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My name is Henri Herbert, I play piano and sing, mainly blues and rock n roll. I live in Austin, Texas. I tour all over the world as a specialist of the Boogie Woogie piano style. Very honored to be endorsed by Roland Pianos, Lewis Leathers and Blackstar Amplification.


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Henri Herbert reviewed CROOKED LITTLE SONS 10 months ago

“Live And Loud At The Junction”

What is rock n roll? In my experience, there’s two ways that contemporary bands answer this question. Either they superficially try to replicate a sound from the past, or they take the spirit of the pioneers Presley, Lewis, Berry, Penniman, Domino etc and twist the spirits into something new. This, I am happy to say, is the direction taken by Crooked Little Sons in this absolute banger of a live album, in which the dancing demons of Elvis, Jerry Lee, Chuck and Richard are blasted through a punk rock prism right into the present.

I haven’t yet seen the band live, but if this live album is a true record of their live show then it must be something special to behold right down to the uber-cool almost-no-space-betwen-numbers – a classic stage device used by everyone from Jerry Lee to The Ramones. It all rages by fast and the band diplays incredible tightness. It’s all tastily engineered by Rich Robinson…More please!

Henri Herbert reviewed The Blue Carpet Band 10 months ago

I have just listened to BCB’s newest release “Ain’t Got No Damn Rock n Roll and “Back In The Trash”. This is good time music for the soul that belongs in a sweaty club when we can finally open up the gig venues safely. It’s an effective combination of 50s rock n roll with punk-influenced power-chord guitar work and full power Little Richard-style vocal screams. Eddie Cochran meets Little Richard with a dash of Iggy and The Ramones. I know all the artists I’ve listed are from a bygone era but this stuff sounds contemporary and dangerous enough for any modern audience – can’t wait to hear what they do next. These two banging tunes will be on my playlist for a while to come.

Henri Herbert reviewed JORDAN. 10 months ago

“Anything Can Happen” is the terrific latest release by JORDAN. It’s an atmospheric, timeless ballad which starts off traditionally enough before gradually twisting and turning into a more contemporary and cutting-edge sound – thrilling. JORDAN.’S vocals are expertly produced here – and I have to say this is a great use of autotune as a device to enhance the sound and tone of JORDAN.’s voice. It presents the lyrics in a unique way which is exhilarating to listen to. The use of piano throughout is strong, and as with all good songs it’s all about the song and how the instruments are serving the lyrics.
Let’s talk about that piano! The track starts off with some beautifully recorded almost classical-sounding piano that seems to have jumped right out of the past..The way it’s mixed makes it sound far away, mysterious and haunting..before combining with the super-contemporary produced vocals. The melodic motif played on the piano is a strong counterpoint to the melody and story of the lyrics.

It’s refreshing to hear a piano used in this way for a contemporary song. I’m excited to hear how this continues in JORDAN.’s future releases.

Henri Herbert reviewed DAS PLASTIXX 3 years ago

Review of “Don’t Be Surprised” and “You Wait For War” (Soundcloud) by Das Plastixx.

I was into “Don’t Be Surprised” right from the opening guitar riff – there’s a definite Arctic Monkeys influence on the vocal and vocal production but I can hear rocking influences going back to ACDC riffage. I bet this track really kicks off live. “You Wait for War” changes gears completely with an ominous guitar intro which fits the dark subject matter. Two exciting tracks with completely different feels. I love the melodic guitar breaks – I hope to catch Das Plastixx at a show sometime.