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Wish Hounds are a Post-Punk/Alt.Pop outfit from Exeter.

Wish Hounds are a Post-Punk/Alt.Pop outfit from Exeter. Formed in January 2017, the band have played extensively throughout the South West of England and released their debut E.P ‘Onlooker’ in 2018. Inspired by artists such as The Cure, The Smiths, Depeche Mode and more, the band’s music evokes romance, whimsy and Old English melancholia, through bittersweet lyrics, shimmering guitars and a driving rhythm section.

The original lineup of Wish Hounds consisted of vocalist Kashi Gill, guitarist Angus Mansell, bassist Chris Harwood and drummer Lewis Harwood. After re-establishing themselves among the local live circuit the band released their debut single Avalanche in September 2017. The single was widely praised for its 80’s inspired guitars, strong melody, and powerful vocals. Avalanche was followed in May 2018 with the release of the band’s debut E.P Onlooker.

While the release of Onlooker was a cause for celebration, 2018 saw the gradual distancing of Gill from the rest of the band, focusing much of his time on volunteer work in Calais. Gill left the band amicably in early 2019, after which saw Mansell take over the duty of vocals and the recruitment of Joe Jenner on additional guitar and samplers, bringing a further dimension to the band’s sound.

The new lineup played through much of 2019 and in October entered Exeter’s Studio 54 to begin the recording of two new singles. The singles were recorded in two session some 5 months apart, with guitars and vocals being completed on the 15th of March 2020, less than a week before the full extent of the Coronavirus Crisis would unfurl. Unable to oversee production of the tracks by producer Ben Green (Pattern Pusher, Fusea), the band were left in limbo throughout 2020.

Come 2021, and with a light at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic, Wish Hounds returned in August 2021 with new single Thoroughbreds and a live show at Bristol’s Zed Alley, with more live dates to come.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed WISH HOUNDS 7 months ago

Wish Hounds are an amalgamation of twisted guitars and warped yet clean-cut vocals that remind me of late 90’s dark synth pop with a sharp, hard rock edge to bring some added pace. Their song-writing is really impressive and well developed, they definitely know who they are and what they want to achieve with their sound. It’s dissonant, atmospheric and meticulous.

There’s a slight roughness to the recording that I don’t think is intentional, but really compliments the open sounding guitars and their delay driven sound, alongside the popping basslines and slurred vocals, making it feel more natural – more human.

Wish Hounds are a really exciting new band that with the right approach, could be a serious contender in the underground scene. I’m excited to see what comes from them after lockdown!

Lee Gerrard reviewed WISH HOUNDS 2 years ago

Pop culture over the past few years has had a huge injection of 80s nostalgia, and Wish Hounds fit right into that. By looking back to a decade long gone they have somehow become very relevant.
The vocals in Pray For Me sound like they were recorded at some sort of religious ritual at a temple somewhere. It’s defiantly the most interesting track on the Onlooker EP. That’s not to say the rest of the EP isn’t interesting, it’s rad.
This is a band that can keep the veteran rock fans happy whilst being different enough to get the younger listeners on board.
They seem like they’d put on a great live show. I’ll be looking out for them playing near me for sure.

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