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I’m Georgia, the co-director & editor for On The House who also assists with social media marketing and designing promotional material. I work at a website design agency full time as a Content Writer and Project Manager. Here, I manage websites, write content for them, assist in content and design editing and input SEO. My skills range from creative and professional writing to editing, graphic design, marketing, social media and SEO. I’m also an author working on two novels.

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Georgia Byam reviewed SHEEP HEAD 2 years ago

Sheep Head is one magical mixer. I clicked on this artist because I fucking adore lo-fi hip hop music and regularly rinse YouTube playlists when I’m in ultimate chill mode. Not only do the majority of his songs give me a natural high that makes me want to put my feet up, smile and escape, but there are many tracks that I could also see being played in a bar and there would be dozens of people dancing (especially the mix of ‘Issa Celebration’). Despite Sheep Head’s music being predominantly hip-hop and lo-fi, it is well suited to everyone’s taste as he has combined not only these two genres, but also brought in mixes from other genres, not to mention, voiceovers from well-known movies and films (Clouded Perspective EP) which have such a huge impact and bring further emotion and depth to his tracks – with an essence of storytelling. From what I can hear Sheep Head is clever, creative and produces captivating melodies. And from what I can see, Sheep Head does not have the recognition he deserves. Go check this guy out, he has an immense collection on SoundCloud!

Georgia Byam reviewed KB-INPVT 2 years ago

Just checked out his most recent track ‘Medicine’ and I was instantly reminded of some of my favourite hip-hop/trap rap artists like Desiigner and $uicideBoy$. KB-Inpvt has an effective bassline that runs right through you and keeps a consistently smooth and syrupy flow which he proudly raps about in the chorus of this track – “flow so fucking sick you need some fucking medicine.” His pride and passion is apparent and not going to lie, this is the kind of music I would like to spark up and chill the fuck out to. I would be interested to hear some of his other music as there isn’t much from what I can see, particularly a track that showcases how fast this guy can rap because from the freestyle video I saw on YouTube – he sure can! Keep it up dude, you’re sick!

Georgia Byam reviewed ELYSIAN 2 years ago

Elysian’s music is filled with both zestful and sweet-sounding rhythms dominated by the dynamic voice of Celia, who projects pure and soulful tones against the symphonic reggae blends – this five piece has outstanding potential!

Although I highly rate their covers of ‘Seven Nation Army’ and ‘Stoner’, I feel that Elysian would highly benefit from uploading the original material they say they have on Facebook or Soundcloud. On The House doesn’t allow cover bands, and I don’t doubt that they don’t play their written material live – I would love to hear it and I’m sure many of their fans would love to too.

Georgia Byam reviewed THE STRAYS 2 years ago

The moment I opened Spotify and listened to the first track ‘Scratch My Back’ off of the latest EP ‘Brand New Day’, I wanted to kick my shoes off and start dancing as I felt energy building up inside of me. The Strays’ music features strong elements of 50’s rock n’ roll, punky and powerful vocals (from a kickass female vocalist who perfectly hits a variety of notes and styles, intone with the mixture of melodies) topped off with gritty and bluesy tones, which playfully mellow out into soft country vibes. Their music consists of a clever, catchy, combination of genres that takes you back through a variety of eras – all in one motion through each and every song. If I saw these guys live, I’d go nuts!

Georgia Byam reviewed DUBIOUS ROOTS 2 years ago

The local Brighton band has spread rhythmical and euphonious vibes across the UK. Dubious Roots can be seen performing in local bars and events all over the country, with upcoming spots at BEVFEST and Beach Dreams Festival this July 2018. The five-piece band resembles the likes of The Skints with the soulful female vocals that are perfectly complemented by male harmonies. Dubious Roots build a diverse mix to the soothing dub tones and funky riffs – feeding audiences with upbeat vibes through the mixture of ska/reggae/funk rock/dub genres, and array of instruments.

‘Only One Life’, is the latest single (February 2018). It releases powerful and contagious melodies through the atmosphere – creating high and energetic spirits to anyone listening. The lyrics throughout all of their songs reflect real-life topics and emotions, bonding a relationship with their audiences.

Dubious Roots’ feel-good grooves have brought a real essence of roots culture, to the UK.