Silver Haar

Atmospheric Indie Rock

Anthemic rock outfit featuring strong Scottish vocals and shimmering guitar melodies

Silver Haar are a Glasgow based Indie band featuring the songs of Tom Brogan and Duncan McCormick.

Having guitar-ed regularly over the last 15 years with a number of Scottish bands, Tom began writing the band’s first songs as a distraction from the first lockdown in Spring of 2020 – when the impact of a gig-less year started to become apparent.

Embracing his new found spare time, he penned the demos “It’s Over”, “Much Better”, “Horrors” and “Fear of the Unknown”.

After listening to the demos, long standing pal Duncan came on board to collaborate on this new project, bringing with him years of experience in the Scottish music scene both as a musician and as a producer. Over the following few months, the pair joined forces to create the demos “Lost”, “Push It Away” and “Lights Out”, combining their diverse influences and interests at a responsible social distance.

With the hope that live music can return later in 2021, Silver Haar continue to develop new music and are ready to bring their sound to the stage as soon as Nicola says “crack on”.

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Jessy Morgan reviewed Silver Haar 3 months ago

Silver Haar has released their debut EP ‘Light’s Out’ recently and it doesn’t take long to fall in love with it. It’s a soundtrack EP, like rain falling on the window while you dance around your bedroom in your underwear. I’m basically describing what should probably be their music video, ha!

But for real, kicking off with the title track, ‘Light’s Out’ it features that charm that Silver Haar has got. It’s light and moves in fluid motion, and what this Glaswegian band has got the knack for is creating an experience within their tracks. ‘Push it Away’ is driven by clean guitar to start with, that kind of gives it that psychedelic vibe to kick start. Is this a THEME? Maybe, or I’m just picking up on nothings. As ‘Push it Away’ comes to it’s peak, it brings with it a heavier undertone, like it’s coming to an epic explosion before it concludes.

Overall, I’ve been listening to Silver Haar for a couple of weeks now, and ‘Light’s Out’ is a welcome addition, even better now that it’s on Spotify. The group have a unique sound that is refreshing and new. In an industry that is bursting with new artists, Silver Haar really stands out for me. They’re close to perfecting their sound, and it’s an exciting journey to be on as a fan.

Jessy Morgan reviewed Silver Haar 4 months ago

Maybe I’m just a sucker for a Glaswegian accent, but Silver Haar has completely captured my attention. The bands latest track ‘Lost’ creates a tranquil atmosphere with the use of harmonised instruments that creates an aura and experience. It’s unapologetically Scottish with the thick accent above melodic guitar, and it adds to the overall charm that Silver Haar has generated.

Using the melodies to create what feels like positive undertones, ‘Lost’ provokes reaction in the way of movement. For me, I wanted to put it on in the car and put the windows down, stretch my hand out the window and let the wind move my hand like a fish in the sea. It’s not a heavy track thats motivating, but one that feels hazy: when you need a good few minutes of lightness. The bands calculated timing throughout the track gives it that perfected feeling – ‘Lost’ needs no more or no less. It’s a standalone track that, in my opinion, brings out the best of the band.

silverhaar replied 4 months ago

Wow! Thank you so much for the review and your kind words Jessy!
We really appreciate it!

Marcus Osborne reviewed Silver Haar 8 months ago

Early 2000s power rock vibes reign throughout Sivler Haars latest release “Fear Of The Unknown”, channelling something similar to what early era Foo Fighters (the good era) would sound like if they played indie music and bought a few more effects pedals. A strong likeabillity comes from honesty of the songwriting, it reminds me of the music that helped formed who I am today – it has a very nostalgic effect, that familiarity in SHs music is what’s drawing me in. The interesting use of dynamics and recording style is what’s making me stay.

With a bit of refining by just getting out gigging once again, alongside a little prodcution investment – I think Silver Haar could make some waves in the local rock scene.

silverhaar replied 8 months ago

Really appreciate the encouraging feedback Marcus – thank you!

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