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We're Poppyshow and we mostly play energetic music or whatever we feel like with guitars and pianos, drums and bass and vocals. xo

Poppyshow are a 4 piece rock band from Exeter, writing songs that merge the genres they love to create an original sound that will hopefully stick in your mind…. but you tell us it’s up to you, don’t be so hard on yourself okay man xo

Jacob Horton – Lead Vocals, Rhythm gtar and piano

Tommo Doherty – Lead Guitar

Greg Kerti – BASS

Ryan Goodier – Drums bby



Theorised in a small room by one man in early 2019, he was already playing in a band yet didn’t know what he wanted from the world or the idea he had just come up with, he made a little instagram and used one of his tattoos as the logo for P O P P Y S H O W….fast forward to Reading festival 2019, two friends stood near the introducing stage and one decided to ask the other to join in in his little idea. Having been friends years and having played together before they quickly wrote a lot of songs over the next 5 months, spending hours every night together and playing a few shows acoustically as Poppyshow. The first of which with they were invited to by their good friend Finn to open for his band at braunton village hall. Enjoying themselves greatly they played more and more, getting a small beautiful and random ass following from people who would come up to them and say “hey man you sang in that poppy band right? Yeah you were super cool i loved that cover of Bad Romance and the Skin song”.

Overjoyed one day they finished an acoustic set at Exeter’s Cavern and a small and trendy af looking dude came up to them and asked if they were looking for a drummer…. knowing that Poppyshow had always been meant to be a full band they said ‘hell yeah we are’ and he was in….. and they knew instantly who they needed on Bass, a friend they had played with in other bands before who had progressed impressively over the years. After a few good rehearsals they had their first gig lined up with Shake The Geek and all looked well.

Boom. Pandemic. Separated by the lockdown our two heros drifted apart over the pandemic and once again Poppyshow seemed to be just an idea….. although he had kept on writing, and singing, and crying a little bit, and singing until….. the drummer was like,

‘Hey man, i can play the guitar even better then i play the drums’

And then the bass player was like,

‘Yo dude it’s okay stop crying we can do this’

And then Finn, from Shake the Geek was like,

‘I love you, i will play drums for you until you can find another drummer’

Resurrected by the love and support from the boys they rehearsed and practiced and met up and the van broke down once (lol) and rehearsed and chilled on the beach until they found, the perfect man to play the DRUMMYS.


The guitarists best friend, a man who had already mixed and released his own short album on soundcloud walked into the room at Tazma Studios… he had said that he had listened to the songs,  ‘they always say that’, but this was different. No one other then the guitarist knew who of him, but let me tell you, as soon as he hit those skins, they all knew, they all knew that he was the one and only drummer for POPPYSHOW.


Finally, the lineup was complete and music would be made.


Follow us on spotify and the instagrams and listen to our first single ‘sick and tired’


Much love xo

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Marcus Osborne reviewed poppyshow 5 months ago

“Sick and tired” is a vibrant Brit-rock inspired indie banger, driven by high-gain twangy guitars and an old school rock n roll charm. There’s something so pure and innocent about the impact of Poppyshows music and I can’t quite put my finger on it. They have managed to make a hard-hitting singalong tune that has all the gusto and grit of its top-shelf counterparts, but with a bit more youth on their side and a hell of a lot more energy. That right there is the exciting part.

This is an absolutely cracking debut release for the Exeter based pop rockers and honestly, I cannot wait to book them for a show in the future. Watch out guys, imma comin’!

Jessy Morgan reviewed poppyshow 5 months ago

With one release under their name, Poppyshow already feel familiar. Using their individual influences combined to create the music, ‘sick and tired’ is alluring and inviting. It’s got that alternative rock dance vibe – the get-up-and-move motivations that comes from bouncy guitar, upbeat drums and a cadenced bass slithering underneath the layers.

Being their debut track, ‘sick and tired’ is a perfect place to start. It’s a very establishing intro to the band and their intentions for their music. From one track, I know what to expect and I know that their later releases will probably hit as great as this one, or at least I hope! With a group of talented song writers with a knack for their chosen sound, it’s exciting for alternative rock fans.

As seen above in the Poppyshow origin story, with a little more of a push and the pandemic to be fully over, it’s easy to envision the growth and development of Poppyshow and their music. I eagerly await another track or even a full EP that should turn out to be a real staple in day-to-day playlists. (*hinthint* hit me up when you’re new material is ready!)

Overall, if you’re looking for something appealing, easy-going in terms of genre yet full of that punchy satisfaction, ‘sick and tired’ ticks all the boxes.

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