Alternative, Gothic, Industrial Metal, Metal

Music for the Provocatively Inclined

Heavy, driving guitar riffs, electronic instruments and provocative lyrics; an aggressive yet melodic sound with elements of dark pop. Fans of Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and similar will feel at home, whilst the overall music’s diversity crosses many genres.

Starting off as a solo project of Paul Abrey’s in 2013, the Pretty Fragile has evolved into a 3 piece Industrial force to be reckoned with; Catching metal fans off guard across the South West of England with their individual, nostalgia-inducing niche within the local scene.
The latest album “Wretch” is the perfect snapshot of the band’s natural progression of previous releases.

The latest single “Absorb Aggression” with it’s provocative music video gives a taste of what’s yet to come and how important aesthetics are to us.



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Adam Ruane reviewed THE PRETTY FRAGILE 9 months ago

This is awesome! Really strong old school industrial/goth vibes that you don’t really hear these days.

The Pretty Fragile bring us some originality in an otherwise clogged music scene, delving deep into the industrial roots whilst also managing to blend new elements with post-hardcore/metal/rock influences present throughout.

Beautifully melodic, aesthetically pleasing and just simply worked music for fans of a slightly darker vibe.

theprettyfragile replied 9 months ago

Thanks for the review Adam! Really great and so happy you like what we’re doing. 🌹

Claire Hill reviewed THE PRETTY FRAGILE 2 years ago

The Pretty Fragile are an arresting sight with their doll like make-up and theatrical clothes, and their brand of ‘industrial metal for the provocatively inclined’ is certainly different. It’s abrasive, brash and in-yer-face. ‘Bite Harder’ and ‘We Are Obscene’ are the hard hitters from newest album ‘Wretch’, while ‘Feel Box’ and ‘Hold Me, Tear Me’ are slightly more subtle. Does what it says on the tin.

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