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Taunts are a 2-piece indie riff rock band from the depths of Cornwall. Made up of Ele Lucas – Bass/Vocals and Luke Philpott – Drums/Vocals both racking up over 15 years gigging and playing experience. High intensity performance and catchy riffs is their game. Bursting onto the Cornish scene in July 2019 they have already racked up gigs and festival slots all over the country. From the remnants of previous projects Taunts take root with new focus to bring something fresh from all their past experiences. Their new single “Let’s Get Lost Tonight” is now available on all platforms.

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Dick Porter reviewed Taunts 2 months ago

TAUNTS – How Did We Get Here? / Let’s Get Lost Tonight

Taunts emerge from the sound laboratory bearing two experiments in capturing the untamed energy of their live performances within the inherently sterile aspic of the digital medium. Taken collectively, they provide a shorthand guide to the duo’s sonic spectra; two glimpses into a kaleidoscope of sound where boundaries decay and generic signifiers are rendered irrelevant. Influences are barely glimpsed, flickering indicatively as footnotes, mere aspects of a travelogue across a far broader musical archipelago. Lyrically, both songs are framed as literate vignettes; by turn existential and hedonistic; removed from the first person with the same dexterity of thought that allows Ele and Luke’s mastery of their disciplines to serve their art, rather than to define it.

Separately, ‘How Did We Get Here’ announces itself with some degree of portent; eschewing the crass impulse to fill all space with sound, it utilises silence as a melodic accessory allowing the song to deliquesce, delivering sweet payloads of weaponised harmony with economy and accuracy. Its complexity is subsumed to its overall gestalt; subservient to the greater whole, itself a quantum summoning to the here and now. The animus to its predecessor’s anima, ‘Let’s Get Lost Tonight’ unleashes coruscating bursts of dermabrasive effervescence to evoke an accelerating vortex of sensation. A hook to impale an earworm upon, it completes an impressive prologue.

Jessy Morgan reviewed Taunts 2 months ago

What I would describe Taunts as, is a goth punk duo toying with tones that come across sinister and playful. With a distorted guitar and a distinguished vocal tone, Taunts has an authentic grunge feel to their tracks. I’m not sure if the quality of production was intended during the recording process, but it certainly adds charm.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed to see there is only two tracks available on Spotify, as this Cornish two-piece is a very more-ish band. The track ‘Let’s Get Lost Tonight’ is a banger that highlights some real stand-out talent in Taunts. I’m intrigued as to what else we will get from Taunts as I wholeheartedly believe their spectacle can develop and grow into something much bigger.
Also, I REALLY want to experience these tracks live, so here’s hoping I get a chance soon.

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