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As CEO of Ether Tickets, I am passionate about music and preserving local music scenes for years to come.


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Charlie Townsend reviewed CRYBABY SPECIAL 3 years ago

As soon as I started playing the “No Excuses” album I was teleported back to Boomtown Fair with the signature gypsy sound that you hear across many of the stages there. That said… there is something unique about Crybaby Special’s sound that sets them aside. Something that pushes them slightly more to the punk side of things.

As a fan of gypsy punk and seeing Gogol Bordello grow in popularity through the early naughties it’s great to hear new bands still pushing out this style of music. I would love to see these guys in Bristol alongside the likes of “Mr Tea and the Minions” and the “Carnyvillians” who’s nights regularly sell out. I will be keeping an eye out for them should they head west at some point!

Personal favourite tracks include “Surrender”, “No Excuses”, “I Got it Wrong” and “On a Bench”.