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Brett Daniels reviewed HIGHTAIL 1 year ago

No One Left

If you follow the South West Pop Punk/Live Music Scene in any capacity, then you’ve no doubt heard of Bristol Based Pop Punkers Hightail!
These guys are super active on social media and are consistently playing shows! These are Five dudes who clearly love making music and reaching new fans.

Now to business… A couple of weeks back they posted a teaser clip for their new track ‘No One Left’ which did not sound like a typical Hightail track, my interest was immediately piqued, so when Jordan (the band’s vocalist) asked if I wanted to have a sneaky peek. naturally I obliged.
The track opens with the familiar pop punk rhythm guitar tones that shaped the band’s EP ‘A Bulletin For Broken Hearts’, but there’s a melancholier undertone this time, the drums kick in with the lead guitar and the journey begins

We are then met with contemplative lyrics and clean vocals, reflecting on better times and painting the poignant picture that things have changed for the worst. just as we’re settling into the melody and the bleak picture being painted, we’re hit with the harsh vocals, and instantly the pain and desperation established in the verses is fully cemented into our minds, telling us whether we’re prepared or not, WE ARE GOING ON A FEELS TRIP.

The Verdict: I really enjoyed this track, for several reasons, firstly it’s no secret I love pop punk with harsh vocals and I have to say, in this song, they were very well placed and well executed. Admittedly I was a little sad that they didn’t reappear in the second part of the song, but I can appreciate the importance of “leave them wanting more”. so more please!

I knew this was going to be different to Hightail’s previous offerings from the teaser, but this was above and beyond expectations, it’s great to see the guys trying new things, I must also give the guitar solo a well-deserved honourable mention! the placement was spot on, it sounded great and the whole track flows really well. there’s an undeniable growth in sound since the EP (which wasn’t released that long ago) so great work lads keep it up!

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