"Cheer Up" Folks, Haggard Cat Release Power-Rock EP To Blast You Back To Reality

  • September 2nd, 2021
  • Written by marcusoz

There’s something exciting about getting a full, information packed press kit through your email. Even better when it’s from a band that you know are passionate about their careers and the prosperity of their projects.. Welcome to ‘Cheer Up,’ Haggard Cat’s first ever EP release following a domination-style entrance onto the scene since they formed in 2011 as a two-piece act.

Over the years, Haggard Cat has had a few releases, including a 10-track compilation recorded live in one day and released on Valentine’s day back in 2015. Just before their next release, 2017 saw Haggard Cat begin their string of shows, igniting the stage with their energetic and charismatic presence. ‘Challenger’ was the perfect introduction to the duo as they found their footing with their recorded tracks in 2018. A little raw around the edges, however their flair was obvious from the get go. Their next record, ‘Common Sense Holiday’ pulled Haggard Cat further forward, sprinkling some of their live charisma into recordings. Overall, the band have achieved support slots for artists such as Enter Shikari, Dead Kennedys, DZ Deathrays and Ugly Kid Joe. This 2020 release saw their music more established, creating distinguished tunes such as ‘American Graffiti’ featured on BBC Radio 1. And now, for their first release since then, Haggard Cat have returned with their upcoming DIY EP release ‘Cheer Up’ – available September 3rd.

“Haggard Cat’s musical prowess cuts through this coming-of-age release for the ever evolving power rock duo. Intricate and impulsive, sharp toned and melodically aggressive, this EP is a real definition of the band’s dynamic capabilities whilst maintaining all the fire and fury of their previous albums. This album is invasive in the best possible way and the constant development of each melody makes each track so musically entertaining – without losing the much needed stability of the vocals that will entice any non-musical listeners. Each section has been meticulously crafted to retain pace and continuity whilst utilising their erratic instrumentation style to really accent each full-throttle moment without smothering it.

Haggard Cat have always been a cut above the rest when it came to their live performances, but personally I never felt their recordings did them justice. I’m glad to say that this isn’t the case anymore as this hits just as hard as the real thing. A beautifully executed, audacious release that ticks all the boxes, I can’t wait to see it live!”

Marcus Osborne / Founder, On The House Music CIC

‘Cheer Up’ features plenty of exciting twists and turns, with ‘Water Me Down” stealing the spotlight for me due to it’s dismantled instrumentals that feels like an embodiment of their high energy. The noise that Haggard Cat have created in this EP is astonishing, even more so considering there are only two people behind it.

“A powerhouse of riffage, energy and grit, Haggard Cat, are showing us that they still haven’t dipped as songwriters, performers or even really as a band in the last few years. “Cheer Up” is definitely proof that even a pandemic won’t stop these guys from doing what they do best.

The band’s first ever EP (after already having a few full albums under their belt) opens with the familiar ‘Quit Your Job’ a song released earlier in the year to a hungry audience and is a perfect flagship for Haggard Cat. Heavy, slightly off timing/sequences and your jaw drops knowing that this band is just two people. The second single ‘Amateur Dramatics’ follows and keeps that flag up high for the Nottinghamshire lads.

‘Water Me Down’ keeps up that raw energy from the start, exploding into your ears with heavy throw downs and screeching feedback. Then HC’s eagerly awaited single ‘Fucking TV’ kicks off with what must surely be Matts favourite little riff to date (I sat and worked it out myself… it’s quite satisfying) and after hearing the track I agree with Reynolds… ‘just give me 6 more songs’.

But unfortunately we don’t have 6 more songs, just one, and as the ambient hum of the monitors drone you feel ready to close this EP out right. It’s a 3 minute and 45 seconds of eerie sounds mixed with Haggards signature brand of heavy and although we’re at the end, there’s NO WAY this band is slowing down any time soon.”

– Josh Bessant / KULT DIY Plymouth, Crooked Little Sons

If one thing is for sure, it’s that Haggard Cat know who they are and what they want to achieve. For a band filled with unlimited potential, this EP is exciting in so many ways and deserves your undivided attention.

Pre-Save “Cheer Up” here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/haggardcat/cheer-up

Written By: Jess Morgan