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I'm an extremely passionate photographer and journalist, with previous music magazine experience. I'm completely music-obsessed and I love discovering new artists across all genres.

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Hannah Gimblett reviewed Lonesome 2 months ago

The very much-awaited sequel to Lonesome’s brilliant album ‘To Myself, From Myself’, is here in the form of their brand new single ‘Inure’.
In comparison to their debut release, they’ve succeeded in heightening the ambience, alongside encapsulating everything the six-piece has set out to achieve from the onset with their music, yet with a much stronger impact upon the listener.
With this latest insight into Lonesome’s ongoing musical potential, it’s clear how they’ve managed to truly establish their own space within the post-Rock genre. ‘Inure’ ranges from the most delicate instrumentation and vocals filled with melancholy, then building to an incredibly powerful cinematic creation that, of course, makes me look ahead to what might be next for this noteworthy band.

Hannah Gimblett reviewed GRYM 11 months ago

The Swansea quintet, GRYM, excels at fusing musical genres in the most unique manner. Encompassing an amalgam of metal and alternative punk with a real progressive groove, creating a greatly distinctive sound.
They compel the listener with incredibly raw and visceral energy, making for a dynamic listen.

Hannah Gimblett reviewed POLYBIUS 1 year ago

Polybius, are a powerful rock quartet that clearly bring an essence of authentic hard rock with their initial 2020 single release.
It’s indeed a tremendous introduction to this unique dose of Northern heaviness.
The four-piece manage to juggle the task of creating music that is an amalgamation from both the masterful classics of this genre and the modern greats, developing an uncompromisingly hard-hitting sound.

Hannah Gimblett reviewed BISCH NADAR 1 year ago

Bisch Nadar, are not merely uniquely named, but that distinctive theme also continues with the Liverpool trio’s musical prowess.
They juggle the arduous combination of excellently blended thoughtful Alternative Rock, with heavily guitar fuelled progressive Math Rock.
There’s inevitably more greatness to be fulfilled from this notable Northern outfit.

Hannah Gimblett reviewed WIRED DESIGN 1 year ago

With a brilliantly distinctive Post-Hardcore sound, Wired Design retains their originality, while still being reminiscent of the wonderful greats of the scene.
The Exeter-based quartet has already made a considerable impact on the local music community, despite only forming earlier in the year. I’ll be waiting in anticipation to discover what they’ll be releasing in the coming months.