How To Create A Perfect On The House Artist Page

  • March 6th, 2021
  • Written by marcusoz

So you’ve just signed up to On The House, you’ve seen your friends music being reviewed and being released on CD & vinyl, playing our events in front of music industry representatives and start wondering to yourself – how do I get a piece of this action? You’ve signed up to our website and have created an Artist Profile, you’ve been accepted – now what?

Well, for our reviewers to really take notice of your project, you will need a complete On The House ‘Artist Page’. Once you’ve signed up and created an ‘Artist Profile’, you’ll need to log in and start adding information to your account.

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When you first login, you’ll reach a page that says ‘Your Profile’ – this is your personal contact details, as a representative of your music project(s). If you are a band member, you should fill this section out as yourself with your own personal contact details, as this information is used when other artists & industry want to use the ‘Reveal Details’ button and get in touch. This is also the information that will display if you either reply to comment or review another artist on the website.

If you are an artist manager, or work with artists and want to get them reviewed, you can also create an ‘Artist Profile’ and then fill in the ‘Your Profile’ section with information about your business. Once you’ve created ‘Artist Pages’ for all of your projects, anyone checking them out will be able to contact you directly for further collaboration with the artist. There is no limit to how many ‘Artist Pages’ you can make!

With all this talk about ‘Artist Pages’, we better show you how to make one, before we get ahead of ourselves.

Once you’ve filled out the ‘Your Profile’ section, scroll down the page and you’ll reach a section called ‘My Artists’ – this is where all of your created ‘Artist Pages’ will display, ready to be edited. Scroll a little further down and you’ll reach the ‘Claim, or create an artist page’ section, this is where we get down to business.

If you have been reviewed by us on the old website before, or had an Artist Page with us on the old platform, you can type your band name in the search bar and ‘Claim’ your old page, with any reviews previously attached, ready to be edited. Click the ‘Claim’ button, refresh the page and then head to the ‘My Artists’ section to start editing your Artist Page.

If you are new to our website, you can use this search box to create a brand new page as well. Just search your artist name in the search box to get started, this will check to see if someone else hasn’t already signed up on your behalf, or if another artist has the same name. If there aren’t any Artist Pages on the website with your name, you’ll be asked to ‘Create A New Artist Page’. Click the button, refresh the page and head to the ‘My Artists’ section to start editing.

Once you’ve clicked the ‘Edit Page’ button of your selected musical project, under ‘My Artists’, you’ll be able to start adding all your information for our reviewers to see!

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Top Tips For A Perfect Profile:

  • A high-quality press image is preferred over a logo/illustration when uploading your main ‘Artist Image’. This gives our reviewers a chance to see the face’s behind each project when they search.
  • Your ‘Pull Out‘ quote will appear in bold at the top of your Artist Page, make sure you write something short and snappy that describes your music easily
  • Your ‘Introduction’ is arguably the most important part of your biography, as this is the small sentence of text that our reviewers will see when browsing the ‘Artists’ tab underneath your name & image – make sure you write something that will catch their attention!
  • When uploading your ‘Spotify Embed Code‘, make sure you carefully follow the instructions in the GIF provided above the text box. Your embed code should look something like this: “
  • When adding ‘Social Networks‘, it’s important to provide as many options as possible for future contact and collaboration. To add a social icon, you need to clearly type out the name of the icon you wish to appear and then add your URL link. For example, if you wanted to post a Facebook link, you would type ‘Facebook’ into the ‘Name’ section and you would post your Facebook Page URL in the ‘Link’ section. If there are any icons that do not display, please let us know, we are still getting them all set up!
  • Most importantly, once you are finished updating your ‘Artist Page’, scroll to the top of the Page Editor and click ‘Submit For Approval‘. Once approved, you’re all set and ready to let the world hear your music! If you have a new release coming out, we recommend updating your Artist Pages with fresh links, images and biographies to encourage reviewers to take a second look at your page.

If you are still struggling with how to use the website, please contact us at, or, if you have a technical issue, use the ‘Email Support’ button at the very bottom of the page to have our developers fix the issue for you.

Thank you all for joining our community, the bigger we get, the more we can do to help you all thrive. We look forward to hearing your music!