• April 17th, 2020
  • Written by marcusoz

We’ve spent the last 3 years thoroughly researching every artist we’ve come across so far in the UK underground music scene and every now and then, we find ourselves a little gem. Be it through our network of industry partners and pals that we work alongside, through our website submissions or even just from attending a good old fashion show. As an ever-evolving community, we have a lot names being thrown around when it comes to high-rising artists from various genres, so we created our ‘HAVE YOU HEARD’ articles to exclusively dissect some of the most talked about artists in our end of the music community. Let’s dig in!

It’s Marcus, your founder and resident dork speaking, and i’ll be starting this series off myself! I’ve been listening to Milo Gores latest two singles ‘Green Eyes’ and ‘Jerry Can’ frequently over the last couple of weeks, alongside already being familiar with their earlier releases. Both singles have been premiered and promoted with the guidance of  Matthew Goodyear, who is a part of Boneyard Promotions and runs Burn It Down Festival in Torquay. Since Milo Gore have skyrocketed from their local labels to an established underground act in the last year, alongside releasing some of their catchiest, heart-melting tunes to date with promising plans for the future – it’s only fitting we have them kick off this series!

‘Jerry Can’ and ‘Green Eyes’ have such a charming character to them that I know the vast majority of our listeners will adore Milo Gores off-brand indie folk-rock in the same way I do. The production is fantastic and the group vocals are absolutely darling, which for me, is one of the most enticing aspects of Milo Gores music. A fragile yet impactful tone that dynamically triumphs over its rivals in an endearing and effortless way. This lot mean business. Their songwriting capabilities are fantastic and make light work of captivating choruses and an atmosphere fit for a festival headline slot – without even breaking a sweat. You’ll discover all of this yourselves when you check out their latest two singles posted below, which are both available via their Spotify alongside their other, equally impressive releases. Stick ’em on and keep scrolling, we’re just getting to the good stuff.

It’s not just us here at On The House that have fallen in love with the South Western heart-tuggers, their numbers alone are proof of their growing success – they’ve amassed well over 220,000 combined Spotify streams alone, with 9,200 monthly listeners and counting before they’ve even released their debut album! Their first full-length release titled; ‘How Do You Cope While Grieving For The Living?’ boasts an incredibly impressive production team, including Pete Prokopiw (Producer; Mumford and Sons, Florence and The Machine), Andy Savours (Mixing Engineer ; Sigur Ros, The Horrors) and Guy Davie (Mastering Engineer – The Streets, King Krule, Jamie T). How much more do you need to know that this lot are the real deal?

With that being said, I think i’ve done enough blabbering. So, let’s dive in to the juicy stuff! First off, we started speaking with Milo Gore directly about their journey to where they are today, how the band came together and those all important bites of advice for any local musicians reading this right now.


Hey everyone, thanks for getting involved with launch of these features! To kick tings off, let’s start with something simple; How did the band come together? Has it always been the line-up we see today?

We’re an anomaly for sure! We’ve changed, transformed and progressed a lot over the years! Having started out as Milo’s solo project, it’s now a much more collaborative experience. The band started around 4 years ago, when Milo, Max, and our then drummer and guitarist, Luke and Jay, all met at Falmouth University. But as Luke and Jay went on to pursue other things, we saw Kieran, Christina, and most recently Joe, join the band. You can really hear that in our music, the way it’s progressed, and adapted over the years. The progression is really a part of us though, a part of our style, and it’s nice to look back and see how far we have come.

One of our main purposes as a brand is to keep our ear to the ground when it comes to high rising talent, and definitely we’ve noticed a sudden jump in your popularity over the last year or so, on both sides of the coin – can you tell us what your secret is? Was there a pinnacle turning point for the band?

A big question.. I don’t think we have a secret for success just yet, we still have a long way to go, but I guess  you could say we’ve recently started to gain a bit more traction! Hmm I think it’s just down to time and patience really. Last year we took a step back. A step back from recording, to just focus on writing, and to really just focus on perfecting our craft. And when we talk about perfecting our craft, it’s not just about the music. Being a band or an artist, it’s about more than just the music, you’ve gotta have a brand, an image, a world to sell. So I think just taking some time out to focus on ourselves, and work out our strategy moving forward, was really important. We’ve just given ‘Milo Gore’ a lot more depth, which I think has really helped. That, paired with some strong, well-produced songs has been key for us. So far it seems to have paid off!!

