Yo Adrian!

Alt Rock, Grunge, Grunge Punk

Bleak bouncy bangers about ghosts and binge drinking

Hey, we’re Yo Adrian! We’re a little three piece grunge rock band from Plymouth, Devon.
We write bleak but bouncy tunes about ghosts, binge drinking and never being invited to the best parties.

Fuelled by our desire to play music as loud as we can get away with we’d like to share our vision with those kindred spirits out there who’s ears never stopped ringing after that one beautiful moment of watching your favourite band play. The boys and girls who grew up reading Kerrang, worked out how to play three chords on a guitar and never looked back.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed Yo Adrian! 11 months ago

I really feel like there’s going to be a grunge revival soon, there seems to be so many great grunge acts hiding away ready to take to the stage when the floodgates reopen. Yo Adrian are very much fall into this catagory and have show clear experienced in the genre from just a short listen. Their tracks are well developed and have a real defining sound that could only be achieved from maticulous effort and real attention to detail. Yo Adrian know who they are and you couldn’t mistake them.

The band have slight nervousness to their sound that I think really compliments this genre of music and breaks up the muddied tones that when pushed to max, tend to blur into a wall of noise. A good wall of noise, of course, but a wall of noise that needs a breathing space if you want to actually enjoy it. Yo Adrian do this perfectly and this command of their tones allows them to get weird and wild with their tracks which I am all over – a really enjoyable listen!

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