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Nostalgic UK Pop Punk Rock! Two Rad Punks & One Brooding Emo!

Raging Clue are a Pop Punk band from Nottingham, UK who formed in late 2019. Raging Clue bring you their brand of Nostalgic Punk Rock infused with modern Pop Punk feels with just a hint of a deeper emotional side. Influenced by bands such as blink-182, Alkaline Trio, Less Than Jake & NOFX. Raging Clue are here to party hard.

Raging Clue have only performed twice so far and are eager to get back out there and play as many shows as they can. Their first show was to open up Mind Fest 2019, a charity event promoted by singer and bassist Aaron which raises money for the Mental Health Charity, Mind and raises awareness for Mental Health. The band then followed up with a show at The Bodega in Nottingham supporting Sights & Sounds on their European tour.



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Jessy Morgan reviewed RAGING CLUE 11 months ago

Start with some distorted power chords.
Add a deep bass.
Bring in the melodies.
Raging Clue are a nostalgic MySpace era throwback of punk rock. Their charisma lies in their DIY style recordings, with their latest release ‘Drop This Feeling’ reminiscent of the late 90’s bursting punk rock scene. Instead of focusing on clear, precise recordings, Raging Clue centralises their tracks on a mix of high energy and fun. From their discography, 2020’s ‘She Don’t’ stands out with a bassy intro and well calculated harmonised instrumentals. Raging Clue have quite the foundation since their formation in 2019, and going forward, Raging Clue are an exciting band to follow.

Adam Ruane reviewed RAGING CLUE 1 year ago

Raging Clue are another band I am already familiar with outside of OTH.

A very old school pop punk band with loads to offer the community.

Fronted by Mind Fest Notts founder Aaron JB Trent.

The band pack energy and tie up their tracks with some great old-school vibes that wouldn’t be a miss on your throwback compilation CDs, reminiscent of Warped Tour and feel good summer vibes that we all long for.


Laurence Crow reviewed RAGING CLUE 1 year ago

I’ve been lucky enough to work closely with this band on their art direction for their most recent single, as well as some upcoming songs. Raging Clue have a fresh take on the current pop punk sound, with big melodies and very strong vocals. Last year’s ‘Wildchild’ showed what this band can do in one tightly performed and well produced single, and they are already busy developing this sound further. Don’t sleep on this band for sure. Check them out at Mind Fest Notts 2021!

Marcus Osborne reviewed RAGING CLUE 1 year ago

I’ve just had a listen to ‘Wildchild’ and it instantly threw me back to the mid-2000s, a cathartic and nostalgic track that really encapsulates what I personally feel pop punk should sound like. Big octaves on the bridges, harmonised choruses that get stuck in your head after the first bar and that all important pounding drum beat that commands the pace of the track throughout. A strong debut release and easy pickings for any pop-punk lovers out there, I can’t find a reason why you wouldn’t like it!

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