Hard Rock, Instrumental Hard Rock

Heavy Hitting Drums & Big Heavy Riffs

SpencerHobsonMusic is a small one man music project from Brixham, Devon.

I write, record and mix all my songs in my small home studio using all live instruments including drums and other percussion. Most of my songs are instrumental but I have more recently starting to incorporate vocals to my songs whether that be guest vocals or my own vocals.

I have released 2 albums so far along with 3 singles and a cover song which are available on all major streaming services.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed SpencerHobsonMusic 8 months ago

Spencer Hobson is a young and clearly talented emerging songwriter who has utilised his proficiency to write some incredibly dynamic and impactful pieces. Ranging from collaborative efforts such as ‘Red Giant’ featuring the fantastic vocals from Sophie Black – to bedroom breakdowns and instrumentals that could burst an eardrum or two, whilst still preserving a ‘professionally homemade’ feel.

Spencer is very clearly born to write and perform this style of music, there is clear progression and improvement in every release – I would also love to see more projects in the future with alternate vocalists or even large-scale instrumentals, he has an incredible songwriting ability and I look forward to seeing where his music takes him over the next few years!

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