‘Jerry Can’ has had a really successful release so far and we’re sure you’re hoping the same will happen with ‘Green Eyes’ which you have released today – what are your next steps after these tracks have spent their time in the limelight?

More Music! Music music music. So post ‘Green Eyes’, we still have a few more singles to release before our debut album ‘How Do You Cope While Grieving For The Living?’ comes out on the 20th August. But between then and now, we’re just going to try and keep our engagement up, and keep entertaining the fans who listen to us, and support us. It’s a bloody hard time for everyone at the moment, so we’re gonna do anything we can to spread positive vibes. We’ll definitely do some more live streams.. It’s the latest trend after all!

Haha, it’s definitely one of the few things keeping people going at the moment! So next up, we’d love to have a piece of advice from the band/one of the members, about the journey from playing local shows to where you are now, or anything that artists might not think of when initially starting their journey? 

Another tough one! Hmm, I guess all I can say is stick at it! Keep pushing! It takes time, patience and persistence. We’ve still got a long way to go ourselves. It’s very easy to get disheartened after a while, especially when only playing local shows. I mean they’re fun as hell! But as a band or artist, you want to push yourself, get yourself seen by bigger audiences and increase your fan base. So it’s understandable that after a while it can start to get frustrating playing your local AGAIN! One bit of advice we could give, apart from forever perfecting your craft, is make contacts. Contacts in most industries can be very useful, well, in the music industry they are vital. So get those emails out, start going to gigs, start talking, start promoting yourself with the right people. That’s the biggest bit of advice I can give you. Support others, and they’ll support you.

And finally, the most important part! If you have anything you’d like to promote that hasn’t already been covered, feel free to talk about it now, we’re sure our readers will want to check you out after all this fuss!

Well other than the obvious – our upcoming debut album ‘How Do You Cope While Grieving For The Living?’ comes out on the 20th August – we do have some merch for sale! If you head over to https://www.depop.com/milogoretheband/ we’ve got some wicked up-cycled merch for sale. We’re fed up of white t-shirt after white t-shirt being mass produced and then worn once. We want people to start treating fast fashion as a serious issue! So we started to turn our own clothes into awesome new pieces of Milo Gore Merch! Head to Depop and check it out! Other than that, we just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who’s been streaming ‘Jerry Can’ so far, now let’s ‘Green Eyes’ pumping!!! xxx




Next up, we spoke with their manager Matthew Goodyear, who gives us a little more insight on the inner workings of a successful underground project and how he plans to take them into the mainstream. Matthew is the founder of Burn It Down Festival and works alongside some of the most dedicated members of the South West music industry in Boneyard Promotions, alongside booking shows for The Apple & Parrot in Torquay! He also books for OTH veterans El Moono, as well as Hypophora, FARE and of course – Milo Gore.


Hi Matthew! Thanks for sparing some time for us to answer these questions, we’ll keep this short and simple! How did you start working with Milo Gore?

In 2018 I went to a show at The Underground in Plymouth and Milo Gore was playing and I had never heard of them before. Their performance blew me away and I thought to myself that I have to work with them, I wanted to try and help them progress. Shortly after the gig I reached out to the band and signed them to my bookings roster. In late 2019 I became their manager and have been working hard to get ready for their debut album release on August 20th.

What promotional tactics have worked the best for Milo Gore? I’m sure our readers would love to know how to apply this to themselves! 

We have concentrated on social media adverts and consistency in their posts, as well as asking online blogs/magazines to do features on the band. We have also been researching and really focusing on Spotify and their algorithms to reach out to new fans.

Awesome stuff, it seems most people these days are focussing on getting a strong Spotify presence and clearly it seems to be working! What are the steps for taking Milo Gore to the next level?

We have recently hired a PR company who have looked after artists such as Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran and many more amazing artists, to push the upcoming releases to the next level. After the release the band will be on the road again, touring.



As always, feedback is welcomed when it comes to these new features – please let us know what you think! Make sure you check out Milo Gore on all social media and music streaming platforms & treat yourself to their brand new single ‘Green Eyes’ today!

* Promotional Images of Milo Gore by Josh Collins *


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Written By: Marcus Osborne