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Hi, I am Adam. I have been a music journalist for around 13 years now reviewing and interviewing many artists in that time, I also occasionally run events across the UK and have had some experience with band management and record label management in the past. Favourite Genres: Pop Punk Post Hardcore/Emo Alt Rock Metal core

Current project: Adam Ruane


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Adam Ruane reviewed THE PRETTY FRAGILE 11 months ago

This is awesome! Really strong old school industrial/goth vibes that you don’t really hear these days.

The Pretty Fragile bring us some originality in an otherwise clogged music scene, delving deep into the industrial roots whilst also managing to blend new elements with post-hardcore/metal/rock influences present throughout.

Beautifully melodic, aesthetically pleasing and just simply worked music for fans of a slightly darker vibe.

theprettyfragile replied 11 months ago

Thanks for the review Adam! Really great and so happy you like what we’re doing. 🌹

Adam Ruane reviewed DORKS 11 months ago

Loud. Like, really fucking loud in your face and to the point, all thriller no filler.

Who needs 4 minute songs filled with bullshit when you can have a 1 minute punch to your ear drums that leaves you wanting to break everything in your path.

Hard-core done completely right in every single way, Dorks have studied the art of hard-core and perfected it, fucking nerds.

The band haven’t really been active enough for my liking with just the one track but hopefully there is an awakening soon, but rest assured the one track out there showcases the bands capabilites perfectly.

My ears are ringing and I feel pumped up.

Nice work, dorks.

Adam Ruane reviewed Big shipping 11 months ago

When the idea of Punk was envisioned I feel this is probably the sound they were aiming for and not the dusty, gritty sound we are familiar with.

Big Shipping have a blend of filthy fucking basslines, grit, rawness and a touch of energy that would be guaranteed to cause any venue to be reduced to rubble.

I’d imagine a live show would be absolute carnage and incredibly loud.

A real punk sound for the new generation of punk fan, it’s punk how it always should have been.

Solid work from the Shippy McShipface lads.

Well worth checking out

Adam Ruane reviewed Hena 11 months ago

Hena has some pretty strong old school Frank Turner vibes flowing through the music, both lyrically and composition wise.

Entwined within the debatable lyrical composites lies the very foundations of punk and every song is a rallying call for the left wing.

I tend to try not be too political within my reviewing work but when you’re faced with artists that entirely base their sound on their opinions on the state of the country it is difficult to ignore.

Putting aside the lyrical foundations the sound is pleasing, energetic and raw and it displays the old school feel of punk and its done perfectly.

A great ambassador for a better UK and a fine way of showing the power of music to get a point across.

Fuck the tories.

Hena Larkin replied 11 months ago

Thanks for the review and for checking out my tunes dude, I have a new single on Spotify that I’ve just linked through here check that out if you’re interested in hearing some of my non political content.
I’ll definitely be back putting out songs about the flaws of the government soon though as there’s no shortage of subject matter.

Adam Ruane reviewed YOUNG FATIGUE 11 months ago

Young Fatigue are breathing new life into a heavily fatigued genre.

A rare mix of pop and grunge give us a very raw and retro sound polished off with a familiar pop-punk varnish.

“Dislocation” has enough to peak your interest and reel you in with an immediate impact leaving you wanting more.

A hugely promising band if this single is anything to go by, we’ll worth keeping an ear out for.

YoungFatigue replied 11 months ago

Thank you so much for the kind words Adam! We’re currently getting together plans for our EP release, so we’d be excited to hear your thoughts once it’s out later this year. Cheers!

Adam Ruane reviewed Last Edition 11 months ago

Last Edition are absolutely amazing!

It’s pretty hard to find underground ska bands that are even remotely on this level.

They bring energy, power, freshness and are just easy to listen to, they make ska effortless, which it absolutely is not.

Last Edition pack a punch and the recorded sound transfers brilliantly to a live setting.

