Heavy Repping

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Starting in choirs when I was 5, I played in a number of bands in different fields, always trying to learn something new. Born in Glasgow, I’ve been in the South West twice; the first time in ThirtyOne, this time in both Light City Mission and The Lifted Chalice. I’ve served in and recorded with Hot Teeth, Conundrum In Deed, Lowly Hounds, Equis, Cat Kills Six, Asshole Butler, Astronauts Fail, The Paperback Throne, Strange Deeds, UpWorlder and Blacktron One. I’m a writer for Overdrive Magazine, Down The Front Media, Astral Noize and Fortitude Magazine, and a content writer for Wunjo Guitars in London. My first Phonic FM show, The Way Of Things, ran for a glorious year from 2017 to 2018, followed by Heavy Repping! on Wanaka Beats in New Zealand, and The Ricochet! on my return to Phonic FM from March. I am passionately dedicated to local bands around the world and discussing mental health, and I’ve clocked up daft hours on Bandcamp tracking down new music.