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Female fronted rock powerhouse

Shake the Geek are a female fronted rock powerhouse filled with both retro-curiosity and fierce stadium-worthy electricity. Known for their bewitching live performances, the band’s charismatic chemistry on and off stage captivates their audience with a hypnotic force. In their evergrowing set of originals, each song is perfectly brewed in a concoction of glam-nasty riffs and soulfully distinctive vocals, strengthened by the gutsy undercurrent of the power driven rhythm section.


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Marcus Osborne reviewed SHAKE THE GEEK 1 year ago

I’ve been following Shake The Geek since their infancy, i’ve seen them play their first few shows outside of North Devon in Exeter and odd times at various events and have always admired their enthusiasm as musicians and people. One thing that always made them stand out and become such a desirable local act was their sheer raw talent. Right from the start we all knew Shake The Geek would master their sound, they just needed a bit of breathing space to find their feet. We all knew this day would come, but I don’t think we expected it to be as good as this…

Mark my words. ‘Breathe On My Own’ will be stamped into Shake The Geeks history as their defining track, there is no doubt in my mind about that. No other single they have released (as fantastic as they all are) has truly captured their talent in such a powerful and honest way, whilst sining a light on their musical diversity without straying too far from the path. This is my first time hearing this track since it’s release and I have serious goosebumps man. The kind of goosebumps that scream ‘holy shit, i think they are on to something here’.

Shake The Geek should be hailed alongside all the underground rock powerhouses at the moment. With their latest offering, they have proved they are a cut above the rest in their realm and they deserve every single drop of exposure they get.

Dynamic vocals, sharp-toned riffs and more beef than a butchers. This is an easy 10/10 for me!

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