Feel good music you can just sink into and party to.

Adam Ruane reviewed MARCANE 1 year ago

Lo-fi beats, pop punk vibes neatly seasoned with hip hop influences.

Its pretty easy listening material produced to a pretty high standard.

There’s a lot of mixed influences all merging into each track, stemming from all corners of musical taste.

Its expertly crafted and kind of defines the new wave of pop/pop punk music we are seeing come to light.

The future is now, old man.

Adam Ruane reviewed GOGODZY GANSKI 1 year ago

Okay…. you ever seen Brooklyn 99? That episode where they knock on that dudes door and he has the music on about a cat losing its virginity?

Well, turns out that song is from this album!*

Its like a really happy Gogol Bordello infused jam session recorded for our entertainment

*not really, but it certainly wouldn’t be out of place here.

Adam Ruane reviewed SCREAMS FROM THE SUN 1 year ago

This is high quality work. Theres a bit of an MGMT vibe in the vocal work and some of the composition but it still holds its own.

The production work is top notch giving a really nice polished product feel and sound, standards that all bands should be aiming for in all honestly.

The songs are actually catchy as hell too and wouldn’t be a miss on radio or even at a festival like Glastonbury.

Solid work

Adam Ruane reviewed RAGING CLUE 1 year ago

Raging Clue are another band I am already familiar with outside of OTH.

A very old school pop punk band with loads to offer the community.

Fronted by Mind Fest Notts founder Aaron JB Trent.

The band pack energy and tie up their tracks with some great old-school vibes that wouldn’t be a miss on your throwback compilation CDs, reminiscent of Warped Tour and feel good summer vibes that we all long for.


Adam Ruane reviewed VANDERLAMP 1 year ago

This is a strange one, because it feels familiar somehow. Like, its music that feels like you recognise it, despite how unique it is.

It has a slight Alabama 3 vibe to it in places, certainly in the vocal work and lyrical construction, almost a poetic piece thread together with captivating and interesting sounds.

It could easily be blended into a movie or TV show montage, it just transports you in a strange way.

I dig it

Adam Ruane reviewed SLACKRR 1 year ago

I absolutely adore Slackrr. This is one of those occasions where I come across a band I am all too familiar with outside the confides of this website.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the band grow over the years and develop as one of the hottest Pop Punk outfits on the underground circuit.

As far as musical prowess goes they sit right near the top of the pile. Catchy as hell pop punk that packs a punch.

Anthems for days that will have you singing and bopping along no matter what mood you’re in.

This is pop punk in its natural habitat performed by experts in the field, delivered with finesse.

Adam Ruane reviewed MANI 1 year ago

I am always massively dubious when I’m reviewing anything under the “art rock” framework as all I can picture is that really angry Japanese bloke whacking the shit out of a snare drum and calling it music.

This is pleasantly not that, at all. Its very mathy and, indeed, arty. There’s some great composition work in play and the tracks do gel and work well together.

It is a very busy sound with an awful lot going on, but it certainly grabs your attention and keeps you engaged.

Unlike a particular angry man walloping the shite out of a snare drum, I can happily recommend this.

Adam Ruane reviewed FOIL OF THE STARS 1 year ago

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from the band, judging by their artwork I expected a bit of a techno-rock vibe I guess but was pleasantly surprised with what I was greeted with.

Ambient and energetic tracks blended with ghostly vocals really draw you into the bands sound.

Its a unique blend of rock, ambience and pop that makes for incredibly easy listening, a very enjoyable experience

Adam Ruane reviewed SCHOOL DISCO 1 year ago

This is fucking crazy, and I love it. Its old school, sci-fi punk. In a world where we are hearing more and more under produced over churned mumble rap it is a gem of freshness. Something totally new and energetic and I would imagine it transfers to the stage amazingly well.

10/10 would see live.

