Wasted Light

Alt Rock, Blues, Funk, Fusion, Jazz, Prog

Solo artist based in London, recording under the name Wasted Light in various genres, including Rock, Funk, Fusion, Prog, Jazz and Blues. I just want to record music that I like and it's great if people can identify or vibe to it.

Formed from the original solo project of Simon Farache, and joined by bassist Marcus Patel and drummer Harry Pethel, Wasted Light quickly made its way through the Exeter music scene with their fully loaded heavy and alt rock. During Lockdown the band broke up and Simon continued on his own as he did originally, only taking a whole new musical direction. Coming out of Lockdown, he moved to London and started recording brand new music, spanning and mixing multiple different genres, and pushing the boundaries that separate them. Wasted Light’s EP Asymmetrical Thoughts, released in October 2021, marks the end of the band as its former self, and represents a farewell to its old music.
Wasted Light is now ready to explore the depth of musical creativity, with heavy grooves, harmonised melodies and crazy solos.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed Wasted Light 3 weeks ago

Wasted Lights top Spotify track “Bleed” and the first single off of their recent EP “Assymectrical Thoughts” is a slow-building prog-rock power ballad. This track is an entire three-course meal in one sitting, starting off with a tantalizingly airy verse that erupts into to a hearty power rock chorus and ends with a sweet and delicate descent. Driven by the guitars, the song ebbs and flows from furious distorted riffs to twinkling lead lines, moulded together by the vocals and simple, yet very stable rhythm section.

“Bleed” is a no-nonsense demonstration of the band dynamic capabilities both instrumentally and vocally and an enjoyable listen for any prog rock fans out there.

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