Robin Hann


Self -produced singer/songwriter making music to keep myself sane.

Robin Hann is a singer/songwriter from Torbay, Devon. After years of playing in a band Robin has now taken his songwriting solo, producing his own debut album “Alone at least” released May 7th 2021.  A  record of acoustic and rock music completely written and recorded at home alone.

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Marcus Osborne reviewed Robin Hann 11 months ago

Robin Hanns latest release “First Step Is Sleep” is a heart-on-sleeve country inspired soft rock ballad, overlayed with gentle twinkling guitar that evolves into crunchy solos and blues driven licks. The vocals rest in top of the mix, flowing along with the instrumentation, surrendering control to the rhythmic guitar patterns that hold the track together with a warming and inviting tone throughout. A solid and a well-written track!

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