Burn It Down Festival Returns For It's 2nd Year With A HUGE Line Up

  • April 1st, 2019
  • Written by marcusoz

Last year we had the great pleasure of attending the first ever Burn It Down Festival. We knew from the second we turned up to the beautiful Torquay rivera that this was an event that was going to keep growing rapidly every year. But we did not expect such an immense step-up from last year when we were told who the headliners were a month or so ago. We’ve bit our tongue for far too long and it’s now time to finally let the world know what the Boneyard Promotions team have in store for us this August.

Also, the colour scheme ain’t half bad either.



It’s quite a sight – isn’t it?

It’s been a long time since the Torquay music scene has received this much love. With venues the size of The Foundry involved with the event, Burn It Down was always destined to book hefty headliner. But nothing could compare to the thought of seeing UK emo legends Basement play in the tiny sea-side town. That right there, is an incredible feat.

But it doesn’t stop there because Matt and the team have booked one of the of the biggest line ups that the South West has seen in the last few years. Including the absolute giants in Black Peaks, who have recently been praised to high-heaven by almost every elite underground musician out there. We’ve also been blessed with Dream State, who have recently been crushing their latest UK tour, alongside all-round favourites in FATHERSON, Loathe, Holding Absence, Haggard Cat, Puppy and so many more. They really have gone all-out to solidify their place in South West local music history.

There are also a whole host of local artists performing who are just as incredible as some of the larger bands playing the event. We’ve got guest review Karum Coopers project Hypophora, who performed last year, once again coming back to teach the beach who’s boss. Bristol based high-risers, the phenomenal Phoxjaw are performing as well, who are one of our top recommendations for the day. The newly invented ‘Geeza-core’ group; Street Solider, who are guaranteed to bring some brutal hilarity to the already monstrous line-up. Also don’t forget our favourites in DRIFTED, Crooked Little Sons, Milo Gore, The Experimental and Patrons.



With such a strong line-up ready to tear Torquay a new one, the only thing left to ask is…

Who will we be seeing in the pit?


Image taken by Craig Taylor-Broad Photography


Don’t forget to check out the video we shot for BlankTV last year to get the tiniest glimpse into the chaos. You can purchase tickets via the link below and we highly recommend you do it soon. This is one of Basements only UK festival appearances this year and you are getting it a for a ridiculously good price.

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/burn-it-down-festival-2019-tickets-55775747763?aff=efbeventtix&fbclid=IwAR245UsBd4e9gQZasEtLV-xujt_2Y7JreIZXEc5HZwiwEHKIM94v2x_oG38



Written by Marcus Osborne