MULTI-REVIEW: Mother Vulture - "Doing It Live"

  • July 17th, 2020
  • Written by marcusoz

If there’s one band you want to see when the venues reopen their doors, its Mother Vulture. There is no other band that will be able to unleash the lockdown fury inside of you; always electrifying their crowd with their kinetic performances. The Covid-19 pandemic has made the live music industry come to a halt, leaving bands like Mother Vulture itching to continue pursuing their dreams. Despite this unprecedented change of path, Mother Vulture didn’t waste time making sure they could bring their raw music to you, at home, by releasing a live album – Doing It Live. Produced in 2019, the band members didn’t initially plan to release the record, but when lockdown put their rapid-growing career on standby – it was the perfect opportunity.

The entire record was recorded in a matter of hours and after listening back, guitarist, Brodie Maguire, said they “realised it sounded much more authentic to our sound and energy than anything we’d previously released.”


– Felix Bartlett


“Mother Vulture’s propensity for expelling supernova energy at their gigs has placed them firmly as one of the most exciting new bands in the Southwest, if not the UK. With their live album ‘Doing it Live’ they come armed to the teeth with filthy riffs and behemoth beats, but their most salient feature might be the flesh-searing vocals of Georgi Ivanov.

While we can’t be together losing our collective shit at a Mother Vulture gig right now, this album delivers as close as you can get, (throwing beer over yourself and screaming in your living room optional).

Doing it Live will leave you wet in all the right places. (I’m talking about armpits you creep), so grab a limited edition vinyl or download it. Treat yourself and support one of DIY’s finest.”

– Sarah Marie Tyrell / The Eyelids, Peach Honey Songwriters Club, HONEY



– GLKMedia


“There is no denying that Mother Vulture are the mad masters of live shows; delivering insanely loud rough and raw hard core rock whipping their audiences into a wild frenzy.

Lockdown has curtailed their live shows; undeterred this great bunch of Bristol based rockers are dropping Doing It Live on 17th July – a 10 track masterpiece of blazing in your face noise. Armed with a zero budget but loaded with enthusiasm and boundless energy Mother Vulture have nailed the energetic magic of their live shows.

Produced, mixed and mastered by the band themselves Doing It Live is chaotic and raggedy round the edges, but these are the very qualities that make their live gigs so special.”

– Sheila Vanloo / Vanloos Reviews, Ex-Radio Host 


– Ross Rothero Bourge


“Integrating an intense combination of Blues with an authentic Punk sensibility, Mother Vulture exceed even the highest of expectations on this live record.

With a brilliant combination of previously released and fresh tracks, this brilliantly bold Bristol quartet deliver every musical note with true bite and inimitable visceral energy. The power of their live show seeps through the headphones to transport us all to one of the most prolific live bands from the UK.”

– Hannah O’Brien / Exeter Uncovered


Fame Or Shame – Taken From ‘Doing It Live’


Doing It Live is set to release on the 24th July, however only 100 copies are being produced. If Mother Vulture continue in the direction they’re going, the live record will be a sought-after item in the years to come. Expect everything; fear nothing.

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Written By: Georgia Byam