Need To Know: Your-Tune (Earn Money Writing Personalised Songs!)

  • April 20th, 2020
  • Written by marcusoz

Earlier last week, we were approached by one of our veteran reviewers – Angela Young. Angela has always been very vocal and active in the On The House community, which is a true testament to her dedication to underground music, let alone her experience in the industry. Now, this passion has manifested into a whole new entity, aimed at helping artists gain a bit of financial relief when sat at home writing music, whilst simultaneously creating a unique and personalised gift. With the power of the internet and a world that is becoming more connected by the day, creators are able to work together to create new and innovative products to help the industry sustain itself – some like to call it DIY.

Whats more DIY than writing your own original songs and being paid for it, on your own terms, when you want to, with no pressure to complete the task?

Your-Tune is currently in development, but they have recently released a info-sheet on their main website that explains how everything works and most importantly- how you can get involved. We here at On The House are doing our best to promote new projects when we can and after being approached by the Your-Tune team, we thought this is something that you would all love to hear about – but then we got a lovely offer!

Your-Tune are currently looking for as many artists to sign up as possible before the website launch, so they have offered to give a small fee to On The House for artists that sign up using their OTH profile link. Any money we receive from these referrals will help us pay for our website fees during this difficult time whilst we can’t host any events. To make this process even easier, artists that already have an On The House profile with us can email Your-Tune expressing their interest and only have to attach their OTH profile link to the email, instead of attaching all of their usual PR info/images/links etc. Your-Tune will then get back to you to arrange the details of the process and use your public info to get you started – easy!

The best part? It’s free to sign up and nothing will be deducted from your fee when you are working on projects! What have you got to lose?


Your-Tune Website & Artist Press Release:

Email (Attach OTH Profile Link):


If you haven’t created an On The House artist profile yet, you can sign up HERE. It only takes 2 minutes and you could have your music reviewed by over 60+ music industry professionals with the chance of receiving multiple reviews! Again, it’s totally free!