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One of the hardest-working musicians out there. Varying sounds and genres!

Tim Holehouse (UK)

Tim Holehouse is one of the hardest-working musicians out there. For the past 15 years he has been touring the globe,  like a stone gathering moss has brought influences as varying to his sound today. Breaking the 250-300 gig mark most years, Tim leads somewhat of a nomadic existence, but for all intents and purposes, treats London as his home when not out plying his trade to international and domestic audiences.

Tim is equally prolific with his recording as he is with his travels, when not gigging his way round the US, Canada, Japan, Iceland, Australia or Europe, he has found the time to release 19 albums and countless split releases, often with artists he tours with.

Tim’s own sound is hugely varied too, often able to adapt to performing sets depending on the atmosphere of a show. He has been known to release folk, blues, experimental music and much more besides, often on a single tour. Tim’s songs come from a place of honesty and a keen ear for anything creative regardless of genre. His own philosophy is that, ‘if music is good, it’s just good, right?’

To get a feel for Tim’s wide and varied talent, check out the tracks below, and as Tim often quotes from one of his favourite films, ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’:

‘Be excellent to each other.” 



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Marcus Osborne reviewed TIM HOLEHOUSE 8 months ago

Tim Holehouses most recent album “Lost” is a real testament to his hard work over the years and the amount of incredible people he’s met in his time touring the world.

Starting off with an old English spoken word style track, featuring the mighty AJ Simmonds from Kult DIY & Sarah Tyrell of the incredible Tiger Empress & HONEY – this introduction sets the precedent for the album. I can’t believe how many incredible local people he has worked with on this release, Tim a solo musician who lives off of his work, I’ve always admired and respected his passion immesley and this is the kinda project that reaps the rewards forged by years of hard graft.

“Lost” is a heart-on-sleeve amalgamation of all of Tim’s songs that were built to be toyed with by other musicians, each track being wholey unique to itself and to Tim Holehouse as well.

They don’t make ’em like Tim anymore.

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