with sharp snappy tone of the drums & overall thickness of the bass creates a perfect platform for the stomach-churning screams of the lead vocals. The sort of band that needs to play a show in a canyon – because they are from Texas, they most likely have. These guys are all about making an impression, it’s heavy and it’s loud, I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised when you download this album.

Their intro track; ‘Teeth’, is a perfect introduction to destruction, a window into the chaos that is about to unfold. As I listen further into the album the band have proven they can take things deeper into the brain-churning madness – drop-tuned breakdowns seasoned with gut-wrenching growls & sharp high-end squeals take Easy Prey closer to the depths of oblivion. It really has been a long time since a band like this has managed to make me fist pump in my bedroom on my own. The passion behind this music resonates with me on a spiritual level. My heart is racing and my blood is pumping, bands like Easy Prey are the reason I fell in love with hardcore, you just can’t find this sort of energy anywhere else. As I reach the end of the album & I’ve been attacked at all angles, beaten by the beat downs & shaken up by the foot-stomping melodies, I can honestly say that this is one of my favourite releases that I’ve discovered through OTH over the last 4 years.

An easy 5/5, if you don’t give Easy Prey a try, we can’t be friends anymore.

Marcus Osborne reviewed VANDERLAMP 3 years ago

Stepping away from what I usually listen to, I’ve decided to try out something completely alien to me – and it’s name; vANdERlAMP. Tastefully incorporating his impressive classical instrument training into his tracks, vANdERlAMP has taken a taken a modern approach by beautifully complementing his trip hop ambience with subtle stringed sounds. This guy has delve so far into the abyss of wavy dystopia that his tracks sound like they should be the soundtrack to the next Hollywood sci-fi/thriller. A strong feeling of nostalgia is taking over and I haven’t even heard this music before. Each song has its own purpose, its own vibe, it’s own aura. From the subtle, seductive minimalism of ‘Un Petit Mor Ph Into Trance’ to his most recent release, the sludgey robo-tech triumph ‘Germ 10001’, featuring Craig Manga.

The key word here is ‘atmosphere’. vANdERlAMP has impressively managed to create a variety of soundscapes that are not only stylistic, but also engaging and interesting to listen to. I say ‘listen’, but, in my opinion, you don’t really ‘listen’ to vANdERlAMP, you just press play and you’ll feel him

Marcus Osborne reviewed THE SPANISH INFANTA 3 years ago

Reminiscent of early Strokes, but with fuzzier bass & lots of reverb, The Spanish Infantas surf punk tsunami that is the ‘Lame Temples EP’ is a surefire way to get you grooving. Displaced chords and thumping bass command the mix, held together by sharp, snappy drums and vocals echoing throughout the mix, creates a wall of noise so thick that Trump would have to change his underwear. The rawness of this EP is what really sells it, there’s a lot of love and time that has been put into this and, I’ve always been a sucker for a passion project. All in all, this is a fantastic first EP, holding so much hope for the future and for the development of the band & refining of their already unique sound. Make sure you take the time to try this small taste of what The Spanish Infanta can do, it’ll be worth it.

Marcus Osborne reviewed SAVAGE CUT 3 years ago

From what I already know, these guys are up there with some of the most hardworking local artists around, they have sunken their feet into the Scottish music scene using their versatility to attract other local artists to collaborate with them and they’ve been doing it for a long time. They can spit out anything between gentle finger-work and ambient echoes, to hard rock riffs and distorted noise. Every track I have listened to is truly unique and engaging in its own way. From the spiritually enriching ramblings of Kundal Miklan, to their displaced 80s classic that is Sunshine. These guys are on a warpath to stretch out the post punk genre more than your old Stretch Armstrong action figure. Treat your eardrums, every Savage Cut track has something different to offer, with a new voice and a new tone for every song – you won’t get bored.

Savage Cut have been avid supporters of On The House over the years, they donated to our Kickstarter and helped fund this website. Without people like them, we wouldn’t be here. That alone is enough of a reason to support these guys – it’s just a bonus that their music is dope too.

Marcus Osborne reviewed MATT ROBERTS 3 years ago

Subtle, sweet & soothing, this is Matt Roberts. Combining soft rock & eerie ambience, coupled with his impressive vocal range, creates a tranquil atmosphere that is destined to be the backing track to true movies next tearjerker. He dabbles between cosmic ambience and alternative rock ballads, alongside various of guest artists, acoustic versions of tracks & covers – you have a lot to catch up on. His angelic vocals are at a match with his musicianship, complimenting each other and creating a unique harmony of gentle echoes – it’s intense. He has clearly spent a lot of time on these tracks and it shows, I recommend you all take some time to get some more Matt Roberts in your life, you won’t regret it.

Marcus Osborne reviewed THE FIRNATS 3 years ago

So I spent my day today grafting and listening to The Firnats, more specifically, their gloom-wave, surf rock, tour de force album – ‘Fear Not’. Recorded in their basement, this album captures the trials and tribulations of post-teen trauma, complete with twangy guitars, dreary yet tuneful vocals & snappy drums, all sandwiched together by that authentic DIY home studio sound. Every track is individually unique whilst in-keeping with albums niche, they do also take a break to talk about Game Of Thrones fan theories during their interlude – but that’s all part of the charm. I can’t wait to see where their sound will take them next, with the right attention, The Firnats will cause some serious damage.

Marcus Oz reviewed GUNDERSON 3 years ago

Long term pals and supporters of On The House have joined forces to create some beautifully melodic, rough-around the edges punk rock – oozing with character and charm. Gundersons ‘Learning To Swim’ Live Demos are mesmerisingly well-crafted, complete with gang vocals and raw punk rock brevity. The music itself deserves immense praise, as the crunchy guitars and thudding basslines create a inviting atmosphere, alongside the big, open drums, to lay down the perfect soundtrack to Gundersons heart-wrenching stories. The lyrics are incredibly relatable and honest, following this current shift in underground music, more artists are being more open about themselves and are steering away from heavier projects and I’m totally digging it. Gunderson are neck deep in the ocean of self-expression, in comparison to their previous projects, this is a big step up. So ‘Learning To Swim’ is a well-suited title to the Plymouth lads newest venture.

‘Applause’, the first track of the EP, is an homage to the phrase ‘less is more’. The space between the notes are so important, they create the atmosphere that these lyrics cry out for, accenting and emphasising certain phrases and sending shuddery shivers down my spine, SHIVERS GUYS. The same theme follows throughout the EP, certain tracks pack a bit more of a punch, like in ‘Sounds Just Like You’, but still not veering away from the heart-on-sleeve style songwriting and melodies. I’m incredibly excited to hear a proper recording from these guys, especially considering that these ‘Live Demos’ could quite easily have been their first EP, they are very well recorded for a low budget live recording – or maybe it’s just because Gunderson are THAT good. Find out for yourself by clicking the ‘Bandcamp’ icon!