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A ridiculously exciting indie-pop four piece giving you a familiarly unique take on the current new wave of sound. With an ever-increasing fan base Quorum present an infectious persona with a sound and stage presence to match.

Quorum are an indie/pop four piece based near to Exeter in Devon.

Formed late in 2016 the band went on to release their first EP, the punk inspired four track, “Art Is Dead“. The release was well received and captured the energy and attitude of the Quorum live show.

Over the following months the band gigged across the South West at venues including The Cavern, The Junction, The Cobblestones and The Apple & Parrot as well as festival appearances at Chagstock and at Shebfest.

During this time  Quorum honed their sound and their stage craft as they blended their indie/pop, indie/rock roots with an alternative pop based sound.

In March 2020 Quorum released “Boyfriend” the first of three singles. “Boyfriend” perfectly showcased the new Quorum sound and was incredibly well received with countless radio plays, streams and video views. Notably, “Boyfriend” was a BBC Introducing “track of the week” on BBC Radio Devon and Cornwall.

Boyfriend” was quickly followed up with “Go” and with “Doubts” to complete the Boyfriend Trilogy and these two tracks also received similar accolades.

C-19 hugely impacted on ability to play live in 2020 but Quorum spent their time further developing their sound and writing new material. The band have just finished recording a new five track EP, “The Death of Intellectual Success” which will be released in the spring.

Circumstances permitting,  the new EP will be followed up with live shows and a tour plus festival appearances at Chagstock and at The Godney Gathering.




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Marcus Osborne reviewed QUORUM 2 months ago

I’ve been following Quorum for a little while now & have hosted them at our events before, but this new iteration of the band are taking things to bigger and better heights.

Their latest offering “Doubts” sees a more melodic rock approach to their sound with some tasty lead lines and pounding rhythm, topped off with their signature lead vocal sound gently resting on top and pingy basslines shining through for added depth. Quorums music is developing rapidly with every release and “Doubts” is by far my favourite release of theirs so far. I’m keen to hear more!

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