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Vibrantly different yet uniquely familiar

Vibrantly different yet uniquely familiar, Quorum are one of the freshest new bands on the UK indie pop scene.

Released 26th June, The Death Of Intellectual Success is the new EP show casing a seven track journey on a one point perspective of individual and societal regression

2021 sees the band return to the live scene with a full gig diary up and down the Country including festival appearances and a September tour.



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Georgia Byam reviewed QUORUM 1 month ago

I last watched Quorum perform live a couple of years ago and saw that they had potential. Seeing them at the OTH New Music Weekender 2021 after so long was exciting, eager to see what they’ve been up to over the past few years. I was impressed with their last show, but this time it was clear that this band have improved beyond my expectations. So, I decided to write a live review. The four-piece indie-pop band is ideal for audiences of all ages, no matter if they’re into light or heavy music. Their atmospheric backing tracks set the scene, making you feel like you’re happily floating on the clouds before they surprise you with heavier riffs and powerful vocals which are distinctive enough for you to be able to recognise who they are without looking at them.

Their music is upbeat and in a sense, heartwarming. Their feel-good lyrics and energetic stage presence draws you in, not to mention the lead singer is not shy at both performing and engaging with the crowd. Quorum is the kind of band you want to listen to when you’re on a road trip with your friends with the top down, they give me summer vibes but have some real hard-hitting energy respectively.

It is clear the band members have a strong relationship with how they seamlessly connect on stage. They’re a great band to watch live. If you’re a fan of artists like The 1975 and CHVRCHES, with a shoegaze twist, I highly recommend checking them out.

Jessy Morgan reviewed QUORUM 2 months ago

Prologues aren’t usually my thing, but let me tell you one thing – Quorum’s latest release ‘Death of Intellectual Success’ sets the tone for the rest of the seven tracks perfectly. Ever wondered what it’s like to float? Not the Tim Curry IT kind of floating, the kind that allows your muscles to relax and your thoughts to be light and easy. That’s what this album is, it’s intergalactic: an explosion of colours atop the fabric of the universe.

Sorry, let’s get back to it. Hailing from Devon, Quorum’s easy going sound is calculated in its execution. A real favourite is ‘Still Can’t See’ that features a driven bass line at its core, giving a soft bouncing feeling. There’s a lot of variance however – Death of Intellectual Success uses techniques of other genres, such as distorted riffs of rock, high energy representing pop and vocalisation reminiscent of contemporary emo. I know, I know – music has a tendency to blur boundaries and experiment, but the thing about Quorum is that they’ve managed to tie it all together to make an album that’s the musical equivalent of art. It feels modern but archaic at the same time, it’s as if it represents the current era but has a place in history. Or am I interpreting it wrong? Whatever the case is and which ever way Quorum’s fans take their perception, Death of Intellectual Success is a brilliant staple to their growing discography. It’s an exciting addition to their previous fans and an interesting starting place to new listeners like myself.

Death of Intellectual Success is readily available across all streaming platforms and are currently undergoing a tour that can be checked out on their website.

Marcus Osborne reviewed QUORUM 7 months ago

I’ve been following Quorum for a little while now & have hosted them at our events before, but this new iteration of the band are taking things to bigger and better heights.

Their latest offering “Doubts” sees a more melodic rock approach to their sound with some tasty lead lines and pounding rhythm, topped off with their signature lead vocal sound gently resting on top and pingy basslines shining through for added depth. Quorums music is developing rapidly with every release and “Doubts” is by far my favourite release of theirs so far. I’m keen to hear more!

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