The Spectral Quiet

Ambient, Post Rock, Shoegaze

gloomgaze//sad bastard music

The Spectral Quiet is an ambient/post-rock project from Exeter, Devon based multi-instrumentalist/noise maker Seán Tucker-Clemens. ‘Descension Hymns’ the debut EP as featured on Arctic Drones ‘Top 10 Post-Rock, Ambient Rock Albums of 2020’ is available on all major streaming platforms now.


“Enduring the emotional abyss with breathtaking elegance on his debut EP, UK artist THE SPECTRAL QUIET serves a wonderful rarity of a record that doesn’t bore and offers a glorious experience beyond expectations. “Descension Hymns” is a 31-minute collection of five ambitious, thoughtfully conceived and tightly performed tracks that will surely make to your playlist of best post-rock offerings of the year.”IDIOTEQ


“Gritty and bleak yet enveloping, and is ideal for fans of This Will Destroy You”@postrock.instrumental

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Marcus Osborne reviewed The Spectral Quiet 11 months ago

“Descension Hymns” is an ambient journey of atmosphere and emphasis, with each section of each track elegantly flowing into the next, swaying between euphoric soundscapes gently touching your eardrums to dirty riffs bouncing in the background – all played in absolute harmony with each other.

A bedroom glitch style instrumental project that oozes righteous vitality and has all the potential to really turn some heads if pushed in the right directions with minimal effort. A truly enjoyable experience of escapism for anyone who has the time to spare – and I highly reccomend you do.

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