Post Hardcore, Punk, Rock

High energy guitars, gritty vocals and a power house rhythm section that not only brings the beef, but slices it up table side with a chain saw connected to the mains supply.

Wired Design burst onto the scene, kicking and screaming, during the UK lockdown of 2020. Although unable to perform live shows their track “Time” from their debut EP release “The LockDown Project” made it into Exeter Uncovered Magazine’s “Best of Devon” playlist and the band has had a number of plays on the Mike James Rockshow.


The Band is made up of 4 members: Jon Wilson, from industrial metal band Cohesion on bass, Jake Davies on Drums, Ryan Evans formally of Exeter metal band “All My Dread” on guitar and Jordan Morris from Exeter Punk band “Wrongens”, on vocals.


Wired Designs sound is influenced by the likes of Billy Talent, Alexisonfire and Black Peaks. Their own particular form of post-hardcore is a blend of high energy guitars, gritty vocals and a power house rhythm section that not only brings the beef, but slices it up table side with a chain saw connected to the mains supply.



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Marcus Osborne reviewed WIRED DESIGN 8 months ago

Wired Design are one of Exeters newest artists, mixing old school rock, metal and hardcore to blur the lines between everything you’ve ever known and more. Instrumentally dynamic and impactful, their dissonant sound comes from a clear maticulous writing process and attention to stylistic detail that embodies the core spirit of their music. Their latest release “Revolted” is a true homage to that statement, proving that Wired Design know who they are – and what they want to achieve. They toy with dynamics, stretch their tones and twist their vocals in a way that is completely and utterly Wired Design.

I look forward to seeing them in a gig setting, they have a signature sound that is just begging to be played at full volume with all the grit and passion that makes live shows so special.

Jessy Morgan reviewed WIRED DESIGN 8 months ago

Since I was introduced to Wired Designs by a good friend, they’ve been a staple in my library as well as a talking point with other post-hardcore music enthusiasts. Their an enthralling band of ingenuity, providing their tracks with those punk undertones that are rarely ever produced. Invisible Enemy, for an example, is a completed track that’s intensity comes from dissonant vocals atop dynamic instrumentals. Last years ‘The Lockdown Project’ saw a multitude of local artists getting involved with their music, using the artists talents to their advantage. Panic Room, featuring former Merithian member, Liam Engel, incorporates a variety of sounds that really tie together Wired Design’s skill of creating music that experimental to the usual, however still keeping their distinct sound.

Josh Bessant reviewed WIRED DESIGN 1 year ago

I know I’m probably somewhat bias, as I was lucky enough to feature on one of Weird Design’s most recent track (Madman), but ever since their debut release at the start of lockdown, i’ve been keeping abreast of these guys. Their now ten-track discography, covers a lot of influences, but a melodic Post-Hardcore/Rock foundation leads the way for a building of a very versatile band, born completely out of lockdown.
Jordan, Jon, Ryan and Jack all came together to form a bedroom project that isn’t just a quick bandcamp release, but a well driven band. They didnt hesitate to smash out killer releases featuring the likes of Liam Engel (Merithian), Ollie Goodchild (Wrongens) and loads more of Exeter creatives – who wanted to unleash some pandemic cabin fever.
Top picks for WD is the groovy “Looking Outside”, the truly brutal “Time” (seriously, that middle section though..), the early ‘Lower Than Atlantis’ sounding “Cabin Fever”.
Oh and “Madman” because I’m egotistical like that..

Hannah Gimblett reviewed WIRED DESIGN 1 year ago

With a brilliantly distinctive Post-Hardcore sound, Wired Design retains their originality, while still being reminiscent of the wonderful greats of the scene.
The Exeter-based quartet has already made a considerable impact on the local music community, despite only forming earlier in the year. I’ll be waiting in anticipation to discover what they’ll be releasing in the coming months.

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