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I'm Bradley, I make music of a mostly miserable nature under the name HollowTown and have been for years. I currently make a lot of Ambient and Drone music but often branch into Shoegaze, Trip Hop, Alt Rock and Bedroom Pop. I always produce and collab for and with other artists when I can.

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Current project: HollowTown

Lots of Ambient and Drone music as its easier to make whilst living at home with family and doing a full time job and course. Previously made a few heavier rock and some kinda catchy bedroom pop.

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Brad WD reviewed HUSH MOZEY 3 years ago

Hush Mozey – One More Night Live Session

Another intimate performance of one of the smoother cuts from their debut EP “Tales Of Bigotry” (EP out now on all streaming services!!) , “One More Night” is a sultry yet reflective ballad on introspection in the modern age. Tightly performed whilst feeling natural and loose, this is the perfect track to immerse yourself into as the cold nights roll in dark.

Catch the “One More Night (Live Session) on the link below:

If you liked this track please click the link below to follow them on Facebook and why not listen to their EP while your at it:

Brad Davies reviewed HUSH MOZEY 3 years ago

Burlesque (Live Session)

Hot on the tails of the release of fantastic debut EP “Tales Of Bigotry” Hush Mozey treats us with a mellow live performance of “Burlesque”, a touching ballad of new age romance and intimacy. Featuring backing vocals by Sam Taylor and Freddy King from another brilliant Bristol band “Shifty Lao”, this rendition of standout track from the EP is a prime example of their tight performance skills and songwriting abilities.

Check out the video for “Burlesque” here:

For an example of their energetic and equally brilliant live performances click here:

Brad Davies reviewed HUSH MOZEY 3 years ago

After a long time writing and gigging Hush Mozey’s debut EP “Tales Of Bigotry” is finally released and the wait was worth every second. 25 minutes of youthful tracks brilliantly mixing energetic indie ska rock and soulful more stripped down arrangements, all blended together with witty lyrics and sociopolitical themes, confident delivery and a stirring dose of sleaziness.

Standout moments include the intelligent lyricism on “Paper People” where frontman Joe laments about the people he loves who have no money and compares it to the lives of “Tory Bastards” that have all the money are still unhappy and unhealthy, humanising them as people who struggle with the same emotional problems as the rest of us despite their greed and selfishness. The lyrics sum up the dissatisfaction of the young people towards authority and their dodging of answering their questions whilst remaining sensitive to the human condition, leaving you with a smile as it finishes with a humorous murmur of “Hugo Boss was a nazi”. Another great example of questioning social norms is on rebellious track “Hideout” where Joe suggests he shaves his head and wears a dress just to frighten the type of ignorant people bothered by such things. There is also an undeniable allure and charisma throughout the EP with multiple mentions of getting intimate with someone, a theme which is especially prominent of the aptly named “Burlesque”, “Moroccan Treasure” and “Listen Learn”.

The instrumentation on this EP is stellar, balancing elements from ska, indie, soul and even grunge, making each track sound unique yet similarly themed due to the bands well crafted style. From the smooth chord progressions with effective atmospheric guitar solos on tracks such as “One More Night” to the bouncing bass and distorted guitar build ups on “Moroccan Treasure” the band demonstrate expert prowess in their songwriting.

There is so much to love in this EP even excluding the parts that I have mentioned that resonate with myself. I’d highly recommend checking it out and discovering your own favourites, as each track is delicately crafted with great lyrics, tight performance, production and mastering. It’s a refreshing experience for the ears and mind, providing great tunes that can be enjoyed in any capacity, at a party, romantic intimacy, on your own or just hanging with friends. This EP is a great start to their career’s and I am extremely excited for their future.

Hush Mozey’s ‘Tales Of Bigotry’ available now on all major streaming platforms, be sure to give it a listen and if they are playing in your local area make sure to go see them as they always put on a great show. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Brad Davies reviewed ETHEREAL 3 years ago

Ethereal’s “Distilled Pleasures” is a beautiful 3 track EP that features unique haunting composition, droning soundscapes and stunning layered operatic vocals that blend perfectly with the ambient ebb and flow of the tracks. Track 1 “หมอกสีดำ (Black Mist)” is a hauntingly moody atmospheric piece, Track 2 “Seasons In a Day” brings more energy with sketchy electronic drums and complicated layered melodies and Track 3 “Raindrops On A Feather” is a emotional slow build of melancholic strings and harmonised vocals. All 3 tracks feature stunning vocal performances with Ethereal’s dramatic style and unique writing.

Favourite track: หมอกสีดำ (Black Mist)

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