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Slackrr are easily one of the most talked about bands in the UK underground circuit right now. Hailing from Southampton, the band has only been active for just 3 years and in that time, they have taken some giant leaps forward in becoming a well-known and widely loved name across the UK underground punk and rock scene. In this short space of time, Slackrr have been touring and playing over 270 shows and festivals across the UK with positive feedback coming out of their ears. This led to them being asked to play the legendary Isle of Wight festival in 2019 as headliners on the Platform One stage on the Friday night. Their self-released official studio debut album ‘Time, It Wait For No One,’ was also released on the same day, on 14th June 2019. Having recently signed with Word Is Bond Inc Management, they have now been gearing up to release their second full-length record, starting with the release of their latest singles, ‘Reflections,’ on the 26th June 2020 and ‘The Current’ on 24th October 2020 along with brand new music videos. The tracks have received an incredibly positive reaction, from both fans and reviewers alike.

Now, their fans eagerly await the release of their second record, after being given just a taste of what’s to come. Slackrr are currently gearing up to release the third single, ‘Playing With Fire,’ from the new album in March with a brand new music video.



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Marcus Osborne reviewed SLACKRR 2 months ago

Slackrr are always so consistently Slackrr and its just phenomenol – they just can’t write a bad song. They produce such a high-quality product every single time and “Waves” is another beautiful pop punk ballad from the Southampton based melody machines.

“Waves” is soaked in deep-rooted emotion hidden behind the optimistic rhythm. Almost nostalgic at parts, whilst also retaining Slackrr own special identity with Scotty’s signature vocal, their emo-influenced writing style, Caits soft supporting vocal and their overall energy that makes them so uniquely themselves.

A true force to be reckoned with, Slackrr deserve the world and I think that right now the world is starting to listen. There’s no other artist that deserves their future as much as Slackrr, so do yourselves a favour and dive in whilst it’s still cool 😉

Marcus Osborne reviewed SLACKRR 5 months ago

Dear lord I love this band. I’ve had a soft spot for Slackrr for a very long time, their work ethic and drive has finally landed them some incredible deals with some influencial people and they deserve every drop of it. This is the first time I’ve seen a full artist progression on this website, from the absolute start, to the band making it to established underground status and its honestly making me a little emotional.

“Playing With Fire”, the bands newest single just proves that Slackrr were built for this. It’s an absolute pop punk anthem that has evolved from their previous sound into something that is more mature, more comfortable and most importantly – catchy as hell.

Slackrr are here to remind you that hard work and dedication really does pay off, whilst also making some of the most professional pop punk music in the UK today. A passion project that is an absolute mainstay for any UK pop punk fan. I couldn’t be more happy and proud!

Connor Flello reviewed SLACKRR 7 months ago

For latest single The CURRENT by SLACKRR

Slackrr bring the unrivalled energy of the mid 2000’s scene in their latest single The Current. The production of the single gives the band the distinct pop, as the musicians spring to life with their own distinct flair. Easily accessible for the majority of music fans alike with no pretence. Honest songwriting and clearcut musisian ship from the get-go.

For fans of – My Chemical Romance, Rufio, Yellowcard

Adam Ruane reviewed SLACKRR 8 months ago

I absolutely adore Slackrr. This is one of those occasions where I come across a band I am all too familiar with outside the confides of this website.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the band grow over the years and develop as one of the hottest Pop Punk outfits on the underground circuit.

As far as musical prowess goes they sit right near the top of the pile. Catchy as hell pop punk that packs a punch.

Anthems for days that will have you singing and bopping along no matter what mood you’re in.

This is pop punk in its natural habitat performed by experts in the field, delivered with finesse.

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[…] Slackrr […]

Marcus Osborne reviewed SLACKRR 2 years ago

Slackrr’s debut single ‘Closest To Perfect’ is an homage to every great pop punk band out there and considering it’s their first release, these guys are already leagues above others doing the same thing. It’s clean, it’s polished and most of all – it’s fucking good. I have a massive soft spot for heartfelt pop punk, especially when it includes these three factors; a catchy chorus, a bouncy main riff and of course, a breakdown. Slackrr, pat yourselves on the backs, you’ve done a great thing. Keep doing great things, we need more great things. There’s also a really lovely acoustic version of ‘Closest To Perfect’ on their Youtube, which is a necessity for any budding pop punk band – I love it.

This is the part where I would usually say that I look forward to seeing how the band progresses, but if I’m totally honest, I’d be happy if these guys kept churning out tunes like this. With the proper managment, Slackrr could be heading for greatness, popularity and if they are lucky; Slam Dunk Festival. If these guys just had the exposure they deserve, in front of the right crowd, their music would speak for itself. PLEASE RELEASE AN ALBUM NOW, THANKS.

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