Adam Ruane reviewed SAMMY KETTELL 1 year ago

I have given a few tracks a listen through, and its clear to see that the talent is there. The tracks are all live recordings/unproduced material, which I feel would be a great starting point to develop.

Having these tracks really ironed out would be a huge step forward, but for the time being they are still enjoyable and give you enough of an idea on what to expect and how talented Sammy is.

Great work!

Adam Ruane reviewed SET YOUR SIGHTS 1 year ago

I love stumbling across friends bands on this site and seeing how far OTH is developing and seeing more and more artists jumping on the platform.

Set Your Sights are a great bunch of lads with some incredible songs that transfer into immensely energetic and fun shows on the live circuit.

They’re one of the developing pop punk bands on our radar and are well worth a check out. You may not feel their sound is completely polished yet but the signs are there that the guys are going places.

Check them out!

Adam Ruane reviewed LOVELACE 1 year ago

The band say they dont know how to describe themselves, they’re kind of a blend of dream pop meets melodic indie rock. It’s pretty catchy. The band have a pretty bright future with the current single Baudelaire leading as the flagship single for the band.

A very strong, energetic and quite brilliant little track, certainly one to keep an eye and ear out for

Adam Ruane reviewed THIEVES OF LIBERTY 2 years ago

This packs energy and punch! It’s a blend of old school rock blended with some youthful modern twists.

The vocals are super powerful and carry the band amazingly well, you can easily understand how the band have been playing some pretty major events such as Camden Rocks.

If any bands are asking what exactly they need to be doing to “make it” listen to this and take notes.

Adam Ruane reviewed THE SUPER PUMAS 2 years ago

This is pretty strong! Glasgow and Scotland have some incredible bands emerging at the moment and are the home to some of rock music royalty such as Biffy Clyro, who you can tell have had a huge inspiration here with The Super Pumas, even the lyric work reflects that of early Biffy Clyro.

An exceptionally good band with a whole lot more to offer the music world. Highly recommend checking them out!

Adam Ruane reviewed CONFLARE 2 years ago

The Yorkshire music scene is thriving at the moment. There is so much talent there ready to be discovered and Leeds is the absolute hub of developing bands.

Conflare are a prime example of this delivering powerful and energetic alt/rock. It’s a high standard, the songs are catchy and they have everything that is needed to go far if they use the right channels, such as BBC Introducing, to help them get involved with bigger shows.

Quite possibly ones to remember, we could be seeing them out and about a fair bit in the coming year.

Adam Ruane reviewed GLORY FADES 2 years ago

This is damn strong! Every aspect of this band is flawless. The writing, the recording, the energy and potential is just enormous!

It isnt every day you find a gem on here, but bloody hell I think this is my favourite find of the year for OTH.

What an amazing band.

Adam Ruane reviewed KARAB 2 years ago

Post-hardcore for your grandad. This is what I imagine Judas Priest would sound like if they were new on the scene today.

Your grandad would love it, but the youth of today would certainly skip straight past it.

It’s not awful, not by a long shot, it’s just a slightly dated approach.

Adam Ruane reviewed THE ED MILLER BAND 2 years ago

I can get the FUCK right behind this! It’s got raw power, it’s fun and I can see why they have developed a cult following.

It’s just a complete mash up of any genre ever created, thrashed together in one big mess of a sound and it works fucking brilliantly, I love it

Adam Ruane reviewed NATHAN HARRISON 2 years ago

Bit ballsy linking only live videos for review.. unfortunately the sound quality isn’t really there to be able to make a full comment on Nathan’s ability but from what I could hear I am certainly keen to hear more, so I shall definitely be keeping an eye/ear out.

Adam Ruane reviewed DEAD HARVEST 2 years ago

The foundations are there for something potentially half decent, it just feels as though it’s lacking an identity.

I’d like to hear more strength in the vocal work and a little bit more experiment with the genre, this could be any band in any club in the world, they need to set themselves apart from the others if they are to attract more interest.

