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Hi! We're a three piece pop/alternative band from the south coast of the UK, taking influence from the midwest emo scene and modern pop sounds alike. We're completely DIY and self produced at the moment and love playing intimate energetic shows.

Following features from BBC Music Introducing: The South and Punktastic’s ‘The Pickup’, the band are set to release their third single ‘Breathe / City’ on February 19th.

Stream ‘Breathe / City’ here:

Sports Almanac is made up of three friends who grew up together on the Sussex coast. Having written and played together for nearly 10 years, they have matured into skilled songwriters and producers, forming the band in late 2019. Drawing influence from the likes of Death Cab For Cutie, The 1975 and Modern Baseball, the group blends themes from the midwest emo scene with modern pop sounds. Using dreamy guitars, energetic drums and emotive lyrics, the group regularly featured on the Brighton gigging scene, before the pandemic put the brakes on live music.

Setting up base in their Wandsworth studio, the band self recorded and mixed their new double single ‘Breathe / City’ in 2020.

Using classic effects and the turbulent year as inspiration, the first track ‘Breathe In’ presents a nostalgic and hopeful outlook on a relationship that has run its course. Written during the first lockdown whilst missing those close to them, the song serves as a reminder that things will get better. Vocalist Fraser drew on fond memories of the 2019 festival season, prompting bright production and lyrics “go little brother tell your mother, how good it feels to be lost in the summer”.

The second track ‘Don’t You Wanna See (Bright Lights in the City)’ is a comment on American politics, centred around the class divide and obsession with consumerism. The song dances around swirling guitars and lush delay trails that contrast the stark lyrics. Moving swiftly between genres and meshing LoFi, 80’s and Emo sounds, the production climaxes in a massive shoegaze style breakdown and dissolves into an alternative hip hop outro.

“This single marks a change in sound and production for us that we’re really excited about. We can’t wait to get back out playing the new tunes and share more music we’ll be releasing later this year!”

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emilybenstead96 reviewed Sports Almanac 10 months ago


The Sussex-formed three-piece Sports Almanac have had a real gem under their sleeves throughout this unbelievably challenging year for musicians. But, pandemic or no; it’s clear that nothing is standing in the way of these guys creating the hooky and intricate songs that they are so intrinsically skilled at writing.

Their new two-song EP Breathe/City – completely self produced – boasts a true flair for inspired and clever songwriting, plucking inspiration from far corners of a variety of different genres. Having heard songs from their previous project, it has to be said that this release is a beautiful refinement of their technical and songwriting skills; thinking completely outside of the box whilst still bearing a nod to their punk roots.

‘Breathe In’ bursts in with a dreamy sting of shoegaze, and introduces a glorious balance between the effect-saturated and clean. This track is reminiscent of the ‘Altogether’ era of Turnover; it’s catchy and true to the inspiration that it draws from, but soars into its own realm of genre-defiant fuzzy goodness. Plus, it’s damn near impossible to not know the words to that catchy chorus by the second listen; it’ll be bouncing around in your head all day.

‘Don’t You Wanna See (Bright Lights In The City)’ is the standout track for me. The Sports Almanac punk sentiments intact, it takes a sharp shift into the realm of pop; bringing to mind the likes of The 1975 with the saturated vocal effects and twinkly guitars. The track flourishes through blissful sweeping soundscapes, with beautifully seamless dynamics that are to die for. I really only have one word to describe this one: triumphant.

Sports Almanac create music with purpose, accessibility, and most importantly, heart. This double single deserves a wicked release show once some sort of normality is restored for the Brighton music scene, and I can’t wait to catch them at their next show!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Sports Almanac 10 months ago

I apologise for not reviewing Sport Almanac sooner, I’m actually beyond impressed!

Their latest release “Breathe In” has a beautifully powerful edge to it, whilst also delving deep into shoegaze inspired tones and uplifting power emo ballads at the flick of a switch. Im getting a Boy Pablo meets Turnover meets Cloud Nothings kinda vibe, and that’s a bloody good vibe.

An incredibly well written track that is perfect for lazy Sunday mornings and deep moments of self-reflection. Epic and empowering indie-inspired airy drums reign throughout the track completing this full-bodied underground power ballad. I’m very, very excited for this band.

Tom Drakett reviewed Sports Almanac 1 year ago

Sports Almanac have totally nailed the Midwest emo/pop-punk sound of many iconic bands. This brings a certain familiarity to their sound which brings comfort to the listener. It’s fair to say that if you like bands like The Get Up Kids, Modern Baseball et al, then this band are going to give you ‘feels’.

The Brighton trio openly admit to introducing pop influences from bands like The 1975. This is probably a key factor in them standing apart from their contemporaries. Steering away from the DIY punk scene sound, Sports Almanac actually teeter towards to commercially polished emo-pop. This could very well be their golden ticket to gaining crossover fans.

Their songs are extremely well crafted and they are obviously excellent musicians with a genuine creative flair. There is genuinely nothing amateur about this band. Even though at times you feel like you might have heard it before, they’ve crafted themselves a nice little niche which should undoubtably cement them as definite “Ones to Watch”.

I can totally imagine this band on the now diversified Topshelf Records and landing themselves some pretty decent supporting slots with some of their peers whilst simultaneously gaining a solid fanbase.

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