Ripe 'Nana | Tour Manager | Vocalist

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Hello! I’m Becky, a vocalist and independent tour manager from Exeter, Devon. There’s no better feeling than discovering a new artist and becoming obsessed with them. I first felt this feeling snooping through my Dad’s record collection as a spring chicken, discovering bands like The Cars, The Eagles, UB40 and The Rolling Stones. I’ve since spent my whole life being influenced by my families tastes as well as my friends and their families too. All these influences inspired me to start singing and taking up instruments and as a result I am now part of multiple local bands (originals and functions). A couple of years ago a friend recommended me for an administration job, which actually turned out to be tour managing a local band. Strangely enough, I discovered a new found love for working “behind the scenes” with artists, which has led me to start my own management business named Ripe ‘Nana!