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Official OTH Page for Stanley Duke and the Kindred Spirits, psychedelic rock/pop hailing from Cornwall, UK.


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Marcus Osborne reviewed STANLEY DUKE & THE KINDRED SPIRITS 1 year ago

‘Temperance’ and its twisted atmospheric energy isn’t something you should sleep on if you like your music weird and wonderful. Fuelled by an old school rock n roll tonality, almost reminiscent of The Beatles at points and inspired by mind-bending psychedelia – SD&TKS have so many notable moments within their writing that makes them so interesting to listen to. The way they compose their songs warps beautifully to emphasise the intent of each section of the song with grace and ease. Over the course of just this one track, I’ve been hit with some real head-bopping funky baselines, soul-sucking sinking verses and eccentric melodies recapturing that positive energy in a very entertaining way – no doubt you’ll listen through until the end.

For a genre of music that is really hit or miss for me, the overall energy and gusto of the track hits the right spots for me and satisfies all of the senses. The gentle vocals dripped over the trippy lead guitars and squidgy (yes, squidgy) baselines are something to be admired. If you’re looking for an experience, as well as some new and interesting music, then look no further. 

The real question now is; what the hell will they come up with next? After listening to more of their back catalogue, I couldn’t even fathom to guess!

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