Adam Ruane reviewed LILA J 2 years ago

A strong folk rock/indie vibe coming from these two! Strong vocal presence entwined with all the ingredients befitting of a popular festival act.

One to keep your eyes on for sure, especially coming into the new festival season, they would fit perfectly at Glastonbury.

Adam Ruane reviewed THIS HUMAN CONDITION 2 years ago

I’m currently listening to Human and the opening sounds like its about to burst into a techno version of Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid.

The summer vibes are incredible, it’s a really fresh take on some of the modern electronic music currently on offer and has certainly gained my interest.

I want to be sat on a beach, coconut cocktail in one hand with this blasting out in the background.

Adam Ruane reviewed BARDS 2 years ago

Ambient rock at its finest. If you’re after something haunting and equally relaxing to mellow out to then this is absolutely top of the pile.

Adam Ruane reviewed SLEEP’N’DAD 2 years ago

Straight off the bat we have a winner for the best artwork.

Velvet Horsehoe is the track that is linked to this account and it’s pretty much what I expected from the band.

Sleeeeeeeeeazy fun alt rock at its god damn finest. Its one of those songs that you listen to once and think “what the fuck” and then before you know it you’ve had it on repeat and you’re singing it in your head and now everyone around you is planning to hold an intervention to stop you from singing about smooth dicks.

Fair play Australia, you keep on doing you.

Adam Ruane reviewed LA ROCHE 2 years ago

I have been pretty quiet with reviews via OTH as of late, mainly due to life growing in a million directions, but WOW what a way to start up again.

The vocal presence alone on these tracks are absolutely sublime, something that would not be a miss amongst the mainstream media top 20 tracks and that is before we even delve deeper into the tracks themselves.

It’s a beautifully composed piece of work merging modern pop with shoegaze vibes, the production is amazing and everything flows and entwines and leaves you wanting to hear more.

Where some albums or EPs can rapidly become stale and somewhat a chore to listen through this makes for easy listening that, in my opinion, ends too soon.

I’ll be keeping an eye and an ear out for any future releases that is for sure.

Adam Ruane reviewed COLOR OUT 2 years ago

Strong, very strong. I really enjoyed playing through the songs available on SoundCloud. Right up my alley, think a mix of old school emo/rock with a modern twist. Strong vocals, great song writing and I get a slight Placebo vibe from the vocals. Great little gem!

Adam Ruane reviewed FEAR ME DECEMBER 2 years ago

It’s always nice seeing bands you have had the pleasure of working with pop up on here, FMD are an amazing bunch and very talented. I was lucky to have them come play a show for least year and they sounded amazing. They’re heading in a new direction with slight line-up changes but everything coming from them keeps me excited and I can’t wait to hear more!

Adam Ruane reviewed HORIZONZ 2 years ago

I gave Falling a quick spin to get a feel for the guys. It’s pop rock at a very high quality, think dad rock for the modern dad. They’re talented and very good at what they do, no mistake about that and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them making moves and appearing on festivals or supporting bigger bands such as Coldplay or someone of the kind in the future.

Adam Ruane reviewed GARDEN 2 years ago

This has shades of Kings of Leon, Catfish and the Bottlemen with a slight twist. It’s indie rock done at a very, very high level. Potentially future arena headliners and wouldn’t look out of place supporting main stages at major festivals. Very strong and I’m excited to see what the year has in store for them.

Adam Ruane reviewed FNUF 2 years ago

This is what I would expect to be playing in the background of a cafe somewhere, not that that is a bad thing at all. The production is lovely, the mix of English and French vocals work well and keep the identity of FNUF as a French man living in Glasgow. Scotland has such a strong mix of talented musicians and you can add this to that ever growing list, if you’re into it of course. French/English Hipster Cafe Ambience music.

