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Joel Spielman is the face of BlankTV, the net’s largest indie music video channel going on eighteen years – well before even YouTube came about!! Today the channel gets over 1 million views there daily with over 700,000 subscribers. “Besides hosting over 30,000 music videos we also work with a number of bands on the channel and pretty much do whatever we can for them within our capacity..” “We’ve literally helped a few bands get signed to Epitaph, secured contracts for bands with some of the biggest touring agencies on the globe, and everything beyond and in between. Not bad a for a bunch of jackasses on a couch!”


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Joel Spielman reviewed MEME DETROIT 3 years ago

So like a lughead I thought that MeMe Detroit just might be from Detroit and was like cool, On The House are gonna turn me onto an American band I’ve not heard of! OK, wrong!! but upon listening to the title track “Get Down On With Me” I was hooked and said to myself, “This has got to be on one of the next Quentin Tarantino movie soundtracks. This is so super cool and I had to play it over & over again. “Soc Med Junkies?” well you gotta check out the video too cause MeMe’s got 1000% of a camera presence. I love the band so much I just had to reach out to her right away so…..

Joel – Good evening MeMe how are you? I love your music!

MeMe – Hey Joel, I’m grand thanks, busy as anything at the moment getting ready for the next single and the newEP release in November but all for the love of the music! Glad you love our music btw, shows what we’re doing is working. Ha! Means a lot so Thanks!

Joel – Seriously what would it take to get MeMe Detroit to the US next year?

MeMe – About £5K would probably do it! Ha. It is definitely something we’re going to be looking into for the very near future when the album comes out that’s for sure! I’m looking forward to it!

Joel – I said “Get Down On With Me” would be awesome in any of the next Quentin Tarantino movie soundtracks. How about if you were in a Tarantino movie as well?

MeMe – Wow! A Quentin Tarantino film? That’s the dream right there! Music wise and as an actor? I’m in!

Joel – Well I’ll keep this short cause since I can’t really write very well and it will get edited anyway so I’d like to leave on this.

Would you mind if me and Smitty could be your official stalkers from the US?

MeMe – Ha! Sure, why not? Just without the weird letters and Home invasions though right?

Joel – Of course MeMe! We’ll do it on BBC . It would be an honor, haha!