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Exeter-Based DIY Hardcore boys Wrongens, started in 2018, their vision of punk rock is a blend of gut-punchingly heavy riffs, aggressive in-your-face vocals and a powerful rhythm section. Taking influence from bands such as Gallows, Idles, Mongol Horde, Reuben



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Jessy Morgan reviewed WRONGENS. 1 year ago

Colours is a welcomed EP to the hardcore punk scene, featuring a mixture of heavy, melodic riffs and in mismatched rhythms. While radiating combative energy, the EP is very charming as it moves through its tracks with structured and calculated verses. Maybe other than ‘No Guts,’ which is an all-out display of force in a thirty-second clip. Heavy on the bass and distortion, the real selling point of the EP is the distinguished sound Wrongens have put together, combining a variety of aspects from genres to create a stand-out taster of who and what they are. The title track, ‘Colours,’ is the highlight of the EP, notably different from the other four tracks. Being the first track of the EP, it’s a brilliant display of talent from each pillar of the band as it drives the EP into some of the more tumultuous tones that Wrongens are capable of. Guttural vocals lead ‘Precious Flower,’ but despite the name, it’s more likely to remind you of being in the middle of a pit at a dive bar – which is welcomed considering the current circumstances. In fact, one of the best parts about Colours is its ability to remind you of what a hardcore concert was like when we could go – the turbulent drums really gets your heart rate going. For the week that Colours has been out, it’s been a staple in my music library, fitting alongside Cancer Bats and Gallows, bringing nothing but excitement for Wrongens future endeavours and a hope to catch the energetic chaos, live.

Marcus Osborne reviewed WRONGENS. 1 year ago

I’ve been begging for Wrongens to release a debut track since I saw them live at one of their very first shows last year in Exeter. Their energy and overall demeanour was inherently abrasive, yet charmingly embracive. The atmosphere of a hometown show is always special for any artist, but for these guys that energy manifested into their performance and really struck a chord with me. Now, I’ve finally been given what i’ve been asking for all year, their debut single ‘Light’ came out very recently and what an impactful debut it is.

Aggressively charged, riff heavy hardcore punk with a guttural vocal that reminds me of new-school Gallows with less technicality, but way, way more raw power. One of Exeter’s most exciting punk bands at the moment, that’s for sure! I can’t wait to see what else they come up with & catch them at an On The House event very soon, once this crazy world has calmed down!

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