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I work in the Somerset helping to promote, support and nurture the music scene. As well as writing, I also promote events and work with a couple of local festivals providing others with an opportunity they may not necessarily get elsewhere. I create press packages as well.


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Georgie Robbins reviewed MIRROR GRINN 2 years ago

Somerset classic rockers MirrorGrinn are rising stars in the area. Making noise in all the right places and creating the kind of hell missing from some modern day bands. Their music is infectious and entertaining as well as offering us a reason to completely rock out. It is refreshing to hear a new take on a classic style whilst also adding in some modern flare. There is a lot more to come from these guys. I can feel it.

Georgie Robbins reviewed BOB GALLIE 2 years ago

The sweetest sounds from a beautiful soul, Bob Gallie oozes a sense of calm and reflection we often crave. You want him to be by your side in the hardest of times whilst joining him for a beer in the good times. His music is a wonderful blend of heartwarming melodies and thought provoking lyrics, he is the perfect sunday afternoon accompaniment.

Georgie Robbins reviewed BARDS 3 years ago

A melodic outing going against their Mancunian roots, refreshing. We are so used to hearing the same old indie rock it is great to see a band push those boundaries. Slow is a beautiful piece of music which sets us up nicely for more in the future. I can just imagine listening to this song played live as I am transported to a different realm. Harmony.

Georgie Robbins reviewed THE HOWLING LORDS 3 years ago

The gritty southern sound seduces you, it draws you in and never lets go. It’s a solid outing that makes you think of Son’s of Anarchy, that vibe the whole feel of their songs just makes you think you are listening to a soundtrack. Looking forward to hearing more from them, mainly in a bar with a whiskey in my hand.