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I’m a manager, festival promoter and music business mentor, working with artists to plan and shape their careers to maximise income and creative output. Previous lives also involved pro audio journalism and booking agent work. Wide-ranging experience of the music industry so I know who all the dicks, pussies and arseholes really are. Being totally musically inadequate myself (aren’t all music managers?), I live to help others get their music out to a wider audience. Not limited by genre but particular love of heavy rock, blues and chamber music (no joke). Musical highlight – first time side of stage with Robert Plant after putting a band on my roster on his tour. Musical low point- having to give up tickets to Sabbath’s last ever show for a crappy pub gig in Bognor.


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Angela Young reviewed THE WORD 3 years ago

I’m going to be honest here, I only picked this band to review because I’ve never heard of the ‘tea rock genre’ and I wanted to know more. I’m still none the wiser (Google hasn’t been my friend on this either) but I do know that having once been a true Britpop teen I have a new favourite band in The Word. Top of the Pops and the Blur v Oasis feud and Jarvis’ arse were my life. The Word have taken me right back there. These guys are writing perfect sunny breezy harmonious tunes brought together by some really tight musicianship, catchy lyrics and surprisingly good production. Bjorn and Benny of Abba famously said a song needed at least five ‘hooks’ to be successful and I lost count of them in these tracks. I wanted to sing along just halfway through my first listen of Heartshot, a few listens later and I’m already nearly there (and I’m not even ashamed). I want to play these tracks on a cassette in a car stereo with the roof down and my friends in the back on the way to the beach. Oh yeah, and I want to be 17 again too… This music takes me there. These are pure feelgood tracks, joyful and playful and life-full.

As for the tea rock thing I think this band can just embrace the Britpop label and wear it as the badge of honour it should be, there’s not many who could take that mantle and run with it in 2018. Music has rarely been so much fun.

Angela Young reviewed OLLIE DIXON 3 years ago

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what more the male singer-songwriter genre might still have the offer the world, Ollie Dixon can set you straight. Ollie has got a voice that stretches back through the ages, with a nod to Ben Howard, Jack Johnson and Xavier Rudd but with a unique slant and structure and progression to his songs arguably more compelling than any of those three. Evocative vocals with a gorgeous tone and some seriously accomplished guitar playing, these are songs equally suited to fading out with in a hot sunny festival field as holing up in a darkened room with a broken heart. Ragged Mile is a beautiful EP and Ollie is a very special artist.

Angela Young reviewed BOBBY DEANS 3 years ago

Beautiful clear melodies offset by a voice that sounds like it’s really lived. Genre-defying atmospheric story-telling with presence and emotion. Hope to hear a lot more from Bobby in the future.