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Alt Rock

Techno Space Rock, spiced up with a touch of Dub, Goth, Ambient, with a sprinkle of Poetic ramblings (and of course the odd friggin harmonica solo).

Techno Space Rock, spiced up with a touch of Dub, Goth, Ambient, and a sprinkle of Poetic ramblings.

Bene: Vocals, Synths, MPC, Harmonica.

Martyn Hutchings: Vocals, Guitars.

Quote:  ‘Looks like 2, sounds like 9, small on personnel, huge on sound!’


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Marcus Osborne reviewed Sembalance 5 months ago

Twisted soundscapes, warped vocals and friggin’ harmonica solos. Yep, i’ve definitely not heard anything like this before. This website never fails to provide me with something completely different.

Sembalance toy with old school synthwave melodies and various instruments that have been bent, warped and mangled into every possible shape by their unhinged addition to synth. Vocally they could use a little refining, but the vocals are more of an addition to the experimental tracks that follow the pace of the track without interrupting the feel of each piece.

In any normal situation, this wouldn’t be for me. But tonight I’m seeing through the veil, i’m starting to feel the groove and i’m going to keep listening to more Semabalance until I transport to another dimension. This is the definition of broadening your musical horizons.

If you can’t understand it, DON’T take acid. Just don’t, not matter how good of an idea it might seem, DON’T DO IT.

I CAN HEAR COLOURS replied 5 months ago

I’ve tried for years to descibe the sound of ‘sembalance’. Thanks Marcus for doing it so much better than I’ve ever been able to.
Glad you could hear the colours, sometimes they are vivid, occasionally more subtle.

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