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The New America is hivemind of scuzzy heartfelt noise rock based in Bristol, UK with a sound that’s equidistant from Interpol, Mission of Burma, and Shame as the bee flies; The New America will pollinate your ears with an honest reflection of how we see the world and psyched out fuzz tunes.

The New America are the soundtrack to the Colony Collapse Disorder the world is experiencing. We’ve been compared to everything from the sound of a blender, to Gang of Four (quite the compliment), to the Foo Fighters (not a compliment). Since hatching as musical larvae in October 2018, the band has had the pleasure of working with excellent members of the UK music scene like Football FC, Dead Naked Hippies, Straight Girl, and the wonderful people at Mighty Atom Smasher Records.

We don’t have a mission and we don’t know what we’re doing, but through noise, honey, and sharp hooks we’re becoming better people and want you to be part of it.

Ali, Tom, Zac, Cam



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Jessy Morgan reviewed THE NEW AMERICA 5 months ago

Looking for some new music and stumbling across The New America is a very happy accident. Instrumentally, the distorted guitar works well with the melodies produced – it’s all the right types of grungy within the modern genre. It’s delivered atop cadenced drums and rhythmic guitar that starts ‘Hong Kong Free Pass’ like Nirvana had a love child with Sum 41 – I know, wild, but hear me out, this track has the pop punk rhythm underneath that distortion. It’s bouncy, angsty, and what you would probably expect if you mixed those two bands together. An odd combination, for sure, but it works so well, especially when the authentic punk vocals come into play. I always find that those mismatched, spoken punk vocals takes a track from a song to an anthem – and that’s what The New America have a knack for. Also, the lyric ‘the streets smell like cocktails and blood’ is up there in my favourites. It’s just pure genius, so kudos, The New America, you’ve ticked all the boxes in ‘Hong Kong Free Pass.’

With the next track I listened to, I feel like it should have really emerged to be a cover of ‘Kiss Me’ by Sixpence None The Richer within the first couple seconds. The bass brings that rooted alt punk sound that throws this track into it’s own life. I am completely captivated by the way the band bring in all the instruments one by one in ‘Papillion.’ The intro, prior to the vocals displays the instrumental talents, and how each of their tones work together to create the bigger picture. And again, with the addition of the vocals, you swap out the basic alt-rock genre for punk rock – emphasis on the punk. For a group that’s self-proclaimed noise rock, who quote in their bio: “we don’t know what we’re doing,” The New America certainly have a great writing talent that should be explored and experimented further.

Marcus Osborne reviewed THE NEW AMERICA 10 months ago

“Going To The Races (Dressed Like A Racist)” is an homage to the Post-Punk wave sweeping the nation right now, fueled by slack-jawed vocals and dissonant riffs descending into electro-punk breakdowns with all the fire and fury to boot.

A strong release for the Bristol music morphers that’s shows off their abilllity to write jarring post-punk statements with harsh instrumentation for maximum effect.

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