Deathcore, Hardcore

Hardcore/Deathcore 4-piece.

Est. 2020
Josh – Vox
Kane – Guitar
Toby – Bass
Ben – Drums
Everything changes.


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Jessy Morgan reviewed TYRANTS 6 months ago

Every now and then, I need some heavy, ruthless and loud music to really satisfy my needs. Need a morning pick-me-up? Hard day at work? Some energy to just get up out of bed and do those chores you swore you were going to do two days ago? What I’m saying is, sometimes deathcore is that spark of motivation you need, and Tyrants delivers it in leaps and bounds.

The deep bass and drums ricochet from each other, offering that real hardcore edge, topped with that distorted guitar that drives it’s gritty, violent tone. Guttural vocals are on point, using a variety of techniques that emphasises the nature, harmonised perfectly to add that heavier weight to their music. ‘Apostle’ is calculated to the tee, prioritising instruments in all the right places that gives the track a fullness; a completion to the highest possible standard it could be. Tyrants have not cut any corners in their writing, and ‘Fear’ is further proof of that. Being the earlier release of the two, ‘Fear’ pursues that real deathcore sound. It’s the kind of track that’s absolutely filthy, if you’re not headbanging and wanting to get into the middle of the mosh pit and throw some punches, you’re simply not listening loud enough. And that’s the best way to describe the band – the louder the better.

Marcus Osborne reviewed TYRANTS 7 months ago

Tyrants are going to be huge, mark these words. Their second single “APSOTLE” is proof of their incredible command of this genre, alongside Joshs control of his brashly-toned vocal, pushing out a throat-driven growl with all the punch and power of gutteral vocals. It’s a really strong mix that creates such a full-bodied tone on record and really empowers the track.

Musically, these guys are miles above many others at their level, and this comes from someone who hears a LOT of heavy music on a regular basis. Tyrants have found their market and have created a product that ticks every single possible box for most intense music fans and they know when to dial it back – as well when to give it hell.

I really believe these guys have what it takes to take them to where they want to be. Their work ethic, quality and overall presence has taken over the local scene during a time when there are no events happening – who knows what will happen in a couple of years time when life is fully operational again!

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