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I run Beth Shalom Records, promote as part of the Let's Stop Hanging Out DIY Collective (which I also founded), and perform as a solo artist around the UK...and now I review for On The House!!!


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Joe Booley reviewed DEAFPONY 3 years ago

Deafpony are certainly a name that will be sene a lot more around the U.K. DIY scene throughout 2019. As I write this I’m on my 3rd play of the day for their new single ‘Glowing’, a beautiful mix of atmospheric post-rock, twinkly-emo, and catchy hooks throughout the track. But just as you think it won’t lead anywhere you are faced with a hard-hitting fuzz-drenched bridge, before reeling back their previous ethereal nature.

Joe Booley reviewed AMERICANSIGNLANGUAGE. 3 years ago

Is it biased to review one of your own artists?! Of course it isn’t!! This band have been an important part of my 2018, not only for being involved with them, but because of the incredible music they create, and the wonderful message they share. This band has gone from strength to strength since their return in the summer and are one of the most exciting live bands one the U.K. circuit at the moment. I love my bois xx

Joe Booley reviewed SPLURGE 3 years ago

Been listening to these guys and their latest record ‘Dopey’ packs a punch. Especially with the lead single from the album, ‘Sink’, bringing back the vibes of DC punk/hardcore from the latter part of the century with it’s unhinged pace and incessant power. Throughout the LP, the pace never stops, even towards the end of the record with ‘Serpentine’, you hear this glistening slow chord sequence which juxtaposes the rest of the record, but hitting the 1-minute mark it kicks off one last time into this almost Doomy-Punky track.