Alternative, Indie Rock, Math Rock, Noise Rock, Post Hardcore, Post Punk, Progressive

Melodic, Angular, Intense, Energetic, Evocative

SENECA are a visceral new Alternative Rock band from Exeter, UK. Blending the sweet with the sour, the band brings both tension and angularity without compromising their sense of melody or dynamic. Bearing a broad range of influences from the underground scene and seamlessly blending them with more accessible styles of rock, they’re crafting themselves the beginnings of a sound that feels in equal part complex and unconventional as it does accessible.

Since playing their first show at Oxjam Exeter 2019, the Alt/Math Rock quintet have consistently upped the raw energy every performance. Already in their short-time as a gigging band they’ve played legendary underground venues, The Cobblestones (Bridgewater) and Exeter Cavern multiple times while also performing at Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses Devon and Cornwall 2020.

On 19th July 2020 the band debut with a chaotic and cathartic single, “The Ventriloquist” which was met with a overwhelmingly positive response in the local music sphere. The follow-up single “Exhale, Sigher” was released on the 15th January this year, bringing back both the technical instrumental interplay and cryptic lyricism, while also ramping up both the abrasivity and the melodics to construct a track even more audacious than its predecessor.



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Jessy Morgan reviewed SENECA 7 months ago

I didn’t take to math very much in school, I got a D in my GCSE and to this day I count on my fingers. But maybe if they played Exeter’s finest Math-rock band, SENECA in my lessons, I’d have taken a much larger interest. Aside from not really knowing what Math-rock is, I can tell you that Exhale, Sigher is a gripping track from the get go. With only two tracks currently available, SENECA’s talents are undeniable when it comes to song writing.
Reminiscent of artists such as TOOL and Nine Inch Nails respectively for their instrumental complexities, SENECA has the advantage of their contemporary artist style that incorporates various techniques. While they advertise themselves as Alt/Math-rock, (and maybe this is what Math-rock really means), SENECA’s sound feels flexible with this ability to embody tones evocative of other genres.

Tom Drakett reviewed SENECA 1 year ago

At the point of writing this, Seneca have only released one song: The Ventriloquist. By this track alone, it is easy to see Seneca is going to be an extremely exciting band.

The music is complex and cleverly written. They very clearly embrace a broad range of influences which they manage to creatively reimagine into something fresh and original. Complex and jagged guitars and drums are ying yanged with subtle melodies and quiet passages which bring a mixture of light and dark into this very powerful song. The clean indie/post-punk vocals are what makes this band stand out to me. It’s easy with their style of music to adopt a shouty approach but, by doing what they’re doing, the vocals sit perfectly over the complicated and at times chaotic music. When I say chaotic, I mean that in a good way!

For those less familiar with the fascinating bands in the underground math-rock, post-punk and post-hardcore scene, Seneca could be very loosely likened to bands like Biffy Clyro. However, there is so much more to this band and each listener will be able to draw their own comparisons.

I am very excited that a band like this exists right now in Exeter and I am even more excited to hear more from them as they release more music.

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