Adam Ruane reviewed KYNGS 3 years ago

These guys have really begun to burst out on to the scene this past year or so and with such a strong sound it is easy to see why there is a growing buzz around them. Powerful stuff from the Manchester outfit who will only grow from strength to strength. Massively recommended.

Adam Ruane reviewed CROOKED LITTLE SONS 3 years ago

Crooked Little Sons are the embodiment of UK punk rock, with an energetic, hard hitting, grab you by the throat vibe around them. They will draw you in and keep a hold of you from the first riff. A modern powerhouse on the UK circuit.

Adam Ruane reviewed NO GUD 3 years ago

This is very, very strong. In some tracks I get a bit of a throwback Kanye vibe, The College Dropout era, other tracks are a bit more modern. The production is brilliant and the tracks are of very high quality. A bright future may well lay ahead.

Adam Ruane reviewed AARON JAMES 3 years ago

This is like a homage to late 90’s early 00’s pop-punk. It’s cringe but nostalgia is overflowing here. It’s a almost two decades late to be relevant but anyone wanting a throwback vibe will really dig this. Or if any emo/pop-punk bands do anniversary tours this would be the ideal opener.

Adam Ruane reviewed FEEDING THE WOLVES 3 years ago

Metalcore done right, in recent days we have seen a decline in metalcore bands, and this seems to be an attempt to revive that movement. A strong single to work from, and it’ll be interesting to see how things develop here.

Adam Ruane reviewed HUNTING HOLLY 3 years ago

Vibrant, summery brit pop. This is kind of like a mash up of Blur and The Libertines, it works really well, quite pleasantly impressed. I’ll be keeping an eye on these!

Adam Ruane reviewed TORMENTA 3 years ago

HUGE. These guys are filling the gap that Linkin Park have left behind and they do it amazingly well. They’re loud, in your face, massively coordinated and flawless in their delivery.

I have had the pleasure of seeing them live, they performed a showcase for my promotions company and they were by far the best band on the night. They absolutely blew me away with their production and execution and I can not wait to see them develop further.

Adam Ruane reviewed FRANKY’S EVIL PARTY 3 years ago

Alright then, what have we got going on here, Scottish dance punk outfit with songs about Dolph Lundgren, surely a win win? No?
No…. no, no, no. I can imagine this is wild as fuck to witness live and I reckon around 90% of their demographic probably smash a few shrooms before heading into the sweaty basement to catch their shows. Fuck knows, it works, but I can’t tell.if the band take themselves seriously or if this was just a “let’s get drunk and see what the fuck we record” type job.
Fair fucks though it’s not totally awful. Dolph Lundgren would be…intrigued, I guess.

Adam Ruane reviewed FUNKTIONAL FAMILY 3 years ago

This is nice…this is almost what the Manson Family could of been if they had tried to be musical pioneers and, you know, not murdering folk.
The production is lovely, there’s a lot going on with instrumental work and it all builds up beautifully and then it drops the funk on you. Funky funky rock, due to the sheer amount of instruments going on there is a lot of directions that these guys can go in, funk rock, funk metal, funk pop, funk punk all of the funk. I enjoyed it.

Adam Ruane reviewed DANNY MORTIMER 3 years ago

Anything But Silent – Review.
Shit my pants. Is that an appropriate way to start a review? I was sat easing my way into the song, a nice little melody and calming vibes lure you into a false sense of security, out of nowhere it picks up and hits you square between the eyes. Fantastically written piece of music and certainly leaves the listener interested to hear more… now pass me the loo roll will ya..

Adam Ruane reviewed JAMES PARKIN 3 years ago

Having sat and listened through a number of tracks it’s become apparent that James Parkin has a very strong ability to write and produce amazing songs, I get a slight Bob Dillan vibe from certain tracks such as Society, even the way the music video was created seems to be a homage to the late great.
I’ll be keeping an eye on James and his progress with a keen eye to see what else he gets up to, if you enjoy laid back, relaxing vibes then this is definitely for you.