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Adam Jackson reviewed PERCEPTIONS 3 years ago

‘For my first review on here I thought I’d check out a band listed as metalcore – a genre I have been a massive fan of for many years, and have a pretty good grasp of given my experiences with my own band. I like to think I know good metalcore when I hear it!

So I gave Perceptions a listen, specifically their song ‘Outcast’, and I was pretty impressed. There were some really cool ideas in there that were executed well! The song was structured pretty well too and it flowed nicely. That riff that starts the song is sick, nice work!

I think sometimes in metal it’s very easy to forget about actually writing a song and instead just sticking a load of riffs/parts together that you like and hoping for the best. So moving forward for you guys my advice would always be to focus on serving the song and doing what’s best for it – for example it’s not about playing the fastest most technical stuff, simple is good too. It’s also good to always ask yourself if the song really needs each part, do they all make the song better? Don’t be afraid to trim the fat so to speak.

Other than that – get out there, play as many shows as possible and enjoy yourself!! I wish you boys all the best.’