LEOPALLOOZA 2019 - What The Artists Had To Say

  • August 5th, 2019
  • Written by marcusoz

We didn’t plan on posting a Leopallooza review at first because if I’m honest, I can only remember about 40% of the whole weekend. The entire driving force of the festival was made inherently clear and my liver had taken one hell of a beating trying to keep up. But, after such a phenomenal weekend surrounded by new friends, a heart-warming atmosphere and most of all, some of the best artists the UK as to offer – it’d be bloody rude not to.

So we thought it would be fitting, given the way we like to do things, for us to showcase why this festival is so universally loved by all of those who graces it stages. More specifically, the MONO and the BBC Introducing Stage, which hosted some of the most talented artists of the entire weekend that are currently tucked away in the UK underground circuit. During the daytime we were blessed with hand-picked artists from the BBC Devon & Cornwall team, including some of our close friends in Pattern Pusher, Jamie Yost & Drakes Island, who all played phenomenal sets over the weekend and really helped The Wyldes diversify their influence even more. The Mono stage, hosted some of the dirtiest and most energetic bands i’ve ever had the pleasure of performing alongside in my musical career. The mastermind behind the Monos expert stage management and curation of this behemoth of a line-up was the lovely Louise Martin, who was repeatedly praised for her efforts all weekend by every artist she came in contact with.


Matthew Price, who performs in both Drakes Island and in Jamie Yost’s backing band, had the pleasure of playing two sets straight after each other on the Sunday afternoon. We have known Matthew for years but finally had the chance to meet him in person and he is without a doubt, one of the most enthusiastically passionate musicians in the South West right now. So we asked him about his Leo experience and this is what he had to say:




LEOPALLOOZA was by far one of the best experiences so far for both bands this year. We had a great time and we were really made to feel at home. The Leopallooza team were amazing including Louise and of course the soundies. It’s a festival I have performed at before and hopefully we will be back next year for my stuff haha ?





Exeter’s very own funk pop superheroes Pattern Pusher rocked up in their quirky, brightly coloured garms and delivered a crackin’ performance on the BBC Introducing Stage in the afternoon – giving Leopallooza a true taste of the newest wave of alternative pop that will soon sweep the underground. Here’s what vocalist Alex Johnstone had to say about their Leo experience:




“From my perspective Leopallooza was one of the most stunning sites I’ve seen, it’s nice to have a festival that’s hidden amongst trees with quirky woodland stages! Louise and the BBC team organised everything great and was super smooth. Opening a stage on the Friday we had no idea what to expect but we had a fun crowd bang up for dancing! Would be keen to go back even just for the fun of it, great festival!”





We also spoke to Georgi Valentine Ivanov, frontman of the blisteringly energetic and unrelentlessly powerful Mother Vulture, who stole the hearts of every passing punter who managed to catch one of their sets over the weekend. The band played an impromptu slot on the Second Stage on the Friday, after Crows had to pull out. Their bass player Chris Simpson wasn’t able to arrive until later in the evening so they had to do the show without him – which is a terrifying feat for any artist with no time to prepare. But as we expected, they absolutely smashed it and even managed to draw a sizeable audience for their allotted set on the Mono Stage on Saturday evening. Here’s what Georgi had to say about the phenomenal first impression the band managed to make this year:


“As time drew closer to the weekend of Leopallooza, I felt quite nervous and restless. Mixture of thoughts about how the weekend was going to unfold and what kind of atmosphere there would be. This year being my first time at this festival I managed to meet a lot of talented musicians and engineers who all worked effortlessly to make the weekend the best that it could be. I felt humbled by their welcoming and commitment. Leo being our first open door show… We really didn’t know what to expect, so as usual we made sure to give it our all! The anxious feeling got amplified too when Brodie our guitarist dealt a heavy blow to his foot and I pillaged my knee of all life force a week before Leo. To add to it the pressure racked up to a thousand when we were asked to perform twice, none the less we didn’t wish to disappoint and did the best we could without our bassist Chris.

Overall, this opportunity wouldn’t of come along and none of us would have had such a fantastic time without all the people who turned up to our set on Saturday and worked with us to make it such a beautiful experience. Clunkmagazine was there to support us through the whole weekend and a few very kind individuals/bands such as Haggard Cat, Crooked Little Sons, Taunts, WAXX, The Rezner, Moriaty. Too many to count on fingers, really felt blessed to be in the company let alone having the chance to be on the same festival. Really the whole ordeal filled my heart with love, it was an unforgettable time! Some of the bands that I saw for the first time, were Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Lady Bird, The Big Sets and WAXX. Truly blown away by the energy that spread across the fields of Leopallooza.

Once again, just a massive Thank You! To everyone who saw us on the weekend, the organisers and especially to Haggard Cat who let us use the majority of their gear when we played our set! Also we sincerely hope that Crows are doing well! Oh and yeah cannot forget, whichever member of Feeder bought our T-Shirt you are awesome and love all of you just as much!

PS Brodie’s foot is doing better! ❤


On the Sunday, we had the pleasure of catching up with our friends in South West rock n’ roll legends Moriaty, who are regulars at the festival and always come away with the most insane stories (usually due to alcohol). This year was no exception, as drummer Matthew Partridge managed to disappear for 2 whole days after the VIP afterparty in the early hours of Monday morning. We managed to track him down to see what he had to say about the weekend. It’s short and sweet, but thats probably because he’s lost about 50% of his brain function:





Leopallooza was a celebration of local bands having fun and creating scenes left right and centre. I love you all!”





And of course myself, as I performed on the Friday night sharing the same time slots as Moriaty & Mother Vulture in my own band Crooked Little Sons. If it’s not obvious by now, I absolutely adore this festival for everything that it is and always has been. As expressed by the other artists, it’s a fantastic place to gain exposure to a diverse group of music fans whilst also letting loose with your friends at one of the most welcoming festivals out there. Our set was incredible and we loved every second of it, we can’t wait to return with new music very soon!



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Featured image by: Matthew Hawkey