The Blue Carpet Band

Garage Pop, Punk n' Roll, Punk Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Rock n Roll

The Blue Carpet Band Come on like Little Richard fronting The Stooges, its The Cramps playing with knives, Its frenzied, its electrifying rock'n'roll, its primordial punk. This is the kind of savage rock'n'roll that you need in your life!

5 piece Rock n Roll/ Garage Punk band based in London

The Blue Carpet Band come on like Little Richard fronting The Stooges, its The Cramps playing with knives, Its frenzied, its electrifying rock’n’roll, its primordial punk.This is the kind of savage rock’n’roll that you need in your life!

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Josh Bessant reviewed The Blue Carpet Band 4 months ago

I’m probably coming in from a biased point of view as I’m already a BCB fan after they were first put on my radar thanks to the viva la rock awards in 2019. The few tracks I’ve heard have never failed to impress me, however I’ve decided to review ‘Aint Got No Rock n Roll’ as for whatever reason it has totally slipped under my radar…
The first thing that caught my attention? That guitar bend! I’m a sucker for a bend. But seriously, right from the get go you can hear what this band is all about. It’s got attitude, it’s got swagger and it’s got a killer riff. It goes without saying but if you need 50’s rock ‘n’ roll in a timeless and distorted form then this is the band for you. Evidently the only thing this song is missing is rock and roll from the protagonist, luckily lead singer Djamel Abina is doing a pretty good job of calling them out for it, ‘No Jim Vincen, no Carl Perkins, no Ricky Valance. Maaan not even Elvis Presly.’
I can’t wait to play with these guys at OTH’s Attitude festival in September and especially can’t wait to hear more from this band. They tick pretty much every box for me, the only one left to tick now is to see them live!

Henri Herbert reviewed The Blue Carpet Band 6 months ago

I have just listened to BCB’s newest release “Ain’t Got No Damn Rock n Roll and “Back In The Trash”. This is good time music for the soul that belongs in a sweaty club when we can finally open up the gig venues safely. It’s an effective combination of 50s rock n roll with punk-influenced power-chord guitar work and full power Little Richard-style vocal screams. Eddie Cochran meets Little Richard with a dash of Iggy and The Ramones. I know all the artists I’ve listed are from a bygone era but this stuff sounds contemporary and dangerous enough for any modern audience – can’t wait to hear what they do next. These two banging tunes will be on my playlist for a while to come.

Marcus Osborne reviewed The Blue Carpet Band 7 months ago

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new from The Blue Carpet Band, but that just means we are due another classic UK rock n’ roll bucket of anthems very soon. But for now, we have plenty to chow-down on whilst we wait.

BCBs most recent releases, “Back In The Trash” and “Ain’t Got No Damn Rock n’ Roll” are pure party bangers, carefully designed and perfected to make your knees jerk and your hips break, with the optional broken neck if you’re feeling fruity. Both tracks have an inherent punk rock energy, with “Back In The Trash” waving the old school power chord punk rock flag for all to see, whilst “Ain’t Got No Damn Rock n Roll” (my personal favourite), really shows off the bands ability to mix old school influences with a fresh and powerful bravado that breathes new life into a classic genre. This is a band who take pride in creating a toe-tapping atmosphere, whilst remaining grittyy enough to throw yourselves around to it if you wished.

I regularly listen to BCB anyway, so reviewing them for OTH is an absolute pleasure – they are also performing at Attitude Festival, which is also hosted by OTH! Make sure you come down and boogie with me!

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