The Supermercados

Alternative Rock

The feeling of walking into a good rock club at the right time.

The Supermercados – the alternative rock band from Devon, UK.

They are the feeling of walking into a good rock club at the right time. They are a love of records from the golden age of music, old-school progressive tunes that sound like summer. The perfect music for a road trip.

They’ll be the first song of the day to make you smile. They capture the emotions that certain memories bring.

They are your mis-spent teenage years, some of the best & worst days of your life where music is always the antidote to adversity and an escape from the mundane.

Their aim is to sound like everything you’ve been waiting for but like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

The band comprises Henry “2 For 1” Supermercado (guitar & vocals), Tom “Discount Aisle” Supermercado (guitar & keys), “2nd Hand Dave” Supermercado (Bass) & Matt “Deli Counter” Supermercado (drums).

They bonded over Bob Dylan and Motorhead and their sound has been compared to Pavement, Can, Maximo Park and the Smashing Pumpkins jamming at a house party. Lyrically, The Supermercados are trying to understand what it means to be part of a world that is diluted to the point that beautiful freedom and creativity are algorithms.

The Supermercados are completely DIY, recording live in Dave’s Lounge and have self-produced & independently released all their music. They have gained thousands of streams and numerous radio plays worldwide. Once lockdown ends, they will be showcasing their explosive live show on a UK mini tour.

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